Volume Pills Review : My Results after 3 months – Before & After Pics[2022]

There are several reasons why men may think that the volume of their ejaculate is a big deal. In many cases, it’s tied with their fertility concerns when they’re trying to have kids. After all, if a man ejaculates a greater volume, then that will have more sperm that can increase the likelihood of fathering a child.

But even when a man isn’t trying to make a kid, the quality of the sexual experience may also depend on the ejaculate volume. In plain words, if you’re a man then it’s more fun when you have a lot more ejaculate when you achieve orgasm. When it’s just a tiny dribble, the orgasm isn’t as earth-shaking.

Also, it’s simply not as impressive when you just release a tiny dribble when you achieve orgasm.

The good news is that this is an issue you can address with the right herbal supplement. And that’s the question we’re examining—is Volume Pills that right herbal supplement?

How Do Volume Pills Work?

Admittedly, when we first heard about “Volume Pills”, we thought it was a generic term for that class of supplements designed to boost the ejaculate volume for men. As it turned out, it’s actually the trademarked name for the product made by the Leading Edge Health brand.

The goals of these pills include:

  • Boosting the volume of your ejaculate

  • Enhancing the quality (and time length) of your orgasm

  • Improving your virility

  • Making your erection firmer and bigger

All these effects start with boosting the ejaculate volume. That forces your penile muscles to contract faster to enhance the satisfying feeling of your orgasm. The orgasm can last much longer, since you have more semen to blast out.

Volume Pills was launched in 2003, so it has a lengthy track record for everyone to check out. For the most part, it works in boosting ejaculate volume. You just need to make sure that you follow the instructions on how to take it properly.


The ingredients here include 24 mg of zinc, which gives you 1.6 times the amount of zinc you need each day. But here you also get a 1,458mg dosage of a proprietary blend, which only indicates what ingredients are part of the blend. You simply don’t know how much of each ingredient you get in the blend.

Still, here’s a closer look at the ingredients:


This is the one ingredient you know you get a lot of. It contains 160% of your daily zinc requirements.

One of the benefits of zinc oxide is that it helps with testosterone production. That’s why it’s also part of the ingredients list for many testosterone supplements. Testosterone boosts the libido and sexual function. That’s why so many older gents have problems with sexual performance—their testosterone levels gradually fall off over the years.


This is one of the “proprietary” ingredients in Volume Pills (the other one being Solidilin). You don’t know what it really contains, except you’re assured that all the ingredients here are natural. We do know that Drilizen contains protodioscin, which helps encourage the natural production of testosterone.

Drilizen has proven itself to be effective in boosting nitric oxide levels, which also helps with testosterone production. In addition, it improves blood vessel dilation, leading to increased blood flow. That, in turn, leads to improved erections.


This is the other proprietary herbal compound. We know that part of it is L-Dopa, which is a precursor of L-Dopamine. This is the neurotransmitter that affects your feeling of pleasure.

So while Drilizen affects your penis physically, Solidilin affects how you feel when you engage in sex and when you achieve orgasm. This compound makes your orgasms feel a lot more satisfying.

Ling Zhi

This is a type of mushroom that ahs long been in use in the medical traditions of China and Japan, along with other Asian countries. It’s both an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It also uplifts your mood and enhances your overall vitality.

Among the other health benefits attributed to this mushroom is that it modulates the immune system and controls blood glucose levels. Recent studies have supported some of the claims regarding the beneficial effects of this ingredient.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

This is a testosterone booster. In studies involving lab mice, it boosted their testosterone levels in both 7-day and 3-day studies. Boosting your natural testosterone levels can then improve your erections, increase your staying power, and enhance your libido.


This is the more common name for this ingredient. Chemically, it’s called 4,5,7-trihydroxyflavone.

Apicenin has long been used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. It can fight off bacteria and viruses, and lower blood pressure. It works to help maintain blood flow, which in turn helps with the firmness of your erection.

Embilica Officinalis

This is sometimes known as just “Amla”. It’s an herb used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine to enhance overall vitality, cognition, and longevity. It’s known to work very well with Apicenin in improving erection quality. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, along with tannin compounds that you also find in other antioxidants.

Hong Hua Fen and Xi Lam Rou Gi

Both these ingredients are vasodilators. That is, they enlarge your blood vessels to boost the blood flow. This naturally leads to more blood flow to your penis, thereby improving the quality of your erection.

San Guo Mu

This herbal ingredient works to maintain your cardiovascular health. It helps to regulate your blood pressure and the health of your heart, which in turn maintains the strength of your erection.

Xian Mao

This herb is part of both Chinese and Ayurvedic medical tradition. It’s used to increase one’s libido and sexual enjoyment.

Fucus Vesiculosis

This is a type of seaweed you may find along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. It boosts your metabolism by maintaining thyroid health. This in turn leads to improved sexual health and performance.

Tian Men Dong

This is a kind of asparagus that can help calm you down and fight off stress. When you’re calmer (instead of stressed), you’re more likely to improve your sexual performance. Impotence also becomes more unlikely/

Side Effects

There are no side effects. This is one of its most important benefits. Volume Pills has been around since 2003, and surely any confirmed reports about side effects would have spread by now. This wouldn’t have lasted this long if there were any side effects at all.

That’s the main benefit of using just natural ingredients and extracts. It’s only with the synthetic drugs that you get weird (and sometimes dangerous) side effects.

However, you do need to keep in mind that you can’t go over 6 tablets within a 24-hour period. In fact, you’re better off just taking 2 tablets with water first thing in the morning, so you don’t forget. Exceeding the recommended dosage may do more harm than good.

Also, don’t be afraid to mention Volume Pills with your doctor. That’s especially true if you’re currently taking prescription drugs. Volume Pills may affect how those medications work.

My Personal Experience

First, we checked out each ingredient in the label. It (annoyingly) comes with a “Proprietary Blend”, but at least the ingredients aren’t secret. You just don’t know for sure how much you get for each ingredient in the blend. The only known dosage level here is for the zinc, which is 24 mg. That’s 60% more zinc than what you need each day, to make sure you don’t suffer from having low zinc levels.

The label instructions mentioned that I ought to refrain from sexual activity (including masturbation) for at least 7 days. I abstained for 9 days to make sure, then I started taking the tablets.

I took the recommended 2 tablets a day, with a glass of water. Some of the review team members took more, but no one broke the rule about taking only 6 tablets within a 24-hour period.

The effects come in gradually, and it’s like trying to watch your hair grow. I took a smartphone picture of my ejaculate load to compare with future results. If you check every day, you don’t really notice much of a difference.

But I sure noticed an improvement as I neared the 2-month mark. By that time, I really did notice that there was a lot more ejaculate than before I tried the supplement. Orgasms were also much more enjoyable at this point, compared to the rather unsatisfying effect I felt before starting with Volume Pills.

I’ve been taking this for a while now, and the results have maintained at the 3-month mark. After that, it’s all about maintenance. I kept on taking Volume Pills to make sure that the ejaculate levels remain at the improved levels.

There were no side effects, and I then went on a bulk buying spree. A regular 1-month supply box costs $65, but buying a dozen brought the price down to just $29.08 a month. That’s a dollar well-spent each day, and now I completely understand why some older men have been taking Volume Pills for years. Some of them have taken it for more than 10 years straight, and I see myself doing the same. It just works.


  • Highly effective

  • Easy to take (2 tablets with water each day)

  • Gets cheaper when buying more at once

  • No side effects


  • Improvements are gradual

  • You need to take it constantly to maintain the effects

  • “Proprietary blend”

FAQs on Volume Pills

What are the potential results aside from greater ejaculate loads?

Benefits that have been reported include longer-lasting erections, a more pleasurable orgasm, and increased libido. A significant number of men have also reported that their partners now find sex with them a lot more satisfying.

What’s ProSolution?

When you buy more Volume Pills boxes at a time (starting with 4 boxes at once), you may get a free bottle of ProSolution Pills. This is another popular male enhancement supplement. However, its focus is more on improving the quality of your erection, and not on enhancing the volume of your ejaculate load.

When is it not advisable to take Volume Pills?

First, you have to be an adult. It’s not designed for children. It’s also not advisable for men to take if they’re already on prescription medication, unless the doctor explicitly gives their ok.

What’s the best deal?

Get the Elite Package, which gives you 12 boxes of Volume Pills with the price dropping to just $29.08 per box. That’s a lot cheaper than the standard $65 per box. You also get a free bottle of ProSolution, and also an Erection Fitness subscription.

With this package, you save a total of $431.05 compared to buying a single box of Volume Pills each time.


It’s true that this can be somewhat expensive, and it works very gradually. But the key word here is that it works. That’s the overall gist of the reports from users, and these reports have come in since 2003.

It really does increase the volume of your ejaculation load, which is its main goal. But that in turn leads to other side benefits. Your orgasms are much more satisfying, and your erections are bigger and firmer.

It also boosts your self-esteem, when you know that you can still enjoy sex. Not to mention how using this somehow makes the users’ partners enjoy sex more. It does take time to work, but waiting for 2 months seems like time well spent.

As for the cost, it gets cheaper when you buy it in bulk. Once you’re sure that a 2-month supply gets you the results you like, you can buy 12 boxes at once. It will then cost you less than a dollar a day—that’s nothing compared to the joy you’ll feel with Volume Pills.

Just make sure you get it from the official site. With other sellers, you can’t be absolutely sure you’re getting the real deal. You may find the fake product ineffective, if not downright dangerous for your health. Get it from the official website, and you get the Volume Pills that work effectively and safely.