Sizegenetics Review [2023]- Does it really work? My Results

You’re probably reading this piece because you are interested in knowing more about SizeGenetics before deciding on whether it is the right extender for you. If that is the case, then you are in the right place. I will take you through everything you need to know about it such as:

  • What is SizeGenetics 
  • How it works
  • How to use it
  • Different packages available 
  • How effective it is, and if there are any side effects
  • Tips on how to get the best result with it
  • Comparison with other leading brands


My Experience with SizeGenetics

There isn’t a single guy who wouldn’t add a few inches to his penis, no matter how big he is. I have always been insecure about my penis size and was looking for a solution. Words can not describe how thankful I am to SizeGenetics for removing possibly the biggest insecurity ever since I was a little child. The reviews seemed too good to be true, but thankfully I decided to give it a try. A very good friend of mine started using SizeGenetics during the time and he advised me to check it out. He told me he had gained 0.3 inches in two months, and that’s all the motivation I needed for me to start.

I immediately started measuring my penis since day 1, and to be honest I was overdoing it. Keeping track of your progress will help you be more consistent since you are always looking for the number to increase, but overdoing it may cause negative thoughts at the start. If you are looking for an increase every day, I’m sorry to tell you but it won’t happen. Don’t expect to gain inches overnight, be patient and the results will come. By expecting gains every single day you’re just demotivating yourself and leading yourself to quit before you have even seen any improvements.

I have used this device for at least 10 months. There were occasional days/weeks I didn’t wear it, but basically, I wore it consistently for the most part. I will do my best to share my unbiased experience using it. To start with, I have used different penis extenders and pumps just to see which one is more comfortable without compromising the long term results. 

I don’t think I could wear other devices on my penis for such periods of time. You get used to SizeGenetics pretty fast due to how comfortable it is. You can do all your daily tasks wearing the device and you won’t even notice it. Although there are other comfortable extenders, nothing comes close to SizeGenetics because not only does it offer comfort, it offers the best results for gains on the market.

Penis extenders like SizeGenetics are made to be worn for a longer time period than penis pumps. And they are basically for extending the length and girth of the penis. Penis pumps, on the other hand, have to be used for 15-30 minutes a day to get short term blood flow to your penis and boost length/girth immediately. 

Although penis pumps are great for instant erection and good erections, I suggest you use SizeGenetics since the gains are permanent and after a while, you won’t even have to use the device anymore. If you are looking for maximum results I suggest you combine SizeGenetics with penis pumps so you get the best results in length, girth and erections.

And like I said, I have tried both penis enhancement products and from my experience, I would say that while I got good long term results (increase in length) from SizeGenetics, it didn’t increase the width girth of my penis. This was why I had to combine my result with a penis pump which eventually helped me get a fatter penis to go with my increased length. I will speak more about my result after 10 months towards the end of this article.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis enhancement device that is designed to increase the size of your penis. The device is a penis extender that dates back all the way to 1995. It is not just one of the few approved penis extenders by the FDA but has also undergone clinical tests to show its effectiveness. Actually, I did verify this by searching the FDA database and found it to be true. You can verify yourself here.

The product has been confirmed to have higher traction when compared to other penis extenders in the market. You will be surprised to learn that it boasts of up to 2,800 grams of tension, which is way more than you can get with others.

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  • Apart from increasing the size of the penis, SizeGenetics can also be used by people who want to correct the direction of their penis. In this case, a curved penis or what is medically referred to as Peyronie’s disease can be effectively handled by this penis extender. Some are born with a curved penis and some develop it from various injuries, and those who suffer from this know that it may even lead to horrible pain. 

    How Does SizeGenetics Work?

    To help you understand how this penis extender works, I will refer to the process of muscle building. You know, when you hit the gym and lift weights, you tend to build your muscles or biceps over time. The result is not felt the same day you visited the gym but will become evident as time goes on. That is the same thing that applies to the use of SizeGenetics. Just like lifting weights breaks down the tissues in your body to make room for muscle repair and growth, that is the same way that using this SizeGenetics causes your penis to grow.Tension for max gains

    SizeGenetics works by stretching your penis with the help of traction so that you get to see an increase in the size of your penis after some dedicated time of use. The traction method is a progressive mechanical type that has been proven to increase penis length up to 1 to 3 inches when used for about 6 to 12 months. The amount you gain varies due to different factors. 

    SizeGenetics like other penis extenders requires that you wear it for several hours a day (total 100 hours/month required for 6-9 months) if you are to see impressive and long-lasting results. I suggest you take it easy at the start, then gradually increase to more hours per day for the best results. The more experience you have with the device, the easier and more comfortable it gets.

    How to Assemble SizeGenetics

    Before using the product, you need to first know how to assemble it as well as how the different tensions work. The following steps will guide you on how to assemble your SizeGenetics penis extender:

    Also helps in reducing Curvature
    • Step 1: Get the tension springs and insert it in the spring bars
    • Step 2: Then screw those spring bars where you have the extender front
    • Step 3: Choose the best elongation bar for your penis size (you will find your penis size in the manual the product came with) and then screw it towards the end of the spring bars.
    • Step 4: Adjust the wheel clockwise so that the elongation bars can be attached to the extender base.
    • Step 5: Attach one side of the comfort strap to the extender front piece. There is an arrow that shows you how to attach it the right way.

    And that is how to assemble the parts. To get a hold of it, you can assemble and disassemble the parts a few times to get the hang of it. 

    How to Use SizeGenetics

    Here comes the important part which is how to use the penis extender. First, connect one side of the comfort strap to the front part so that the other end is hanging. Insert your penis in the penis extender’s base ring and press the device towards your body. Grab the other side of the comfort strap and put it in the provided hole. Tighten the comfort strap around your penis. Aim for the penis head.

    Then with the two wheels provided, go ahead and adjust the traction by turning them clockwise if you want more traction, or turning them counterclockwise if you want to reduce the traction. The traction force is indicated on the hexagon bars to show you which traction force you are using. Feel free to try out various comfort options until you arrive at the one that you are most comfortable with.

    You need to be wearing the SizeGenetics for at least six hours a day if you are looking for  results. For those who want to maximize their increase in size you need to be wearing it for at least seven or eight hours. The more you wear it, the higher your chance of succeeding.

    The 3 Different Packages of SizeGenetics

    SizeGenetics penis extender comes in different editions to cater to your particular need in the area of penis extension. I shall be listing the 3 basic editions below and what each comes with.

    SG Value Edition

    SG Value Edition

    This edition is the basic package and also the cheapest. It is usually advised that beginners who are new to the whole idea of penis enhancement start with this package. What the package contains are the SizeGenetics device itself, a pad, a comfort strap, and one inch and two inches bars. This edition will help you get a hang of how the device works without all the fuss. But if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can skip this package and move on to the next package below.

    SG Comfort Edition

    Can you guess what this package is meant to help you achieve from its name? If you said comfort, then you are right. This package is packed with everything you have in the Value Edition package but with more. It also comes with whistles and bells to give you that needed extra comfort. It comes with what is known as the 58-way ultimate comfort system. You also get 3 different sizes of elongation bars to make the whole process less stressful.

    SG Ultimate System

    SG Ultimate System (I used this)

    Want to get hold of SizeGenetics comprehensive package? This is the real deal. It is aimed at helping you achieve maximum results without having to sacrifice comfort while at it. You get all that comes with the Comfort Edition including the MDA which allows you to wear your device in sixteen different ways. Other things you get from the package are – device cleaning kit, luxury leather pouch, Revita cream moisturizer, traction plus power, a case for when traveling, and a DVD on penis health as well as access to other materials from the penis health website.

    Which edition should you choose?

    I understand that money can be a problem sometimes. But if you have the money, the SG Ultimate System is the best option. What makes this edition the best is its comfort and the maximum results it offers. Also, it has the most accessories out of all the editions so you don’t need to order more things in the future.


    Peyronie’s Disease or Curved Penis Edition

    This one is for people with a curved penis and includes amino tablets, a comfort system, an SG device, penis exercises tutorial, and an instructional DVD. Find out more about how it works on their official website. I suffered myself from Peyronie’s Disease, I had a curved penis to the right. This edition fixed my curvature, making my penis longer and straighter. I used to feel ashamed that my penis wasn’t straight but now I feel confident. I definitely gained some size just from the straightening part. If you happen to suffer from this I definitely suggest you buy this edition. It will make sex much more pleasurable and easier for you.  

    Does SizeGenetics Work?

    You don’t have to take my word for it, but based on testimonies from people who have made use of the product as presented on the SizeGenetics website, you can see that the device actually works. People who have used this extender are very pleased with their results and encourage others to try it themselves. All it takes is a real commitment to it and you will begin to see results from as little as 3 months. The results may not be all that impressive at first, but give it 6 months and the results will be more encouraging. 

    If you are wondering what my result is like, I would say I noticed my first increase of 0.5 inches in about a month of use. I was not really impressed because I wanted to see gigantic results after having to wear it for about 8 hours each of those days in the one month that I used it. I gave up on it for some months but later picked it up again.

    I made up my mind to wait for at least 6 months before measuring again. I was, well, much happier with the over 1-inch result I got. At least, it was enough to push me to try it on for even more months. And now at 10 months, I can tell you that I am on a steady growth. I am currently measuring 1.8 inches.

    To see whether the result would fade, I stopped using it for about 2 weeks and kept measuring. To my surprise, the growth is still there. I mean, it did not vanish as I feared. So, yes, I am now convinced that the results do really stick when you use it for up to a year and thereabout.

    I have resumed wearing the device again with the hope of completing it in 12 months. I will update you guys on my result. And if I keep getting encouraging results, I will continue wearing it until about 18 months when I can take a very long break from it with the hope of retaining my growth permanently. Will I use it longer than 18 months? I don’t know about that to be honest. If I am pleased with the results I may stop when I reach that milestone. But knowing myself I’ll probably continue even longer than that until I reach my maximum potential.

    Any Side Effects?

    There are no side effects of using SizeGenetics. But you still have to abide by the rules. Some people are so much in a hurry to see results that they end up hurting themselves along the line. When starting out with this device, you are advised to wear it for just a few hours a day. Targeting 3 to 4 hours a day is sufficient for the first week of use. As your body adjusts to it, you can then start increasing your wear time by an hour every week. 

    Advanced people can wear the device for up to 8 hours a day. It is, therefore, not practical for someone who is just beginning to aim for the same wear time. Just like when you start working out in the gym, you cannot start lifting heavy weights on your first day. You need to start with the less weighing weights to build your muscle and strength for bigger weights. The same applies for your penis. Your penis is more prepared the more you use the device, so gradually increase the hours so you don’t have any trouble.

    If you apply the same technique, there is no way you will have any issues using SizeGenetics.

    Tips to Get the Best Result

    To help you get the best result from using SizeGenetics, you can benefit from my personal experience and what I did to get the result I have. Observe the following:

    1. Jelq before using the device

    Jelqing is like preparing your penis for what is about to come. It encourages more blood flow into your penis which helps you get better results. You can jelq for about 10 minutes before wearing the device. This process might look daunting, but the suggestion came from professionals. And after applying it to my routine, I saw faster results than when I was not incorporating it. Jelqing is like a warm-up for your penis. Even before working out our other muscles we warm them up for preparation. Jelqing is no other, by improving blood circulation to the penis it allows you to have stronger erections and be more prepared when using the extender.

    1. Add supplements

    Just using SizeGenetics alone will give you the result you aim for. The only thing is that when you add some male enhancement supplements to it, you will see the results faster. I conducted a lot of research before using this product. And a lot of people that made use of it testified to having better results when they added some supplements to their routine. These supplements increase the level of blood that flows to the penis for better results. Be careful which supplements you use, gain more information about them before using them since some of them cause negative side effects.

    1. Be patient and stay committed

    There is no better way to say this because if you prepare your mind from the beginning, it will make things easier for you. Just like people that wear teeth braces, they do not get results the very first day or month they start using the braces. It takes months and maybe a few years to arrive at the desired result.

    SizeGenetics is not a quick fix. It is not a penis pump that gives you instant but mostly temporary results. 

    Just like it takes time to see results when lifting weights, that is the same thing that applies to wear a penis extender like SizeGenetics. You should endeavor to go through the manual and accompanying DVD to equip yourself with more information about using the device. Also, you may be bruised the first initial days of using it, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to take a break for some days and get back to the routine when you feel like you are going too hard. Also a tip, you shouldn’t wear the device for 7 or 8 hours straight. Time after time you should remove the device so blood flow is restored to the penis. If you don’t take breaks you may get injured and won’t profit much from it. 

    1. Join a community of like minds

    It helps to seek out and belong to forums that others using SizeGenetics belong to. There, you can learn from other people’s tips, mistakes, and growth. This will help you know what to expect and the best way to get results. Some good places to start from are PEGym and Reddit. A lot of good people on these forums share tips from personal experience which will definitely help you. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will help you stay away from injuries on your road to success. There’s no better way of learning useful tips than from people who have tried this product themselves. You can learn a lot of useful new tips which you can incorporate in your routine for maximum gains. 

    1. Keep a record of your routine and growth

    One thing that really helped me after deciding to take this device seriously was keeping a journal of my routine. With that, I could see the efforts I have put in so far for those days that I feel like giving up. Plus, when I finally reached my 1-inch growth, I made sure I boldly wrote it out on different parts of my journal. It gave me such a boost than I expected. As soon as you see that first growth in your path your confidence and excitement go through the roof. After that, you just take it more seriously and you feel more positive for the future.

    There are also other lifestyle factors that play a huge role in your penis growth. There are a lot of smokers out there, so if you are one of them you should definitely stop right now. Smoking slows blood circulation because it clogs our arteries. You should also exercise more often to get the blood flow going and increase testosterone, which plays a huge role in your penis. Diet is also very important. Try adding watermelons, coffee, nuts, oats, spinach, garlic, etc., to your diet since they’re amazing food for your penis and sex life.


    Before and After Pictures Sizegenetics

    There are user-submitted pictures after long term usage. It takes 800-1000 hours to get this type of impressive results. Do not expect it overnight. Genetics plays the biggest part in this, but if you follow all the instructions given you will reach your full capability. If you wear it for the suggested period of time you are looking at a 1.5-inch increase. The more devoted you are, the bigger your penis grows. You can see lots of proof online from clients, with some cases of gaining even more than 3 inches. I understand cases like that are rare, but they are definitely possible.


    SizeGenetics Vs Bathmate

    Both devices are male enhancement devices that are used in increasing the size of the penis. The only thing here is that unlike SizeGenetics, Bathmate will mostly give you temporary results. It is not a penis extender but a pump. It is good for when you want to increase your penis size before getting involved in sexual activities. Bathmate is used in the shower or bath and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to have you well pumped up. But then this increase fades after some hours. But with SizeGenetics, you most likely won’t see your penis increase in size after use, but you sure will see an increase after some months. And these growths are always permanent.

    But I would advise you to combine SizeGenetics with Bathmate if you are really serious about enhancing your penis size. Bathmate helps in increasing penis girth while SizeGenetics like other penis extenders focuses more on length.

    Clients prefer SizeGenetics due to its permanent results. Nobody wants a temporary growth that fades over time. And why would you continuously use penis pumps for temporary gains, when SizeGenetics will increase your penis size forever. When you reach your maximum potential you can enjoy your gains for the rest of your life and won’t have to wear the extender anymore.

    SizeGenetics Vs Phallosan Forte

    Phallosan Forte is another penis extender that is very popular in the market. People have a lot of good things to say about it. It works just like SizeGenetics by increasing the size of your penis for permanent growth. The difference I have noticed between the two is that while SizeGenetics offers you more tension for more growth in length and even girth, Phallosan Forte gives you more comfort. In simple terms, Phallosan Forte is more forgiving of newcomers than SizeGenetics. But they both do the same job. Personally I prefer SizeGenetics but Phallosan Forte is a great alternative. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which is the better choice for you because we don’t have the same preferences. Different people prefer one over the other and that’s fine, they both get the job done. 

    Final Thoughts!

    With everything in me, I must say that SizeGenetics really works. I was skeptical at first and didn’t want to try it. But I sure am glad I took the risk and got one for myself. I have no regrets whatsoever. I intend to keep going at it to get the maximum growth I can reach. I know everything has a limit, but I am trying to reach my full potential.

    I have a better sex life and most importantly, improved self-confidence. There is no way I was going to keep quiet about my result so that anyone out there who may have been through a lot because of their penis size can take advantage of this opportunity. The best part about SizeGenetics is it improves your whole life overall. I am much more motivated to do daily tasks now than I have ever been before. Just being more comfortable in your own body is a huge aspect. My mood has improved a lot, alongside my productivity and success at work. Don’t do it just for the females and the sex part, do it for your own benefits. I can notice the positive effects SizeGenetics has had on me when I wake up. I have much more energy in the morning, allowing me to be more productive and more focused throughout the whole day.

    Once you make up your mind to commit to it, make sure you order from the manufacturer’s website to avoid falling for a fake product. There are a lot of counterfeit products out there that can and will lead you to injury if you use them. I don’t think anybody would like a penis injury, so be very cautious when ordering the product. The best part is that SizeGenetics is backed with 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, should you not get the result you set out for, you can always request for a full refund. All you have to do is take before and after pictures so you can document your claims, and then you will get 100 % of your money back. A lot of people might be skeptical in the beggining, so this may change your mind since there is nothing to lose and a lot to win. SizeGenetics also offers free shipping which will save you some money. You can also get a lot of coupons and promo codes, a great way to get the SizeGenetics for cheaper prices. With all these pro’s I don’t see a reason why somebody wouldn’t choose this extender. I would give Sizegenetics a 4/5 rating, I am very pleased with it and I wish I found out about it sooner. The only regret I have with this extender is not using it at a younger age. If I had started earlier I could have profited even better results, the younger you start the bigger your gains are. 

    Additional $10 Discount+ Free Shipping+ Special Deal Price

    Additional $10 Discount+ Free Shipping+ Special Deal Price

    $200 Off Sale on Ultimate System/Curvature & Peyronie's Model. $150 Off on Comfort Package $175 Off on Value Edition Free shipping on orders over $100 to Europe, USA, and Canada
    On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • Long Journey

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    March 29, 2023

    I’ve learned a lot from using my extender. At first, the removable cradle would slip off at the worst times, like when I wore the extender to the store once – super embarrassing when it fell down my pants! Now tight boxer briefs keep everything in place. Don’t get discouraged. It took me a month to get accustomed to wearing it, even in public, but it’s helped me gain length more than anything else.

    The foam comfort pads also made my penis slip out, but using water-based lube on the contact area helps it stick better. You can wear an extender to work if you have a sit-down job. Just wear loose slacks and adjust the extender in a fitting room first – no one will be able to tell.

    Be sure to situate your penis right in the extender and check for pinches by grabbing the head and rotating, or pinching your scrotum and pulling down/around. If you wear the extender for hours, check penis sensitivity regularly. Numbness means cut-off circulation, so take a break.

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