Penis Extenders Vs Penis Pumps : Pros and Cons

When it comes to penile enlargement products, penis pumps and penis extenders tend to be the most popular ones. Each device uses a different method, but its aim remains the same – to increase one’s penis length and size.

With that said, which one is better, a penis pump or a penis extender? Learn more about each one, particularly about what they are and their advantages and disadvantages, below.


An Overview of Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are devices that use the concept of penile traction to increase one’s penis length and size. Penile traction is the process of slowly stretching the pension and applying gentle tension to add to its length and size.

This happens because as the penis stretches, painless micro-tears are formed along the shaft. Once these tears form, the body’s natural healing process kicks in, starting cellular division, which creates more tissues that gradually fill in the tears. The result is a longer and bigger-looking penis. 

Most penis extenders have a traditional design, using two adjustable rods that slowly stretch out the penis. Some products adjust their design so that the tension along the shaft is evenly distributed, adding to the user’s overall comfort.

Tension for max gains
Penis extenders


Advantages of Penis Extenders

So, what are the pros of using penis extenders?

  • Scientifically-Proven Method

Among all the penile enlargement methods available these days, penis extenders are the only ones with scientifically proven results. Several studies showed that penis extenders could increase one’s length by a couple of inches.

They can even be used after penis enlargement surgeries, allowing users to maximize their penis length. 

  • Comfortable

Many penis extenders are designed with the users’ comfort in mind, so many of them are relatively comfortable to use, even after wearing them for extended periods. Some devices, like the Quick Extender Pro, use a double-strap design to further add to their users’ comfort.

  • Longer-Lasting Results

Since penis extenders tend to be worn longer, many users enjoy longer-lasting results than penis pumps. Many penis extenders are successful at correcting conditions like Peyronie’s Disease aside from permanent length and size. 

  • Discreet

Another benefit of penis extenders is that they tend to be more discreet, especially with innovative designs like the one Phallosan Forte uses. As such, you can wear them all day long without worrying about other people noticing.


Disadvantages of Penis Extenders

Now that you know the advantages, what are their cons or disadvantages?

  • Length Rather than Girth

One downside to these devices is that they work primarily to increase your penis’s length rather than its girth. Nevertheless, some have reported experiencing an increase in their penis girth as well. 

  • Longer Time to See Results

Another downside of penis extenders is that they are meant to be used gradually over a long period. This means you won’t see immediate results after wearing one. It usually takes around six months of continuous use to see significant results.


An Overview of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, on the other hand, uses vacuum technology to increase the blood flow into the penis, allowing it to stay hard during an erection. These devices help stretch the penis and increase its size.

These devices are sometimes combined with a ring that acts as a tourniquet, preventing the blood from flowing back into the body. 

Penis pumps are often used to help with Erectile Dysfunction, as it allows the penis to stay up, even throughout your intimate time. With these devices, you can see immediate results, unlike with penis extenders which often takes months to see significant results.

Hydromax Xtreme Series
Penis pumps


Advantages of Penis Pumps

So, what are the advantages of penis pumps?

  • Immediately Noticeable Results

Unlike penis extenders, the primary advantage of penis pumps is that you can see immediate visible results. After pumping, you’ll see your penis larger and plumper than before due to the increased blood flow.

  • Non-Invasive Treatment for ED

As mentioned, penis pumps can be used to treat ED or Erectile Dysfunction. This is because penis pumps can help keep the penis erect for a long time without using drugs or more invasive methods. They work better when combined with rings that help keep the penis upright.

  • Increases One’s Girth

Unlike penis extenders, whose main result is increasing penile length, penis pumps work well to improve penile girth. This is because the vacuum suction of penis pumps helps expand the penis’s tissue outwards, stretching it enough to add to its size.

  • Helps Functionality After Medical Procedures

Another benefit of penis pumps is that they can help restore your penis’s functions after medical procedures. However, you must observe caution and care when using a penis pump after medical procedures, like surgeries.


Disadvantages of Penis Pumps

Similar to penis extenders, penis pumps have their downsides as well. 

  •  Immediate but Ultimately Temporary Results

One major downside of penis pumps is that they only offer temporary results compared to penis extenders. They can significantly increase one’s penis size instantly, but the effects last only for a short while.

  • Cannot Be Used for Extended Periods

Another disadvantage is that they can only be used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Using penis pumps for longer than 20 minutes can result in tissue damage. This is unlike penis extenders that you can use for several hours at a time.



Penis pumps and penis extenders are some of the most popular penis enlargement products available these days. 

Each one has its own advantage and disadvantage, so it’s best to analyze carefully what each one has to offer. This will allow you to find the type of product best suited for your needs.