Jes-Extender [Review] My Results after using for 8-months

When it comes to penis enlargement, the first thing I can think of is penis extender(nothing personal,it is all about scientific studies!). And when it comes to penis extenders, Jes-Extender is one of the top 3 choices in my list. Why? The answer is simple: I tried the stuff and it almost met my expectations. So, now I am going to tell you everything you want to know about this penis enlargement tool, its pros and cons, and my results of using it for 8 months.  


What is Jes-Extender?

Jes-Extender is one of the very first extender devices that were made to increase the length and girth of the penis. The first extender of this brand was created in 1995. Since then, for more than 20 years, Jes-Extenders are still one of the best-known and best-selling devices for increasing male genitalia.JES Extender

Initially, the Jes-Extender constructors were planning to make a medical device that will solve the penile curvature. Therefore, the main purpose of this instrument was to find a solution for chordee and Peyronie’s disease. The second goal was to restore intimate health after genital surgery. And while both of these tasks were solving with Jes-Extender, it turned out that there was a bonus. Patients who used the extender for its intended purpose noticed that their genitals gradually became longer and thicker. As a result, the target audience of Jes-Extender has changed: now the device is mainly used by those men who want to enlarge the penis.


Jes-Extender variations 

The following types of extenders are presented on the manufacturer’s official website:

  • Jes-Extender Light ($ 199). This is the simplest, but a very good option that is popular due to its low price. The kit includes all the basic parts and a manual. Unlike other extenders of this line, this option is delivered in a cardboard case, and not in a wooden one. It is suitable for penis length not exceeding 6.7 inches. Using this stuff, you may account for a 1-year warranty. 

  • Jes-Extender Original ($ 229.99). All the parts are delivered in an elegant wooden case. In addition to the main details, the kit includes extra elongation bars and a set of keys. Unlike the previous version, this extender has a 2-year warranty and is suitable for penis lengths up to 9.1 inches.
  • Jes-Extender Titanium ($ 249.99). The extender comes to you in a lightweight aluminum case. Also in the kit, there is an extra set of elongation bars. 
  • Jes-Extender Silver ($ 299.99). All metal parts are coated in silver.


    Jes-Extender Gold ($ 349.99). If you ever wanted a gold toy for your penis, here it is. All metal parts of the extender are coated with 24-karat gold.

  • Jes-Extender Platinum ($ 1,000.00). This is the most expensive and luxurious of the extenders in this line. All metal parts are platinum plated.

All the extenders in this line, except Jes-Extender Light, are suitable for penis length up to 9.1 inches. 


How does it work and why is it popular?

Most mechanical extenders’ principle of operation is the same. A special platform is put on the pubic area, the penis is placed between two metal rods, and the glans is fixed with a loop or strap. Depending on the user’s experience, the necessary load is set. Next, the user must wear the extender for 3-6 hours (experienced ones can use the device for a longer time). 

A gradual increase in load helps to the slow stretching (traction) of the penis. This

 leads to a more active division of penile tissue cells. As a result, an increase in the size of the male limb is observed. It is slow but steady, day after day. 

This phenomenon has been known by some African and Asian nationalities for hundreds of years. Perhaps you saw photographs of people with unnaturally long necks covered with metal rings? Or maybe you noticed those women in African tribes who extend their lips with rings? So, these are examples of using the principle of traction. However, it is used not only in this field but also in official medicine. It is known as the Ilizarov principle and is used primarily for stretching limbs after bone fractures.

The Jes-Extender principle of operation is the same as other extenders. So what explains its popularity compared to similar models? Let’s find out!


European quality 

One of the main advantages of Jes-Extender is its European quality. The device is made in Denmark, in the same place where it was invented. Unlike some other brands, Jes-Extender did not transfer their production to Asian countries. 

Of course, there are fake extenders that copy Jes-Extender, but none of them is as high-grade as the original. Therefore, if you want to buy a real Jes-Extender, do it only on the official website.


Clinical testing

Extenders are medical devices. Therefore, they must undergo clinical trials. In April 2011, an article written by Italian scientists from the University of Turin was published in a popular medical magazine BJUI. It examined extenders’ principle of operation. The article concluded that these devices are the only effective ones for penis enlargement without surgery.


Test of time

The first Jes-Extender appeared in 1995. More than two decades have passed since then, but the devices are still popular among both users and urologists.


Any side effects?

Of course, side effects can occur. But for this, you have to wear the extender for too long without previous training. Also, the problem may happen if you use too much load. But if you will apply the stuff according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will never face any problem. 



To start with, the size of my penis has always been the thing that bothered me a lot. And although from a medical point of view, its length is slightly less than average, I always wanted it to be longer. Before I began my daily sets with Jes-Extender, my phallus was 3.93 inches in length and 3.14 inches in girth. My girlfriend knew about these troubles around the size of my penis. And even so she assured me that she was comfortable with its size, I still felt insecure while having sex with her. 


My previous experience

I decided to try something that would solve my problem.

  • First of all, I tried pills. The only thing I was able to achieve with them was a temporary increase in erection. But there was no question of any penis enlargement.
  • I also used gels and creams. But still, they improved an erection for a while but did not affect the growth of the phallus. Besides, I did not like the redness and burning, which was observed immediately after I applied those products.
  • I tried jelqing as well. The only things I have achieved were swelling and skin irritation. Maybe I did the exercises wrong or maybe this technique was not the best for me – I do not know.
  • When I realized that pills, gels, and jelqing were not effective for me, I decided to try something else. At that time, extenders seemed to me like a very complex medical apparatus. So, I chose something simpler – a vacuum pump. I liked this thing a lot. I even decided that I had found my ideal option. However, I soon realized that using a pump indeed gave a good result, but it can hardly be called permanent. Yes, my penis did increase in its size and my sexual stamina did rise, but immediately after sex, I returned to where I started.


Why I used Jes-Extender

So, after all my fruitless attempts, I decided to buy an extender. But the problem was I knew nothing about their types, brands, pros, cons, and so on. For that reason, my first try was unsuccessful. I am not going to tell you exactly what the brand I used, but I am almost sure that it was just a low-quality fake. It broke just a couple of weeks after I bought it.

Perhaps after this, my experience with using extenders would come to its end. But I accidentally met a post on the Internet about Jes-Extender. It interested me a lot because the description looked convincing, and the “before” and “after” photos were impressive. So, I began to collect the information about this stuff and ordered it soon.


Ordering and shipping

I did not want to take risks of buying the fake one again, so I ordered the Jes-Extender on the official website. There were several different models, and I was not sure about the right choice. I described my problem to an online consultant and he advised me Jes-Extender Original. So I ordered it. 

The package arrived two days later. It was an ordinary cardboard box without any inscriptions except my name and address. Therefore, the postman could not guess what he brought to me.


How did I use the extender?

The extender was delivered to me assembled in a square wooden case. So the first thing to do was to connect them all. For me, it was quite easy. I adjusted the length of the rods under the length of my penis and fixed the device on my pubic area.

I must admit that at first, the sensations were quite unusual. I felt a slight tension while using the extender. But it was even a pleasant one and did not distract me from everyday doings. Usually, I used an extender at home after work, so I did not need to hide it with clothes. I put on the device, fixed it so that the penis was pointing up and put on my loose home sweatpants. I never left the put-on extender for the nighttime, because it seemed to me that my penis would just slip out of the loop.

For the first month, I wore the device for about 3 hours every day. Then, every following month I extended the using for half an hour. As a result, at the end of my 8-months experience, I wore Jes-Extender for 6.5-7 hours every day. During the first month, I used the minimum load (600 g), then increased it gradually. At the end of 8 months, I reached 1200 g load.


My final impression 

When I first put on Jes-Extender, I was a little worried. After all, I already had a bad experience using extenders. What if this one will hurt or discomfort me? What if it will be still too visible under my clothes? What if my whole idea to enlarge the penis will fail miserably? In general, there were many more such “what-ifs” but nevertheless I tried Jes-Extender and never regretted about. After all, this device helped me increase the length of my penis from 3.93 to 4.92 inches in 8 months. I am planning to keep using it, so I am sure this result is not final. 



  • Jes-Extender was invented before other similar models.
  • Danish quality.
  • High-grade medical materials.
  • It is used not only to increase but also to straighten the penis.
  • The device was highly appreciated by professionals – andrologists and urologists.
  • Jes-Extender is CE marked. It is certified as a class 1 medical device.
  • Permanent results can be achieved.
  • There are 6 extenders in the lineup, so there are plenty to choose from.
  • Half a million satisfied customers worldwide.
  • If you used the device for more than 1000 hours with no visible result, the money will be refunded to you.
  • Discreet worldwide shipping in 1-4 days.
  • 1 or 2 years of warranty (it depends on a selected model). 



  • The device is quite expensive (especially the Platinum version).
  • To urinate, you have to remove the device, and it is not too fast.
  • To have sex or masturbate, you also have to remove the extender.
  • As with other mechanical extenders, you have to wait for the first results for a few months.


An outline

To summarize, I want to say that I am satisfied with the use of Jes-Extender. For 8 months, I managed to increase the length of my penis by almost 2 inches. I believe that this is a very cool result, and I’m not going to stop there. But remember, that if you want to increase your penis size, you should use only original extenders. And the only way to protect yourself from buying the fake one is to order Jes-Extender on the official website. If you want to explore other top extenders,you can check my buying guide here.



Penimaster PRO Review [2019]- My 6-months Experience and Results

I have been using Penimaster Pro (Official website) for more than 6 months now. During this time, I analyzed both its advantages and disadvantages, and now I will share with you the results of my experience in this post. In this article, you will find my impressions, tips, and tricks for using one of the popular extenders that you can find on the market today PeniMaster PRO.



I’m not one of those guys who complain complex a lot about their small genitals. Yes, my organ is not as large as I would want it to be, but still, it is not a micropenis. However, to be honest, if I had the opportunity to increase the length and girth of my genitals in some magical way, I would not think for too long! But until recently, I was sure that the only really working method of penis enlargement was plastic surgery, which I would never have decided to do in my whole life. Of course, I heard about dozens of dubious ways to add a couple of cherished inches to a penis with some gels, creams, and pills, but I never believed in any effect of such drugs. Here is a pro tip: they do not have any permanent effect on penis length or girth. 

penimaster pro unpacked

How did I select the best way to enlarge my penis?

I came across the existence of the penis extenders while trying to find a scientifically-backed method to increase the length of the penis. I analyzed the characteristics and read detailed descriptions of the most famous brands of extenders, watched a bunch of videos of how to use them, looked at the “before” and “after” photos, and found out if there were any clinical studies that could prove medically the effectiveness of using these devices. As you can see, I have done some decent research. Therefore, even at the stage of ordering, I was quite confident that PeniMaster PRO stands out from other similar extenders, and now I am going to tell you why.


The criteria that I relied on when choosing

For me, the following nuances were principal when picking the optimal penis extender:

  • European / American quality: I was ready to spend additional funds, but it was important to get the original, not a fake.
  • Availability of clinical studies. I was not ready to risk my intimate health, trying to lengthen my penis with the help of non-tested devices.
  • Ability to use extender while sleeping. I realized that I would hardly wear it during the day when I went to the office. Therefore, I should have been able to stretch my penis during sleep.
  • The presence of real reviews I do not believe in miraculous devices that have absolutely no flaws. Thus, I analyzed carefully all the feedback from both satisfied and dissatisfied users.

PeniMaster PRO fully met these requirements, so I opted for it.


What is PeniMaster PRO and how does it work?

To begin with, PeniMaster PRO is a European product. The device was developed by leading German experts and production is carried out by MSP Concept, in Berlin, Germany.

This extender’s working basis is based on the principle of cell division. Penis tissues undergo gradual stretching (traction) due to the pressure exerted on them. This leads to mild microtrauma to muscle cells, which begin to divide more actively. As a result, a gradual increase in organ length and girth occurs, as well as an improvement in the blood supply to the cavernous bodies. Not only the size of the penis increase but also an improvement in erection and sexual stamina takes place. Also, the action of the device is aimed at solving a penis curvature problem and Peyronie’s disease. Besides, the extender is medical equipment, so it can be used to restore the body after undergoing surgery on the genitals, including after prostate removal. I did not have any of these problems, so my only goal was to enlarge the organ.


What is unique about PeniMaster PRO?

The basic principle of this extender is similar to other extenders, but it does have a fundamental difference that makes PeniMaster PRO a unique product. It is on sale since 2011, and during this time, no comparable models appeared that would use a similar feature. I am talking about the unique way to fix the penile glans, which is based on the action of vacuum, adhesion and latex membranes. Thanks to this method, the penile head is firmly fixed, which eliminates the possibility of its slipping. At the same time, there is no direct vacuum pressure on the penis tip, and it does not come into contact with the metal parts of the extender. Due to this setting, the user does not feel any pain or discomfort even with prolonged daily use of the device.


What is an adhesive system?

The introduction of a vacuum-adhesive fastening system has helped PeniMaster PRO to find its niche in the penis enlargement medical devices market and gain the recognition of many users. The principle of operation of this device is quite simple. A special gel is applied to the penile head and the latex membrane surface, which provides tight contact between them. Then, a manual vacuum pump ball is attached to the camera valve, and the air is pumped out of it. As a result, the latex membrane fits the head of the penis tightly, matching its anatomical shape and protecting it from direct contact with the solid parts of the extender. It only takes a few seconds to put on this device. Next, the penis needs to be fixed on the extender platform similar to other devices and worn for several hours daily.


The types of  PeniMaster PRO

There are several types of PeniMaster devices on the official website:

  •             PeniMaster Pro Basic: The set contains a glans chamber, a sluice ring, a latex sluice, a latex adhesion diaphragm, 2-sized split adapter, a pump ball, a hose, and a special gel for better adhesion. An important design feature is that the glans chamber implies foreskin frenulum protection. This product is the cheapest one in the line, and it costs 199 EUR.
  •         PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander System. The main advantage of this set is the ability to use a stretcher under your clothes when you are out or while sleeping. The kit includes the standard PeniMaster Pro Basic (without the hose) and a special elastic belt. There are 3 options for the belt fixation on your body: it can be fixed on the shoulder, around the waist, and under the knee. The price of this product is 269 EUR.
  •         PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander System. The set includes the classic PeniMaster Pro Basic system (without the hose), 2 adjustable metal rods with a snap ring, and 2 split adapters. The length of the rods is 2.8-12.8 inches; therefore, the device is suitable for a penis length of 2.0-11.8 inches. However, you may buy additional rods, so the total length of the extender is not limited. The product price is 289 EUR.  
  •         PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander. This device contains PeniMaster Pro Basic plus a shoulder belt, a coupling retainer, and a set of weights. There are 5 of them in the kit with the weight 125-500 g. You may use weights one at a time or screw them into each other, depending on the desired load. The total weight of all the weights is 1250 g, but it can be applied only by experienced users. This extender option provides a constant level of traction, and it can be used only at home. The product price is 325 EUR.  


What about clinical research?

As I said earlier, it was one of the fundamental factors for me at the extender selection stage. Medical testing was carried out by Dr. Ignacio Moncada (Madrid, Spain), as well as with Prof. Hartmut Porst (Germany) and American Specialists – Dr. Laurence Levine and Prof. Arthur Burnett. During the research, the main focus was on solving the problem of the penis curvature. The clinical study involved 93 men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. Participants used the device for 3 months. As a result, there was a decrease in the angle of the penis curvature to 50 degrees. Based on the data obtained, it was found that the use of PeniMaster PRO can act as an alternative to the operation to straighten the penis. The results of the study were published in the famous medical magazine “British Journal of Urology”.


PeniMaster PRO I am using: 

There are several types of this extender on the official website which differ one from another with the kit constituents. I decided to choose the Complete Package with rods and the belt because the basic one looked too simple to me. So, when my parcel arrived, I found there were all the details, the adhesion gel, the belt, the manual and the DVD with the instruction stored in a case. To be honest, I did not meet any problems when putting all the constituents together even without the manual because it is intuitively understood how to connect the rods to the platform.


How did I use PeniMaster PRO?

When I was at home and was not going to do any activities, I applied the extender with rods. The device is easy to put on: first, you need to place the adhesive tip on the head of the penis, then place the penis between the rods and firmly press the platform to the pubic area. In the end, you need to thread the tip into the groove at the end of the extender and tighten the rods to set the desired level of traction. Since I live alone, I did not see the point of masking the worn extender, so I didn’t particularly bother about the fact that its outlines can be visible under my home sweatpants.

If I had to wear the extender outside the apartment (for example, several times I had to come to the office just during the set), I used it with a belt. After fixing the adhesive camera on the penile head, I connected it to the belt, which can be wrapped around the waist or over the shoulder. I used to wear it around my waist. By the way, I used the same belt during sleep. It was quite convenient; I did not notice any slipping my penis out of the extender at night.  


Extra pluses

It is cool that in the kit there are membranes of 3 different sizes, so you may pick the one that matches your penile glans the best way. I used a suitable membrane for a month and a half until the moment when it ceased to provide a perfect fit for the penis. I was ready for such a scenario because I knew in advance that the service life of these parts of the extender is about 1-2 months. During this time, the user must determine the appropriate size to order the next membranes. For the 6 months that I used the extender, I needed 5 membranes. I suppose these extra costs for ordering membranes are fully justified. Any extender implies the presence of parts that require gradual replacement, and this is quite normal. After all, you get your comfort while using the device exactly thanks to these membranes.


Some pitfalls to avoid

What can I say about the applying process? It is quite easy to put your penis inside the device and rather comfortable to wear it, but you need some time to get used to the process. For instance, now I understand that the first couple of times I applied the gel incorrectly. I lubricated the head all right, but a few drops of gel usually fell on the foreskin. As a result, the skin of the prepuce was also pulled into the glans chamber, as well as the glans tissue. This caused a slight discomfort, which I mistook for the adaptation process issues and hoped that this problem and swelling would pass soon. Only after 2-3 times of such use, I realized what was the matter and began to avoid getting the gel on the foreskin. After this, discomfort and swelling no longer appeared.

Also for the first time, I didn’t immediately succeed in putting on the device correctly. I pumped out the air, but the head was not fully sucked inside. I could not understand what was the problem, so I had to fiddle with it a bit. But then I got used to doing it properly, pumping out the air with just one squeeze of my hand. It is important to ensure that there are no air pockets between the glans and the membrane because they can cause discomfort and swelling.



  •         The device was developed by German experts and passed clinical tests.
  •         Using the kit helps not only to enlarge the penis but also to straighten it and to improve erection.
  •         You can choose a kit depending on your needs – from the basic one to the more advanced.
  •       You will not find the unique vacuum-adhesive system in other brands’ extenders.
  •         The adhesion system helps you to fix the penile glans the most comfortable way and to avoid its slipping.
  •         PeniMaster PRO can be used for a long time daily without discomfort.
  •         It can be applied while sleeping.
  •         The kit with a belt can be worn under loose clothes.
  •         It is made from skin-friendly and non-allergic materials.



  •         This product is rather expensive.
  •         It is necessary to buy additional parts (for example, sluices).
  •         If the glans chamber is used incorrectly, discomfort and foreskin swelling are possible.


My results 

Before starting the using of PeniMaster PRO, my penis length was 4.9 inches and its girth was 4.3 inches. Now, after 6 months of wearing the tool for 6 hours daily, it became 5.5 inches and 4.75 inches resp. I guess, this is a fine result, and I am planning to apply the extender further for a year or so. 


My Final Verdict

For six months of use, I have never regretted that I decided to enlarge my penis with the help of an extender and that I chose PeniMaster PRO for this purpose. I believe that the device is fully coping with its task and I highly recommend it. You can buy it from their official website here. If you want to check another alternative, check my Phallosan Forte review.


Phallosan Forte Review -My Personal Results [2019]

The Phallosan Forte (Official website) is my top pick for the best penis extenders currently on the market, and for good reason! Not only has this little beauty proven to be a force to be reckoned with, but it also has some other lesser-known benefits that help to set it apart from the competition.

Let’s be honest; even though our obsession with increasing our penis size isn’t rational, let alone healthy, it is a dream of many, if not all guys out there. Adding a few inches to your wang will improve your self-esteem, your time in the bedroom and your possibility to find and please your partner. Adding to the thickness as well as to your own performance in the bedroom as well would be out of this world, right?

Well, if that’s got your interest, then you might want to read on. The Phallosan Forte does all these things and is sure to give you the advantage you need in the sack, improving your sex life, relationships, and confidence.


Penis extenders

We’ve already gone deeper into the topic of penis extenders on our post on the penis extenders, so we’re not going to go into this in too much detail. However, a penis extender is simply a device used to lengthen your penis and improve circulation to the area.

Penis extenders are especially useful if you’re looking to permanently increase your penis size, and not just jack it up using pills or pumps. Certain pills can help you maintain an erection for longer and can improve your erections, while a penis pump can help you improve the blood flow to the region, resulting in the same effects. The penis extender differs in the fact it offers a long-term solution that has been shown to increase your penis size.


The Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is a high-end penis extender with clinically proven results in increasing your penis size. That’s right; clinically proven. This means that scientific tests have proven this penis extender to be effective in the majority of cases. I just can’t stress enough that when buying a penis extender, the number 1 thing to look for is that is has been proven effective in clinical trials.

                    Phallosan unboxed

Along with its proven effectiveness in increasing your penis length, it has also proven to be a great tool for improving penis curvature caused by Peyronies disease. Erectile dysfunction is also improved when using this sex toy/tool, as the stretching helps to improve the blood flow to the glands in the penis. These aren’t the main selling points of the tool but are worth noting nonetheless.

It’s been made with durable materials and is of extremely high quality compared to many other penis extenders on the market. This, coupled with the fact that using it is a lot more comfortable than most, makes it one of the best penis extenders available.

Phallosan forte


How it Works

The Phallosan Forte works by creating a small amount of suction inside a chamber that holds your penis. This suction stretches the penis, and the extender is left on for an extended period of time. Due to the gradual but continuous stretching, your penis starts to grow in length. This stretching also works to improve the quality of your erections.

Working principle by extension

It works pretty much the same way as stretching your muscles, in that it improves blood flow. With continuous use, it stretches out your penis, just like stretching increases the length of your muscles. It’s important to note here that the Phallosan Forte, and penis extenders in general, are not quick-fixes. It can take 3-6 months to see any kind of results, and often takes a good 6 months to a year before you get the results you’re happy with.

To read more about the idea behind the Phallosan Forte check out this article on their website!


My Experience Using the Phallosan Forte

One of the first things that I noticed when I got this penis extender was the quality. It looks and feels much more durable than other penis extenders and given the price tag, this extra durability definitely comes in handy. It’s on the more expensive end when it comes to penis extenders, but is in the normal price range for penis extenders that actually work!

It also comes in a fancy white box, with all the components neatly laid out for you. This doesn’t change anything about the toy, but it’s a cool extra nonetheless.

In the past, I’ve used many of the cheap alternatives, but these have never done anything for me. Some were even painful, or outright dangerous.

When I first started using it, the instructions were a little complicated. However, this isn’t a huge negative, as once I knew how it worked it was pretty easy. All the components click together fairly easily, and once I got the feel for it, this took no more than a minute or two.

The comfort that it provided was another plus-point that I wasn’t expecting. Often, penis extenders are very uncomfortable, but the Phallosan Forte was nothing of the sort. I used it for an extended period of time while going about my day and it felt great (under my boxers and trousers, of course. There were no naked shopping trips or free-dangling running sessions!).

Another cool extra feature that this penis extender comes with is its compatibility with the Android or IOS application. This helps you to get used to the product and helps you get better results.


Results from 6-months using the Phallosan Forte

Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for… The results!

To sum it up, the results were fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised at the results that this penis extender provided, and didn’t expect it to make such a big difference given my situation. Bear in mind I have already used penis extenders in the past, so my own gains using this extender are most likely going to be less than yours. After an initial four months, I had gained about 1/4 of an inch, and after the full six-month period, I can proudly announce that I’ve managed to increase my penis length by 1/2 an inch more than I had already done!

There are many different factors that come into play when trying to increase your penis length, previous use being one of them. Since I have already used other penis extenders in the past, your results are likely to differ from mine and be much more substantial.

To get these results, I used to tool often and for extended periods of time. I tried to stick to the schedule that the application provided, but sometimes mixed in some extra sessions, or changed the sessions that were advised slightly. The great thing was, nobody knew that I was working on my penis length while working at my desk.


All-in-all, my own experience with the Phallosan Forte was superb, to say the least. There were very little hiccups along the way, and it got me more results than I initially expected. I would certainly recommend it, but it’s worth checking some of the reviews on their site too before buying. Here are the results of the clinical trial.

Phallosan forte results from the clinical study



  • High-quality

The product is made from durable materials and will last longer than most other penis extenders on the market. It’s made in Germany, so no made-in-china rubbish.


  • Comfortable

Unlike what can be said for other penis extenders, the Phallosan Forte is comfortable to wear. This makes it great for longer sessions or uses when going about your daily life. I personally used it at work which was a laugh! Killed two birds with one stone with that one.


  • Gets you results

This penis extender gets you the results you’re after. It has been clinically proven to do so which is the only real way of knowing if a penis extender works. I can also vouch for it though!


  • Proof

Not only has it been tested in clinical studies, but it also has a huge number of positive reviews and testimonials to back it up. This is especially important with a product like this.



  • No guarantee

This penis extender doesn’t come with guaranteed results. That being said, very few penis extenders do! Not a huge con, but a con nonetheless.


  • Bulky

The contraption is quite bulky and large, so isn’t ideal if you’re looking for something more small and nimble.


Is the Phallosan Forte worth it?

In short, yes. Even though it’s a little pricey, it’s worth the results you get from it. When you think about the fact that penis enlargement surgery costs up to $10,000, and you run the risk of complications, the price tag suddenly looks a lot more appealing.

This penis extender works, but it also helps promote a healthy penis. There are a lot of sex experts that recommend working out your penis from time to time to keep the organ healthy, so this is another added benefit that comes with this option.

If you’re looking for a quick-fix, then it’s not for you. If you’re willing to put in the work for the fantastic benefits that this penis extender provides, then it’s worth every penny!

                                                                                                   Phallosan Vs SizeGenetics Vs Others



At the end of the day, the Phallosan Forte is a durable and high-quality piece of equipment. As a penis extender, it does the job very well indeed and even goes as far as to help conditions like ED and Peyronies disease. It’s been clinically tested to get results, and that’s really all you should care about. Certainly a product I would recommend, even if it’s just for a trial run of say 4 months. Make sure you buy from official website to avoid fake products.


Penis Extenders : Do they work? Our top Picks [2019]

Want a bigger penis, better erections, and a more aesthetically pleasing looking penis? If so, there are many different options available to you. Pills, surgery and pumps all have their advantages in certain cases, but this article is about the penis extender, and how it can improve your penis length and health.

The penis extender is a great tool for permanently lengthening your penis, as well as improving penile health. With some dedication and regular use, it’s by far the most effective long-term penis enhancement gadget.


Penis size

The penis… Throughout the centuries, many different cultures have given this male organ meaning. In some cultures, it’s even worshipped. Go figure! Statues, ornaments, necklaces, if you can name it, chances are there’s a model with a penis on it available somewhere in the world. The human fascination with penis size is an interesting one, but not an uncommon one.

You may be wondering, does size really matter? With almost one billion search results in Google and over 23,000 searches per month, you can be sure that not only do a lot of people have an opinion on this, but a lot of people are after other people’s opinion too. It’s no secret anymore that you can have fantastic sex without having a huge wang. However, the size of your little (or not so little) buddy does impact the level of stimulation you can provide.

According to MedicalNewsToday, the average penis length is 12,9cm, or 5.1 inches when erect. When flaccid, a mere 7cm (2.8 inches) puts you just about in the average collum. Unless your penis is classed as a micropenis, roughly 7.5cm (3 inches) when erect, you’re of a size which doesn’t interfere with intercourse. If you are on the smaller size, a little creativity when it comes to your sex positions can work miracles for your sex life. However, this is not what this article is about.

This article is about penis extenders, and how a penis extender can help you increase your penis size. Sure, you may not be classed as small, you may even be slightly above average, but an extra few cm’s of confidence has never hurt anyone. Your (future) wife or girlfriend surely won’t mind a little extra size and girth in the sack either!

Without further ado, let’s get into the topic of penis extenders!


What is a penis extender?

A penis extender is simply a device that improves your penis size. Shocker! But seriously, even though there are many penis extenders that don’t do a thing for your pee-pee, there are a few that do. Later on in this article, we cover these penis extenders in a little more detail.

Penis extenders stretch your penis out, many offering different experiences and solutions that may suit one person better than the other. Through repeated and careful use, some reports have claimed to have gained as much as two inches to their penis size. If you’re an average five inches that’s a huge 40% gain!

Now I bet you’re thinking; “How can I get my hands on one of these bad boys?”

Well, it’s not as easy as it may seem. The majority of penis extenders won’t do a thing for your penis size. Frankly, there are a lot of models on the market that can actually damage your penis if not used correctly!

Luckily for you though, you have this article to go off. Being a frequent penis stretcher user myself, these are the top models that can get you results!

Want to learn more about penis extenders? This article by Cosmopolitan gives you useful and interesting information about the penis extender and its uses!


Penis extender pros and cons

Even though penis extenders are great overall, they’re not always the best option. They have their drawbacks as well as situations where they’re by far the best option. For instance, if you suffer from ED and want quick results so you can have a little fun right now, then pills, a penis pump or a cock ring may be a much better option.

Penis extenders take a lot of time (6 to 12 months in some cases), but the results are long-lasting and sometimes even permanent. This makes them perfect for long-term penis growth and also a good tool for improving things like Peyronie’s disease in the long run.

If you’re after a quick fix, then a penis extender probably isn’t for you. There are other options though, like pills, creams and sex toys that can help you improve your performance quickly. Another downside to penis extenders is that it can be quite uncomfortable to wear and use for prolonged periods of time.

All-in-all though, if you’re looking for something that will give you permanent or long-lasting results, then a penis extender is the perfect option for you!


The best penis extenders



The first penis extender on this list is also our top pick; the Phallosan. This penis extender has proven to add an average of 1.4 inches to penis length in a recent study. This is the best results I’ve heard so far, and I can personally vouch for this result too!

The Phallosan is a German product, and we all know that no one makes machinery like the Germans do! But, not only is this extender the pinnacle of German quality and durability, it also works better than any other penis extender tested previously.

This penis extender works by placing your penis inside a tube-like device. You can then gently suck out some of the air until comfortable vacuum forms inside. At this point, you’ll notice that your penis is elongated and in a stretched state. By keeping this device on for multiple hours per day, the gradual lengthening of the penis starts becoming noticeable after a matter of months.

It also comes with a helpful app that makes it possible for you to reach the results you’re looking for in record time. The majority of users enjoy a decent size increase after just three months of using the device.

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease, this is also the perfect device for you. Just like a penis pump, it helps to strengthen your erections and improves the blood flow in your genital region. This is great for the health of your penis and improves your erections.

Phallosan forte


  • The best penis extender. An average size increase of 1.4 inches.
  • Fast size increase. A decent improvement after just three months is not uncommon.
  • Great for people with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.
  • Easy to use. Comes with an app that provides tips on its use too.
  • Made in Germany.



  • Less comfortable than some of the other penis extenders included in this list.




Sizegenetics is our number 2 pick and is also a penis extender of high quality that is sure to get you the results you’re looking for. Reports commonly note a penis size enhancement of between 1 and 2 inches, so this certainly isn’t a model to be taken lightly.

Not only has this penis extender been clinically tested and has been proven safe as well as effective, but it also comes with a guarantee! If you don’t see an improvement of at least 1 inch in length in 6 months time, you can get your money back on the product. Not many manufacturers are willing to place this kind of trust in their product.

It’s a lot different from the previous model in that it does not use the vacuum model for stretching the penis. This penis extender uses a rod-based system to stretch the penis. It’s also an approved medical device which gives you even more peace of mind when using it.

When it comes to Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, this model doesn’t fall short either. The extra stretching can help to deal with the scar tissue, and also allows for better blood flow to the glands in the penis, helping improve some kinds of erectile dysfunction.


  • Very effective. Reports commonly state increases of between 1 and 2 inches.
  • Money-back guarantee. If you don’t gain an inch in six months, you get your money back.
  • Ideal for people with erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease.
  • Can be made to fit all penis sizes
  • Approved medical device



  • Gets quite fiddly, there are a lot of small parts.


#3.Male Edge

The Male Edge is third on this list and has been named by many as one of the most comfortable penis extenders to wear that are available on the market currently. If you’ve been having issues with discomfort cause when wearing yours, this is probably the best penis extender for you!

As with the previous two options, this penis extender also offers an improvement to people suffering from Peyronies disease. The stretch it provides helps straighten your penis and loosens the scar tissue fibres, improving the condition with consistent use.

The Male Edge is great for daily use, as it can actually be worn during your daily activities. This makes for much better user experience and also an improved chance of the product providing the results it claims. The lower the barrier to entry, the easier it is for you to use it on a daily basis.

Along with the penis extender, the complete package comes with training that helps you train your penis in more ways than one. This helps you to achieve a more well-rounded result and improves your performance in the bedroom.


  • Effective. Multiple reports have claimed an increase in penis size.
  • Perfect choice for people with Peyronie’s disease.
  • Extremely comfortable fit. Can be used during day-to-day activities.
  • Approved medical device
  • Can be made to fit all penis sizes



  • It takes some time to get used to setting it up and using it. This can be quite a challenge at first.


#4.Quick extender pro

The fourth on this list is the quick extender pro which is also a rod-based penis extender which has been proven effective in multiple different studies. This penis extender has been made with durability in mind and is fabricated from high-quality materials.

There are four different packages for you to choose from when purchasing this penis extender, which allows you to pick a package you’re comfortable with. This saves you having to buy extras that you otherwise wouldn’t, or the package falling short of what you’re looking for.

Another big plus point that this penis extender has, that others do not, is the fact that you don’t have to assemble it yourself. This is a fiddly process that can take a lot of time. Not only can it take a lot of time but if not done correctly you’re left with a penis extender that doesn’t work properly.

Comfort is another category that this penis extender scores well on. It boasts a comfortable feel that makes it possible for you to wear it for extended periods of time. This is important for the product to take effect, so is certainly something important to consider.


  • Effective in increasing penis size according to multiple claims
  • Comfortable fit. Can be used for extended periods of time without discomfort.
  • Comes pre-assembled.
  • Can be made to fit all penis sizes.



  • Takes a little longer to see the effects you’re after compared to the top three of this list.



#5.Jes extender

The Jes Extender is the final model I’ll cover on this list. It has been proven by various medical organizations to have an impact on penis size. In most cases, the first results were seen after just 2 to 4 months of use, which is way faster than most of the other models covered so far.

The flexible material that this toy uses provides more comfort than the standard hard plastics used. It can be worn during your day-to-day activities which allows you to easily use it for extended periods of time. This is great if you’re serious about making your penis bigger.

If you have Peyronie’s disease, this penis extender is great for straightening your penis out and improving the blood flow to the areas where scar tissue has started to form. It’s also a good tool for people with ED, as the increased blood flow can help you to get and maintain an erection.

If you’re looking for fast results, then this is the model for you. It has been proven to provide visible results after just 7 days of using. For long-lasting results, continuous use for a matter of months is needed though. These research-backed fast results are the reason why it has become such a popular penis extender.


  • Effective in increasing penis size according to multiple medical organizations.
  • Fast impact on your penis size. Some claim initial results after just 7 days.
  • Flexible material creates a more comfortable experience.
  • Can be used for extended periods of time.
  • Can be worn under your clothes.



  • The different models and uses can be confusing when first buying it.



Tips when using a penis extender

There are many different things you can do to make your experience using a penis extender more pleasurable and more effective. I’ve done my best to list as many of them as possible underneath for you!


  • Shave and clean!

By keeping your penis as well as your penis extender clean, you ensure a safe and pleasurable experience. Also, if you have a vacuum-based penis extender, make sure to keep your penis, and the area around it clean-shaven. This prevents the hairs from being pulled at, reducing the suction on the extender or causing discomfort.


  • Use regularly and for an adequate length of time

You won’t see any results if you use a penis extender a few times per week for a couple of minutes. Consistent use improves the effect that the penis extender will have. By keeping it on for longer, you also improve the effect. Most penis extenders will come with instructions about how often and for how long they should be used. Try to stick to this as much as possible. Don’t overdo it though!


  • Purchase a safe model that has been proven effective

Stay away from “cheap and cheerful” products as much as possible. Even though a properly manufactured penis extender bodes no risk to the user, a low-quality one can certainly cause pain, and in some cases even damage to the penis. Luckily, you don’t run this risk with the options in this post!


  • Go slow

Don’t apply too much pressure right from the get-go. Go slowly and avoid overstretching, especially when using your penis extender for the first few times. After a while, you will start to get to know your limits are.



How do penis extenders work?

Penis extenders work by stretching your penis out for an extended period of time. With regular use, this gradual stretching results in the penis tissue thickening, strengthening, and growing to accommodate for this stretching.


How long will it take for me to see results from my penis extender?

Due to the fact that the stretching needs to occur repeatedly over an extended period of time, it takes quite a while before you start seeing results. Most penis extenders will need to be used for six months to one year to see good results.

That being said, with dedication and a high-quality penis extender, results have been seen in as little as three months in some cases. The results you see will depend on different variables, including how often you use it, whether you use it regularly and how long you leave it on for when using your penis extender.


Are penis extenders risky or bad for your penis?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how you use them. You wouldn’t say your cell phone is risky or bad for your penis, right? But if you started repeatedly slamming your penis with it, I can ensure you that a cell phone is very bad for your penis!

This may be a slightly bad analogy, but this is exactly the case with a penis extender. If used properly, there is nothing to worry about when using the penis extenders on this list. As long as you remember to stretch and warm up properly, as well as pacing yourself yet not applying too much pressure, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. It’s actually very beneficial to penile health in most cases!

That being said, there are a lot of cheap models out there that might be dangerous to use. Especially vacuum-based models that do not have an emergency release valve have been known to cause a lot of issues. Always go for a certified model that has been approved by the medical community, as well as various studies and user-experiences.


Does it hurt?

If done correctly, the use of a penis extender should not hurt your baby maker. Remember to stretch your penis and warm-up before use, to prevent any soft tissue injuries. As long as you warm up first, a good penis extender shouldn’t hurt.

Making sure you keep your penis clean and shaven is another great way of reducing the likelihood of feeling any pain during use. Some vacuum-based penis extenders can tug at your hair if left on, which can be a little uncomfortable. Also, do not use a penis extender if you are in pain already or are fighting an infection in the region. Apart from these scenarios, a penis extender should not cause any pain.


Can penis extenders help deal with Peyronie’s disease?

Many penis extenders can help fight Peyronie’s disease to some extent. This is because the scar tissue the forms as a result of the condition is stretched out. This extra stretching can “loosen up” the area and improve your condition. That being said, I’m not a doctor so if you do suffer from this condition, please consult with your GP before use to prevent the issue from worsening.


Are penis extenders good for erectile dysfunction?

Just as with Peyronie’s disease, in some cases, penis extenders can help with erectile dysfunction. Some of the varieties that are vacuum-based act a lot like a penis pump, and cause the penis to hold more blood. The result of this is that the erection is firmer and thicker. If combined with a cock ring, this can certainly be an easy way for someone with ED and their partner to be able to enjoy sex!



As you can see, making your penis bigger isn’t as easy as you might like it to be. Pills and creams just don’t work, and surgery is a major undertaking. A penis extender is a great option if you’re willing to put in the work. Hopefully, this article has helped you in learning about the penis extender, as well as finding the right model for you!