Penis Extenders Vs Penis Pumps : What Should you Use?

 Choosing the best penis enlargement product can be time-consuming, exhausting, and costly. But without the proper amount of research and patience, some end up with the wrong product to purchase. So, a lot of users complain about wasting time and money on products that can’t even add a few millimeters. Penis extenders and penis pumps are some of the most popular products that men use as male enhancement tools.

Still, many are confused about which one works better. Well, these are two different types of devices that are also sold in many variations from different brands. So, let’s take a closer look at these devices and consider their pros and cons to help you pick the winner. 


How These Male Enhancement Devices Work

First, it is important to understand some basic things about how penis pumps and penis extenders work. As mentioned above, these are two different devices even though these are both used as male enhancement tools. 

Penis Extenders

One of the most popular penis enlargement devices in the market is the penis extender. As its name suggests, penis extenders are designed to stretch your penis and correct erectile dysfunctions. These kinds of devices help treat curved penis issues. As a result, the device can make the penis thicker in girth and longer whether flaccid state or not. 

Thus, penis extenders are also designed as traction devices that can hold your penis and stretch it for hours. To achieve permanent results in the girth and length of your penis, penis extenders require regular use for long hours. The longer you wear it, the more it can stretch the tissues in your penis using consistent pressure.

Penis Pumps

Contrary to penis extenders, penis pumps are designed to expand the tissues in the penis temporarily. If you want your penis to look as if you took Viagra or used a penis extender, penis pumps (eg Hydromax ) work. The pumping session using these devices may also take a few minutes only instead of hours. Thus, it is the go-to solution for men who want to see immediate results even for a short period. 

This comes in handy for many who want to look beefy for sexual activity. So basically, penis pumps look like cylinder or hollow canister vacuums that work as constriction devices. Depending on your preference, you could find water pumps or air pumps that can enlarge your penis with blood. With consistent application of pressure to your penis, its size could temporarily increase by 20% to 30%.


Your Goals vs. Penis Extenders and Penis Pumps

Since these devices are both unique in their way, your male enhancement goals may affect your choice of product. If you want a penis enlargement device to increase the length of your manhood, go for a penis extender. It is a proven device to help you achieve the length you want. Of course, it can also increase the girth of your penis as the device constantly applies pressure to stretch it.

But if you are more focused on enhancing your girth, a penis pump is a more fitting option. The penis pump promotes a full expansion outward of the penis tissues to enhance the size of the girth. The length of your penis may also increase but the directionality of the device’s force often increases the girth first. If you are concerned with erection, a penis pump can also help you achieve an immediate result.

As you pump, its vacuum power forces more blood into your penis which can make your penile tissues expand. As a result, most men notice a bigger and harder erection after the first use of the device. Some even use the penis pump together with a cock ring to see greater results. After all, a cock ring is known as a medically approved device to treat erectile dysfunction.

A penis extender also comes in handy in improving your erection hardness with regular use for months. But if you want to see quick results to improve your sex life, a penis pump will do.


How Much Time and Cost to Invest in Penis Extenders and Penis Pumps?

As mentioned above, using penis extenders require regular use for months to maximize its offered benefits. For best results, most penis extenders wear the device for 6 to 8 hours a day within 6 months. However, some first-time users prefer to start with just a few hours a day for 2 to 3 months to adjust. You can also wear it for 2 hours straight then remove it and take a 15-minute break. 

As you get used to the feel of the penis extender, you can wear it longer under your clothes. Wearing it for long hours daily can help you meet your enlargement goals sooner as long as you use it properly. Some users even extend using penis extenders up to 7 months after finishing the 6 months clinical trial period.

On the other hand, penis pumps are meant to be used for short periods only. Some variants of penis pumps allow users to pump while in the shower or bathtub. Penis pumps are designed to be used for a few minutes only, especially if you are in a hurry. Just pump for a few minutes and you’re good to go. 

When it comes to the cost, the price of penis extenders may range between $129.95 and $339 or higher. If you are interested in SizeGenetics, its (discounted) collection costs between $199.95 and $299.95. Each package of penis extender varies to address different male enhancement needs of men.

Meanwhile, the price of penis pumps may range between $109.95 and $127 or higher. For instance, the discounted Bathmate Series costs between $109.95 and $349.95. Its price depends on the specific variant, and brand you want to buy to meet your needs.


Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these devices to help you make the final verdict. 

Penis Extenders Summarized


  •         Easy to use and comfortable to wear 
  •         Scientifically proven to help increase the length of the penis
  •         Can be worn under your clothing while at home or work
  •         Allows you to do some of your daily routines while it is on
  •         Effective on increasing your penis length and girth with its constant directional and stretching tension


  •         Some cheap variants can be a little rigid which may cause discomfort
  •         It works better at increasing the penis length than increasing the penis girth


Penis Pumps Summarized


  •         Provides immediate results
  •         Promotes quick and harder erections after pumping
  •         Makes the penis larger even in the flaccid state after getting a pumped erection
  •         Great for penis girth enlargement
  •         Allows men with ED to enjoy more satisfying sex when combined with a cock ring
  •         Creates a different sensation that many men call the “fun” factor


  •         Its enlargement results are temporary only
  •         The pumping time should be set into your daily routine for best results
  •         Using the pump requires privacy
  •         Can be dangerous when used for long periods


Final Words

There you have it, the essential things to know when choosing between penis extenders and penis pumps. So, have you decided which one is best for you best based on the details above? 

A penis extender is best if you want to increase the length of your penis permanently or treat Peyronie’s disease. On the other hand, a penis pump is best if you’re looking for a cheaper solution to improve your girth temporarily. Regardless, it is still best to consult your doctor first to ensure your safety before buying a penis extender or a penis pump. This way, you can enjoy your sex life more.