Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

It is no news that the desire to have a bigger penis size is prominent among most men in majorly every large city, and every little corner your eyes turn to. Most men secretly have a desire to increase their penis size due to the belief that a larger penis size equals a  satisfying sexual experience for their partners. Hence, the use of penis extenders to have a larger and more confident genital size is no longer far-fetched. But do penis extenders really work? This will be the subject of deliberation in this article. So relax and strap on, let’s find out.


What Are Penis Extenders?

Firstly, penis extenders, what are they? Penis extenders are traction devices designed to stretch the penis when in its flaccid state to make it longer. This device consists of a plastic ring that sits at the base of the flaccid penis and another that appears at the head of the penis before the glans, with a traction device running on the sides of the penile shaft. The user adjusts the springs, which pulls the shaft of the flaccid penis literally stretching it to become longer. But are they effective?


Do Penis Extenders Work?

In a bid to prove the effectiveness of these traction devices, a clinical study carried out in Italy at Turin University, found out that men who used penis extenders over a lengthy period of time, increased the size of their penis in its flaccid state by almost a third. The study was carried out on 15 men who volunteered as participants for this course. The participants of this study were tasked with making use of these traction devices for about 4 – 6 hours daily, over a period of 6 months to stretch their shafts. The result was that the penis size of these men, in its flaccid state, increased in length by an average of almost 32 percent which is about 0.9 inches. And when erect they also gained about half an inch in length. The erectile function of their penis also increased by 36 percent. What was more interesting to the researchers who conducted this study was that the change was permanent. Hence, they concluded that the use of penis extenders should be the first line of treatment for anyone desiring a larger penis size. The question is, are these traction devices safe to use?


Are Penis Extenders Safe To Use?

Compared to other means of Penile enlargement, the use of penis extenders does not require the ingestion of pills or other additives, and so there’s no doubt that they are perfectly safe to use. Penis extenders are just devices you wear outside the body, made from medical-grade plastic and aluminum materials. These materials don’t do harm to your body. To better understand how safe the use of penis extenders is, think of it as a workout exercise. Just the same way, you perform exercises to improve your biceps, triceps, and other muscles in your body, the use of penis extenders are similar. They work the penis muscles, keeping it stretched but under safe tension. And just as during a work out there are gradual micro-tears in the muscles showing adjustments or increase, during the use of penis extenders, there are also micro-tears in the penile tissues, keyword “micro” because these tears are so minute that you don’t feel anything at all, as the penile muscles increases in size. What are the precautions to consider while using these traction devices?


Safety Measures

Like with almost everything, there are also safety measures to adhere to while using penis extenders. Firstly is that penis extenders are medical devices and therefore you might have to consult with a doctor to get one, which means, you will have to adhere to the recommendations, such as the traction strength and frequency of use, stipulated by the doctor or the manufacturer. Suggestively, it is best to first find out from a professional point of view if you can handle the device or not.

Also, like with most devices or instruments, there are instruction manuals attached. Following these instructions during usage is of paramount importance. Neglecting these instructions and safety measures might lead to severe injuries or damages to the device. For example, your penis has various nerves that allow it to function, so applying too much traction force beyond recommendation might result in serious injuries.

Another safety measure is to make sure you’re buying from legit companies or manufacturers. Keep your eyes on evidence and certificates of authenticity. You wouldn’t want to purchase something that would do harm to your body, so it’s best to buy from a reliable source, which is why it’s best to see a doctor or a health professional before getting one since these penile extenders are medical devices.

What if you are not getting your desired results even after following these dos and don’ts? 


Exercise Patience

As earlier mentioned, it took daily usage for over a period of 6 months for the participants in the research to attain their recorded feat. So, patience and persistence are required while using penis extenders in order to achieve your desired results. Undoubtedly, penis extenders are effective. But it requires daily usage for a considerable amount of time before obvious results can be achieved, so the user must be patient while using it.

Penis extenders work scientifically. They make use of gravity to increase the size of the penis. But besides being used for penile extensions, they are used to correct abnormal penis curvature, called Peyronie’s Disease. By stretching and straightening the penis, they rectify the curves on the penis and increase the length in its flaccid state.

Conclusively, if your penis is small and you desire an increase in its size, you should consider the use of penis extenders. Just follow the tips we’ve discussed in this article;

  • See a doctor or your GP (general practitioner) before you get one.
  • Ensure you purchase the device from the right source.
  • Follow the instructions given by the doctor and the manufacturer.
  • Exercise patience and persistence while using these traction devices.

If you are able to follow these few suggestions and guidelines while using penis extenders, success is assured.