Male Edge Review[2020]: Best Affordable Extender in Market? My Results

If you’re looking for a way to enlarge your penis effectively and safely, then you may want to look at the Male Edge penile extender. Male Edge features in my “Best penis extenders 2020 list” in the affordable category. Check out to see if it really works!

Male Edge is a comparatively new series of penis extenders from the Danish company DanaMedic. This company came into fame when it launched the Jes Extender series of penis stretchers in 1995. Even now, the Jes Extender device is bestsellers among penile enlargement devices, as it has gained an enviable reputation for effectiveness and safety.

If only the Jes Extender wasn’t so expensive, though. Its Original model costs $250. Some of the other versions are much more expensive, with the top-of-the-line package costing a cool $1,000.

DanaMedic has always listened to the various customer reviews, and over the years they’ve perfected their penile enlargement design. They’ve made it much more comfortable, even while it remains effective.

How it looks on
How Male Edge is worn

The Male Edge is DanaMedic’s response to complaints about how the Jes Extender is much too expensive for some men. With Male Edge, DanaMedic tried to make a more affordable version of their Jes Extender without compromising both effectiveness and safety.

Did DanaMedic succeed? Let’s take a closer look.

How the Male Edge Works

The Male Edge works in a fashion that’s similar to the Jes Extender. It uses the basic principle of stretching the penis to encourage it to grow bigger. You stretch the penis day in and day out for at least 4-7 hours each day.

The constant stretching of the penis causes the cells in the penile tissues to divide and multiply. The new cells in your penis make for a bigger mass for your penis. Your penis becomes longer, and thicker as well.

These improvements don’t come overnight, however. It’s very gradual, and it may take a couple of months to even notice a difference.

It may be a slow process, but it’s the closest you can get to a sure thing. Several studies have already confirmed that penile stretching actually works. These studies have been published in such journals as the British Journal of Urology International. It’s been tested to work for adult men, even for those well into their 70s.

Package Options

You may notice that the Male Edge options are all relatively affordable, compared to the Jes Extender. All of these options also feature the same basic device. The main differences between the options are all about the accessories you get.

Male Edge Basic (Blue)

This gives you the basic gadget, and all the accessories you absolutely need. For about $150 ($149.99, to be exact), you get the Male Edge Enlarger plus the following accessories:

  • Ruler
  • 2 rubber straps
  • Brochure
  • Product box
  • Travel bag

Male Edge Extra (Green)

This time, the cost is $175. So, what do you get for your extra $25?

Your package includes everything that’s in the Basic. In addition, you also get an extra rubber strap (making it 3 rubber straps in total). You also get a protection pad, which you can use when you’re a newbie and your first days of use lead to soreness.

Buying an extra rubber strap will cost you $20, while a protection pad costs $7. With this option, you’re saving $2 for these accessories.

Male Edge Red (BestSeller)

Male Edge Pro (Red)

This is the top-of-the-line model, priced at $200. You also get all the paraphernalia in the Basic. But this time, you get 5 rubber straps in total. You also get 2 protection pads, plus a cohesive gauze.

The 3 extra rubber straps will normally cost you $60 ($20 each). The protection pads cost a total of $14 ($7 each), while the cohesive gauze will cost you $12. So, you pay an additional $50 compared to the Basic package, but you actually get $86 worth of accessories. You end up saving $36.

This is actually your best bet, as it’s cost-effective and it offers the greatest comfort.

How to Use the Male Edge

When you open the box, you’ll find that the device is already preassembled. That’s great, as it makes sure the device is put together correctly right from the start.

  1. You can use this original configuration if your flaccid penis is less than 5 inches when you stretch it out.
  2. However, if your stretched flaccid penis is longer than 5 inches, you need to turn the front piece so that the rubber strap is nearer the tip of the device.
  3. You still need to separate the front piece from the rods, even if your flaccid penis is less than 5 inches when stretched. Put the base ring around the base of the penis and let it stay there for the moment.
  4. Meanwhile, the rubber strap should be around the head of your penis. Tighten the strap under the glans. If you’re uncircumcised, you have the option of wearing the strap over or under your foreskin. Pick the option that feels more comfortable for you.
  5. Rotate the elongation rods hanging from the base for a quarter-turn, in a clockwise direction (from your perspective). Pull the rods to the right length.
  6. You just need to make sure that you pull the rods only as out as the last set of holes. If you accidentally slip out the rods so that they detach, just push them back into place.
  7. When you’ve set up the length of the rods, turn the rods back counter-clockwise. You should get a double click sound when you’ve put these rods back in their places.
  8. Now it’s time to secure the front piece back on the elongation rods. Again, you’ll hear a click sound to confirm that the pieces are in their proper places.
  9. Line up the inside split with the traction force indicators on the transparent cylinder. You can then set the traction force you want. At first, you should start with the lowest traction force. That’s the 1200g.
  10. You can wear this during the day, or even at night when you sleep. It only works when you sleep if you don’t move a lot. The good news is that if you do move around when you sleep while wearing this, it will just slip off. It won’t actually hurt or cause an injury.
  11. You should start slow, with the 1stweek at the lowest traction level for just 1 hour a day.
  12. For the 2ndweek, keep it in the lowest traction level but increase the time to 2 hours a day.
  13. Try 3 hours a day for the 3rdweek, then 4 hours a day for the 4th
  14. For the 5thweek, try 5 hours a day. You may also want to increase the traction force a little bit to 2,000 grams.
  15. For the 6thweek, go for 6 hours a day while you try 2,000 grams.
  16. For the succeeding weeks, see if you can go with even stronger force (2,800 grams). Keep it to 6 hours a day.
  17. You can wash this in the dishwasher, but just make sure you first detach the elongation rods from the front piece.

Male Edge Pros

  • This uses the proven traction method of increasing penile length and girth.
  • This is made by DanaMedic, which has been making this type of devices since 1995.
  • Male Edge is very affordable, compared to the Jes Extender line. The Male Edge Pro (the most expensive option) costs the same as the most affordable Jes Extender package. It’s ⅕the price of the most expensive Jes Extender.
  • This meant for penis sizes ranging from 1.6 to 9.5 inches.
  • It’s actually very easy to use, especially when you just follow the demo video.
  • It’s also very safe and made from high-grade materials.
  • When you order it, the packaging is very discreet. Your neighbors and even the other members of your household won’t know what’s inside.
  • You have the option of setting the tension to a comfortable level, so you can wear this for hours on end.
  • When you option the box, everything’s already pre-assembled.
  • You can wear this while sleeping since if you move around it’ll just slip off. It won’t cause any pain or injury.
  • Whatever gains you get are permanent. When you’ve become as big as you want to be, you can stop wearing this.
  • You can bring this along when you travel, though you may want to cover the “Male Edge” brand name on the box.
  • It’s dishwasher-ready.


  • The Male Edge brand name on the box may cause some people who see the box to get curious. You may want to cover this for greater discretion, especially when you’re traveling.
  • The boxes don’t have a lock option as well.
  • It will feel weird and uncomfortable at first, especially if you’re new to penile extenders in general. However, this is a drawback found in all penile extenders.
  • You can’t play sports when you use this, and you’ll want to take it off when you need to urinate (or have sex).
  • It takes a very long time to get the improvements you want. It’ll take about 4 months before you even notice that your penis is larger. Some men require 6 months before they’re as big as they want.
  • For some men, it just won’t work. This is again true for all penile extenders. In fact, it’s true for all medicines—nothing works equally well for everyone.

How Does It Compare to Other Penis Extenders?

It actually looks good compared to many of the other penile extenders out there.

  • It’s very affordable, which is always a concern. The Jes Extender models can be very expensive.
  • This is also made by DanaMedic, which is behind the Jes Extender line. It’s made in Denmark, and it has passed EU safety requirements. DanaMedic has been around since 1995, unlike other brands that are just new to the biz.
  • However, it only has a 1-year warranty. The Jes Extender comes with a warranty for 2 years.
  • It’s actually easier to use than some of the other models.
  • You have plenty of accessories to choose from, even when you get the Basic package. You can just buy the accessories separately.

Personal Results

I found this very easy to wear, though I don’t wear this at the office. I started with just one hour at the lowest traction setting and then increased the hours by 1 hour each week. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it. I used the cohesive gauze and the protection pad for a more comfortable and secure fit. After a few weeks, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The good news is that I don’t really move around a lot when I sleep, so I could wear this for hours when I’m sleeping.

It did take a while to get any improvements. After a month, I just stopped measuring my penis. I did notice an improvement after about 4 months, and then my 4.5-inch penis got to 5.5 inches after about 6 months. This is actually the average increase for most customers.

Do I recommend this? Sure, since it’s effective, comfortable, simple to use, and very affordable. That 1-inch improvement is worth $200—it did wonders for my self-esteem!

How to Buy This with Best Price?

It’s best if you just buy this from the official Male Edge website. You can then be sure to get the original device, and not any fake items. You can also get the warranty, plus check out the range of accessories. You can get the proper directions as well.

The main problem with buying this elsewhere is that you may not get the real thing, or maybe you get one that’s damaged. You may even get one that’s already used (shudder). You may end up without any improvements, or you may even end up injuring your penis. That’s not exactly a risk you should take, not with your penis involved!


Top Rated Sex Pills [2020] – What is the Best Male Enhancement Supplement?

Longer and harder erections are within reach with male enhancement supplements. It may seem overwhelming as you scour the internet in search of the right supplement for you, but we’re here to assist by simplifying your search. We’ve compiled a list of the best all-natural semen volume enhancers and sexual enhancers for men, and provided a breakdown of each. Keep reading to get to know the unique benefits of the best male enhancement supplements available.

Best Sexual Enhancers for Men

If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to Viagra, without the serious side effects, you’ve come to the right place.1 The sexual enhancers included on our list come from the top manufacturers in the male enhancement market. They all contain natural ingredients that can help improve your libido, stamina, and erection quality – and each is proven safe for long-term use. 

#1 VigRX Plus®

VigRX Plus® is one of the best male enhancement supplements available. It was primarily developed by Leading Edge Health to help men who suffer from erectile problems, VigRX Plus® provides natural, long-term enhancement of your sexual health and performance. Compared to other male enhancement supplements, the effects of VigRX Plus® last longer on the body. This means you’ll enjoy a steady and lengthy erection, with the stamina to keep going and going.

Benefits of VigRX Plus®

The primary advantages of VigRX Plus® are:

  • Harder and fuller erections
  • Frequent and intense orgasms
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • Increased libido and pleasure 
  • Reduced stress
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved prostate and cardiovascular health


Additionally, VigRX Plus® supplements have been clinically tested on humans to prove their effectiveness. There have also been no reported side effects when following the recommended dosages.

How VigRX Plus® Works

VigRX Plus® works mainly as an aphrodisiac, triggering sexual sensations in your brain and sexual organs. By increasing nitric oxide levels, blood flow to the penis improves, resulting in thicker, longer, and harder erections.2 The ingredients chosen have been used as aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years, and have been proven to improve libido as well as sexual function.


For a superior erection and resurrected sex drive, VigRX Plus® should be used daily for at least two months. The speed of results will be individual to you, but most men achieve desired results in as little as 30 days.

VigRX Plus® Ingredients

The ingredients for this unique formula were chosen for their individual capability to treat a range of sexual dysfunctions, as well as their compatibility to enhance your overall results. For example, while one is boosting your testosterone levels, another is working to dilate the blood vessels to allow more blood flow to different parts of your body.


The potent mix includes natural aphrodisiacs, erection enhancers, testosterone boosters, and libido enhancers. Most of these ingredients have been researched separately over many years to determine their effectiveness. Furthermore, VigRX Plus® conducted a triple-blind study that included 75 test subjects over a period of 84 days.3 The trial concluded that the combination of these ingredients builds up in the body over time to give a measurable boost to your overall sexual performance.

Where to buy VigRX Plus®?

The only place to purchase VigRX Plus®, and ensure you’re getting a safe, reliable, and effective product, is from the official website. VigRX Plus® does not have any distribution deals with physical stores, so if you see it in a store, it may be a counterfeit product. Buying from the official website also allows you to take advantage of their 67-day money-back guarantee.

#2 Prosolution Plus™

Prosolution Plus™ is a natural male enhancement supplement that works to improve erection quality almost as efficiently as our number one pick. What makes it a close second isn’t just its affordability – though it is a great alternative for people who can’t afford VigRX Plus®. Prosolution Plus™ is our #2 pick because it’s the best choice for men struggling with premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Prosolution Plus™

Despite being a fairly new addition to the male enhancement supplement market, Prosolution Plus™ has proved its efficacy by living up to its claims. You can expect the following benefits with regular use:

  • Ability to last longer in bed
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Improved erection size and quality
  • Increased pleasure
  • Stronger orgasms

As you can see, Prosolution Plus™ is a very good male enhancement supplement, even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation.

How Prosolution Plus™ Works

Prosolution Plus™ was designed specifically to treat premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is defined as climaxing less than two minutes after penetration.4 Like most other male enhancement supplements, it’s made with herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients. When these ingredients accumulate in your body, specifically the reproductive system, they work to readjust shifting testosterone, boost blood flow to the penis, and increase sex drive and stamina.

Prosolution Plus™: Clinically-Proven Ingredients

Most male enhancement supplements incorporate South American or North American ingredients that have been traditionally used to treat male sexual dysfunction. Prosolution Plus™ blends ancient Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) nutrients with modern medicine in its powerful formula. The key ingredients are rich in antioxidants and clinically proven to stoke your libido and help you last longer in the bedroom.


Prosolution Plus™ conducted a triple-blind, two-month-long study that included 148 men between the ages of 21 and 60. All participants were generally in good health but suffered from erectile problems, premature ejaculation, and/or low interest in sex. The results of the study showed premature ejaculation improved by 64%, and erectile quality improved by 67% in the group that took Prosolution Plus™ over the placebo group.

Where to buy Prosolution Plus™

Prosolution Plus™ can only be purchased online. You can find it on various websites, but it’s best to buy from the official website to take advantage of the 67-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your results within that time, you can return your used and unused product for a full refund.

#3 ExtenZe®

ExtenZe® is a natural male enhancement supplement that is designed to help with erection problems. ExtenZe® makes it on our list at #3 because it has been shown through research to be effective in treating erectile difficulties. While it makes no extreme promises to make your penis larger, this pill does claim to increase the size of your erection and the intensity of your orgasm in record time. If you want fast results, ExtenZe® is clearly the best choice.

Advantages of ExtenZe®

As the carefully selected ingredients make their way through your body, ExtenZe® works to improve your sexual function and overall health. You can expect the following results:


  • Longer lasting erections
  • Increased libido
  • Intense and more frequent orgasms
  • Increased stamina


As a result of increased blood circulation, you will also experience a temporary boost to erection size. 

How ExtenZe® Works

ExtenZe® is formulated to stimulate blood flow to the three erectile chambers in your penis.5 When all three chambers are perfectly filled, you’ll achieve rock hard, longer-lasting erections that will satisfy your partner and improve your confidence. 


After taking one pill a day for two months, you can expect your sex drive to ramp up along with your sexual stamina. You’ll be able to recover more quickly between climaxes and keep the bed rocking as long as your partner wants.

ExtenZe®: Fast-Acting Ingredients

The ExtenZe® formula contains a proprietary blend of clinically-proven, natural ingredients that enhance your sexual performance, erectile function, and overall sexual health. Many of the natural herbs have been used for centuries to treat erection problems, and have the research to back up their efficacy. This fast-acting formula revs up your sex drive and lets you go the distance.

Where to buy ExtenZe®

ExtenZe® is available online and in stores, which makes it more accessible. It also increases the chance of purchasing a counterfeit product. The best place to buy ExtenZe® is from its official online store.

Best Semen Volume Enhancers

Our top picks for semen volume enhancers might as well be called “climax enhancers”. These supplements are designed to increase your semen volume. When you have more semen to expel, you force your orgasmic muscles to contract – allowing you to climax longer, faster, and with greater intensity.6 Get ready to enjoy harder, longer erections and more intense orgasms with these semen volume enhancers!


Semenax® is our top pick in this category because it’s arguably the best semen volume pill on the market. It has been clinically proven to enhance your orgasmic experience by increasing the intensity and duration of your climax with amazing efficiency. If you want to give your sex life a boost and experience toe-curling orgasms – it’s time to try Semenax®.

Benefits of Semenax®

In addition to the more intense, satisfying orgasms that we’ve already mentioned, Semenax® delivers:


  • Better climax control
  • Improved virility and libido
  • Harder erections
  • Boost to testosterone
  • Increased fertility
  • Greater sexual confidence


You’ll also enjoy a boost to your relationship as you bring extreme pleasure back to the bedroom for you and your partner.

How Semenax® Works

Semenax® is a natural semen booster pill. It works by increasing sperm volume and motility, and relaxing the seminal muscles (the vas deferens and the epididymis) until it’s time to ejaculate. This means when it’s time to climax, it’s more prolonged and intense.

Semenax®: Sperm Boosting Ingredients

The Semenax® formula is made for climaxes. The vitamins, nutrients, herbals, and minerals included in the formula work synergistically to boost your semen and sperm production. Individually, the ingredients have been proven safe and effective for improving sexual health and function. When combined into carefully-regulated doses for Semenax®, they provide maximum absorption and utilization by your body. The powerful ingredients in Semenax® not only increase semen volume but enhance the function of your reproductive system.

Where to buy Semenax®

The best place to buy Semenax® is from its official online store. As a popular semen volume enhancer, there is a higher chance of accidentally purchasing a counterfeit product. Purchasing from the official site eliminates your risk. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the 100% money-back protection and bulk order discounts.

Volume Pills™

Volume Pills™ is ranked the second-best among all semen volume pills, just behind Semenax®. It’s a very good supplement that helps you produce thicker, more abundant sperm while increasing your sexual enjoyment and quality of life. Not only can you achieve harder, longer-lasting erections, but you can take your sexual pleasure to a whole new level. If you want to boost your performance in the bedroom, Volume Pills™ is a perfect choice.

Advantages of Taking Volume Pills™

Volume Pills™ provides a number of benefits and advantages, including:


  • Increase blood flow in the penis (for harder erections)
  • Increase semen volume (for more intense orgasms)
  • Increase sexual appetite and drive
  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Increase sexual stamina


This semen volume enhancer will help you get it up and keep it up, whenever your partner is ready.

How Volume Pills™ Works

Volume Pills™ may not be the fastest working product on the market, but when it kicks in you can expect a world of sexual pleasure that you’ve likely never experienced before. As the all-natural ingredients build up in your reproductive system, they boost your body’s ability to produce more semen. This means when you ejaculate, your orgasmic muscles climax for longer and with more intensity. The more cum you have to shoot, the more electrifying your orgasm will be!

Volume Pills™ Ingredients

Volume Pills™ has a potent formula filled with all-natural herbs, extracts, amino acids, and nutrients that have been used for thousands of years to treat male sexual functions. The manufacturers of Volume Pills™ have combined their understanding of male physiology with clinically-tested ingredients to produce a pill that is perfectly formulated and dosed for maximum climactic pleasure. 

Where to buy Volume Pills™

Volume Pills™ should only be bought directly from the official website. There is a high risk of purchasing fake pills if you find it for sale anywhere else online. Purchasing from the official site gives you access to bulk discounts and a money-back guarantee.

Ready to Rock Her World?

Each of the supplements included in our list has its own benefits and offers the chance to take your sexual experiences to the next level. Backed by research, and hundreds of real-life reviews, these male enhancement supplements are the best of the best. Many guys stack their sexual enhancers with semen volume enhancers for the most intense orgasms. It’s time to experience rock hard erections followed by a rock star performance in bed. No matter which supplement you choose, your partner will be blown away with each massive load.


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Quick Extender Pro Review: Is it really #1 extender in USA?

We’ve reviewed some penis extenders over the last few years, but never the Quick Extender Pro.

At first glance, this unit looks like any other extender on the market. However, this particular device has one major feature that separates it from the rest – the strap system.

The Quick Extender Pro has a double silicone comfort type system instead of the conventional single strap design. They call it the 2nd generation DSS (Dual Strap System) and it offers a few advantages that are worth looking into.

What we want to know is if DSS is more than just a gimmick. Additionally, we’ll try to determine if the device can actually deliver results. Let’s find out!

Product Details

The Quick Extender Pro is a complete penis enlargement system that was designed to help add length and girth to the penis.

HOW IT WORKS. This apparatus uses traction to effectively stretch the penile tissues at a constant force, up to 4000g of adjustable tension exclusive to the Quick Extender Pro. In time, the penis responds to the force applied to it by developing additional penile tissue at the cellular level known as mitosis and cytokinesis, thereby, radically increasing its mass.  This is a natural biological process of the body that is completely painless and 100% safe.

With the Quick Extender Pro, you will start to notice results within the first few weeks.

PACKAGES. Four different Quick Extender Pro packages are available depending on your budget and issue. Three of the packages are for general enlargement purposes while the Curvature and Peyronies Edition is for treating curvatures and adding size.

  • Value Edition
  • Curvature & Peyronies Edition
  • Deluxe Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Limited Edition 

At the basic level, the product includes enough items to get you going. The more expensive packages give you more extras and provide for additional adjustment.



  • 1 2nd Generation Extending Device
  • Materials: Plated aluminum; plastic
  • 2 silicone comfort type straps DSS support 
  • Strap pads: Anti-bacterial memory foam
  • Maximum spring tension: Claimed 4000g
  • 8+ add-on metal rod segments
  • Instruction DVD
  • Bonus Accessories
  • Quick Extender Pro Booster Pump


Impressions and Opinions

First off, I’m impressed with the price. The Value Package was modestly priced at $119 and still has everything that you need to start extending.

For those who can afford more, I would recommend that you take a look at their Deluxe Limited Edition. It includes some nice extras that the cheaper package lacks and includes a stronger overall device. 


WEIGHT. What I noticed right away was how light the whole thing is. It’s lighter than many competing products, and that’s good since it has to be worn for several hours at a time.

While most extenders of this type are made of stainless or plated steel, the metal parts on this one are made from plated aluminum. Combine this with the other parts made of lightweight plastic, and the result is a definite weight saving.


TENSION. One thing that I always do before using a penis extender is to work the spring tensioners by hand. This one got quite stiff as I compressed the springs, but then I realized that it’s rated at a maximum of 4,000 grams of force.

Adjustability is most important. You have to be able to adjust the device to your size and be able to add length in small increments as you become longer.

My sample operated reasonably well and I found no problems with its functionality.

ATTACHMENT. The front piece that holds the straps is a simple yet effective design. 

Unlike most extenders of this type, this one can be used with two silicone comfort style straps. Just place the foam over the silicone straps and stick the ends into the provided holes. You then place your penis through the loops and pull the strap ends downward to tighten.

I typically have no issues with a single strap, so this dual silicone comfort system worked exceptionally well. It held my penis firmly without having to really cinch it down. I experienced no slippage, which is the design purpose of the DSS support, and the memory foam pads made things very comfortable for hours of use.



  • Allows penis to breath
  • Requires only half the normal tension to hold the penis
  • Less discomfort in strap area
  • Eliminates slippage

The Quick Extender Pro includes additional straps that lock the excess silicone that hangs beneath the Glan support to prevent the silicone comfort straps from slipping or coming loose.  Once my penis was fully extended the ends of the straps cleared my testicles and didn’t pose a problem.


ADJUSTMENT. By adding or removing rod segments, I was able to adjust the extender to my size. Once the length is set, the device goes on, and then fine adjustments are made via the thumb-screws.

This system works pretty much the same way on most products of this type. I feel that even the cheapest Quick Extender Pro should offer enough adjustment to accommodate nearly every penis size. Of course, the most expensive versions of this extender will come with more parts for fine-tuning and thus give you even more flexibility in this area.


EFFICACY. From what I can see, there’s no reason why this product would not work for you. The dual strap system holds-on firmly, the penis becomes properly extended, and the device is durable enough to last. It fit me very well and I was able to comfortably wear for many hours and to sleep at night.


Give it several weeks or months, and generating additional length and girth should be no problem.


Here is a user review

Source: BuffaloReport

How to Use the QEP

The basic process is similar to how you’d use any other penile extender. You should first watch the instructional video, so you get a fair idea of what to do.

Once you’re done watching, you should then be able to assemble the device. Configure it so that the top of the two silicone straps are set right under the head of the penis. Gently place the base ring around the base of your penis, and then you pull on the two straps to secure the device. This should be firm enough that it won’t slip.

Now you can adjust the length of the rods, which you’ll find on the side of the penis. The length you pick will set the traction force on your penis. Start with a low setting, and limit your use to just one hour each day for the first week. This gives you time to get used to the feeling.

Consult your manual, which will offer 2 programs for you to choose from. The results are quite fast, as you may notice improvements in just a week of use. Perhaps in the flaccid state, the penis may seem the same after a week, but it’s a different story when you’re erect. The quality of your erections improves, which seems to make your penis even bigger.

Pros and Cons

QEP Pros

Here are some things you’d probably like about the Quick Extender Pro

  • The various packages are comparatively affordable. The top model costs less than $280, while you can find premium packages from other brands costing $1,000.
  • There’s a special edition specifically for overly crooked penises.
  • The amount of force you’re able to use has a higher limit, which increases the amount of the penis size gain while also shortening the time needed. Many of the others go with just 2,800 grams of force. Here, you can go as high up as 4,000 grams of force.
  • At the very least, you get a travel pouch. For a bit more money, you can opt for a great-looking case while you still get that travel pouch (plus lots more accessories.)
  • The warranties are terrific, with the Deluxe even getting a Lifetime warranty.
  • You really get a lot of accessories, and these accessories are all of high quality. For example, you don’t just get plain protection pads. These pads are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, with air pockets for greater ventilation and comfort.
  • The 2 straps really attach the device to your penis more securely, plus it reduces the uncomfortable feeling.
  • The parts are all durable, and easy to clean. They’re designed to last and not smell bad along the way.


  • This may not be for utter newbies to penile extenders. That’s because not very many beginners can stand to deal with 4,000 grams of force. Sure, this is just the maximum and you can start with the minimum force. But some newbies may make the mistake of going too strong too quickly.
  • The model is somewhat bulky compared to other penile extenders. That means you may not be able to wear this while you’re at work.
  • This may seem like a “First World” problem, but here it is: with too many accessories, it’s easy to lose track of a few of them.

The QEP Compared to Other Penile Extenders

So how does it compare to the other models? In general, it’s more affordable while you can get faster results. Still, you get the option to go slow (always a safe bet).

Quick Extender Pro vs. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics works very similarly to QEP. This promises a 10% increase in just 3 months, and then almost a 30% increase in length (and almost 20% gain in girth) after a total of 6 months.

You may also get similar gains with the QEP, except you get them faster. In addition, you’re much more comfortable wearing the QEP than the SizeGenetics device.

Quick Extender Pro vs. Phallosan

The Phallosan device is noted for its use of vacuum technology as a means of stretching the penis. This isn’t really a tried-and-tested method, so you’re gambling a bit here. And gambling may not be the wisest choice when it comes to your penis. You’re risking a lot to gain very little.

Besides, if you’re curious about using vacuum technology, go with the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition. This comes with a vacuum pump as well, which you may want to try out. But you still get the comfortable yet proven design to fall back on.

Personal Results

I followed the directions here to the letter, though of course, I took note of my own personal comfort levels. I used it slowly at first for about a month, until I was able to use it for at least 5 hours a day during the 2nd month. By that time, I was able to deal with the strong tension force.

Did I get longer? Yes, I did. It was very noticeable in the end, as I ended up with 1.25 extra inches. The girth also got bigger by about half an inch (or a bit less). Still, the quality of my erections really improved, which did help in making my penis look better.

Consequently, I felt better about myself too. Sure, it seems shallow that my self-esteem is tied to the size of my penis. But it’s how I feel.


Can I wear it in my trousers?

Yes, but it may look somewhat noticeable. You may want to stick to using this at home when you’re alone, along with loose trousers such as jogging pants.

Can I sleep wearing this?

Yes. The 2 straps won’t let the device slip easily, so it stays on even if you move around a little bit. It may not stay on, however, if you’re having sleep problems and you move around a lot when you sleep.

How long do I need to wear this see results?

Actually, even within 2 weeks, you may notice how your erections are of better quality. But you should plan on wearing this a total of 700 to 1,000 hours, spread over 8 to 10 months. Speed may be good, but better to be sure and safe.

Can it be used to treat curvature?

Yes, as there’s a special edition precisely for this problem.

Where to Buy

Buy only from the official site. You get great discounts, plus you’re certain to get the authentic, brand-new products. You can then make sure you get the warranty as well.

What you don’t want is to go with another seller, who then overcharges you for even fake, or used devices. You may even receive indiscreet packaging and credit card charges. Stay with the website, and you’re good to go. You get the real stuff that actually works, and your penis is safe from harm.

You can watch the official claims about QEP by the company.


As compared to competing products such as SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro is a definite improvement in design. Having two straps instead of one is a lot better at keeping your penis secure and comfortable.

Overall, this is a durable penis enlargement system that’s well-thought-out and has the ability to deliver results.


Sizegenetics Review [2020]- Does it really work? My Results

You’re probably reading this piece because you are interested in knowing more about SizeGenetics before deciding on whether it is the right extender for you. If that is the case, then you are in the right place. I will take you through everything you need to know about it such as:

  • What is SizeGenetics 
  • How it works
  • How to use it
  • Different packages available 
  • How effective it is, and if there are any side effects
  • Tips on how to get the best result with it
  • Comparison with other leading brands


My Experience with SizeGenetics

There isn’t a single guy who wouldn’t add a few inches to his penis, no matter how big he is. I have always been insecure about my penis size and was looking for a solution. Words can not describe how thankful I am to SizeGenetics for removing possibly the biggest insecurity ever since I was a little child. The reviews seemed too good to be true, but thankfully I decided to give it a try. A very good friend of mine started using SizeGenetics during the time and he advised me to check it out. He told me he had gained 0.3 inches in two months, and that’s all the motivation I needed for me to start.

I immediately started measuring my penis since day 1, and to be honest I was overdoing it. Keeping track of your progress will help you be more consistent since you are always looking for the number to increase, but overdoing it may cause negative thoughts at the start. If you are looking for an increase every day, I’m sorry to tell you but it won’t happen. Don’t expect to gain inches overnight, be patient and the results will come. By expecting gains every single day you’re just demotivating yourself and leading yourself to quit before you have even seen any improvements.

I have used this device for at least 10 months. There were occasional days/weeks I didn’t wear it, but basically, I wore it consistently for the most part. I will do my best to share my unbiased experience using it. To start with, I have used different penis extenders and pumps just to see which one is more comfortable without compromising the long term results. 

I don’t think I could wear other devices on my penis for such periods of time. You get used to SizeGenetics pretty fast due to how comfortable it is. You can do all your daily tasks wearing the device and you won’t even notice it. Although there are other comfortable extenders, nothing comes close to SizeGenetics because not only does it offer comfort, it offers the best results for gains on the market.

Penis extenders like SizeGenetics are made to be worn for a longer time period than penis pumps. And they are basically for extending the length and girth of the penis. Penis pumps, on the other hand, have to be used for 15-30 minutes a day to get short term blood flow to your penis and boost length/girth immediately. 

Although penis pumps are great for instant erection and good erections, I suggest you use SizeGenetics since the gains are permanent and after a while, you won’t even have to use the device anymore. If you are looking for maximum results I suggest you combine SizeGenetics with penis pumps so you get the best results in length, girth and erections.

And like I said, I have tried both penis enhancement products and from my experience, I would say that while I got good long term results (increase in length) from SizeGenetics, it didn’t increase the width girth of my penis. This was why I had to combine my result with a penis pump which eventually helped me get a fatter penis to go with my increased length. I will speak more about my result after 10 months towards the end of this article.

What is SizeGenetics?

SizeGenetics is a penis enhancement device that is designed to increase the size of your penis. The device is a penis extender that dates back all the way to 1995. It is not just one of the few approved penis extenders by the FDA but has also undergone clinical tests to show its effectiveness. Actually, I did verify this by searching the FDA database and found it to be true. You can verify yourself here.

The product has been confirmed to have higher traction when compared to other penis extenders in the market. You will be surprised to learn that it boasts of up to 2,800 grams of tension, which is way more than you can get with others.

Apart from increasing the size of the penis, SizeGenetics can also be used by people who want to correct the direction of their penis. In this case, a curved penis or what is medically referred to as Peyronie’s disease can be effectively handled by this penis extender. Some are born with a curved penis and some develop it from various injuries, and those who suffer from this know that it may even lead to horrible pain. 

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

To help you understand how this penis extender works, I will refer to the process of muscle building. You know, when you hit the gym and lift weights, you tend to build your muscles or biceps over time. The result is not felt the same day you visited the gym but will become evident as time goes on. That is the same thing that applies to the use of SizeGenetics. Just like lifting weights breaks down the tissues in your body to make room for muscle repair and growth, that is the same way that using this SizeGenetics causes your penis to grow.Tension for max gains

SizeGenetics works by stretching your penis with the help of traction so that you get to see an increase in the size of your penis after some dedicated time of use. The traction method is a progressive mechanical type that has been proven to increase penis length up to 1 to 3 inches when used for about 6 to 12 months. The amount you gain varies due to different factors. 

SizeGenetics like other penis extenders requires that you wear it for several hours a day (total 100 hours/month required for 6-9 months) if you are to see impressive and long-lasting results. I suggest you take it easy at the start, then gradually increase to more hours per day for the best results. The more experience you have with the device, the easier and more comfortable it gets.

How to Assemble SizeGenetics

Before using the product, you need to first know how to assemble it as well as how the different tensions work. The following steps will guide you on how to assemble your SizeGenetics penis extender:

Also helps in reducing Curvature
  • Step 1: Get the tension springs and insert it in the spring bars
  • Step 2: Then screw those spring bars where you have the extender front
  • Step 3: Choose the best elongation bar for your penis size (you will find your penis size in the manual the product came with) and then screw it towards the end of the spring bars.
  • Step 4: Adjust the wheel clockwise so that the elongation bars can be attached to the extender base.
  • Step 5: Attach one side of the comfort strap to the extender front piece. There is an arrow that shows you how to attach it the right way.

And that is how to assemble the parts. To get a hold of it, you can assemble and disassemble the parts a few times to get the hang of it. 

How to Use SizeGenetics

Here comes the important part which is how to use the penis extender. First, connect one side of the comfort strap to the front part so that the other end is hanging. Insert your penis in the penis extender’s base ring and press the device towards your body. Grab the other side of the comfort strap and put it in the provided hole. Tighten the comfort strap around your penis. Aim for the penis head.

Then with the two wheels provided, go ahead and adjust the traction by turning them clockwise if you want more traction, or turning them counterclockwise if you want to reduce the traction. The traction force is indicated on the hexagon bars to show you which traction force you are using. Feel free to try out various comfort options until you arrive at the one that you are most comfortable with.

You need to be wearing the SizeGenetics for at least six hours a day if you are looking for  results. For those who want to maximize their increase in size you need to be wearing it for at least seven or eight hours. The more you wear it, the higher your chance of succeeding.

The 3 Different Packages of SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics penis extender comes in different editions to cater to your particular need in the area of penis extension. I shall be listing the 3 basic editions below and what each comes with.

SG Value Edition

SG Value Edition

This edition is the basic package and also the cheapest. It is usually advised that beginners who are new to the whole idea of penis enhancement start with this package. What the package contains are the SizeGenetics device itself, a pad, a comfort strap, and one inch and two inches bars. This edition will help you get a hang of how the device works without all the fuss. But if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can skip this package and move on to the next package below.

SG Comfort Edition

Can you guess what this package is meant to help you achieve from its name? If you said comfort, then you are right. This package is packed with everything you have in the Value Edition package but with more. It also comes with whistles and bells to give you that needed extra comfort. It comes with what is known as the 58-way ultimate comfort system. You also get 3 different sizes of elongation bars to make the whole process less stressful.

SG Ultimate System

SG Ultimate System (I used this)

Want to get hold of SizeGenetics comprehensive package? This is the real deal. It is aimed at helping you achieve maximum results without having to sacrifice comfort while at it. You get all that comes with the Comfort Edition including the MDA which allows you to wear your device in sixteen different ways. Other things you get from the package are – device cleaning kit, luxury leather pouch, Revita cream moisturizer, traction plus power, a case for when traveling, and a DVD on penis health as well as access to other materials from the penis health website.

Which edition should you choose?

I understand that money can be a problem sometimes. But if you have the money, the SG Ultimate System is the best option. What makes this edition the best is its comfort and the maximum results it offers. Also, it has the most accessories out of all the editions so you don’t need to order more things in the future.


Peyronie’s Disease or Curved Penis Edition

This one is for people with a curved penis and includes amino tablets, a comfort system, an SG device, penis exercises tutorial, and an instructional DVD. Find out more about how it works on their official website. I suffered myself from Peyronie’s Disease, I had a curved penis to the right. This edition fixed my curvature, making my penis longer and straighter. I used to feel ashamed that my penis wasn’t straight but now I feel confident. I definitely gained some size just from the straightening part. If you happen to suffer from this I definitely suggest you buy this edition. It will make sex much more pleasurable and easier for you.  

Does SizeGenetics Work?

You don’t have to take my word for it, but based on testimonies from people who have made use of the product as presented on the SizeGenetics website, you can see that the device actually works. People who have used this extender are very pleased with their results and encourage others to try it themselves. All it takes is a real commitment to it and you will begin to see results from as little as 3 months. The results may not be all that impressive at first, but give it 6 months and the results will be more encouraging. 

If you are wondering what my result is like, I would say I noticed my first increase of 0.5 inches in about a month of use. I was not really impressed because I wanted to see gigantic results after having to wear it for about 8 hours each of those days in the one month that I used it. I gave up on it for some months but later picked it up again.

I made up my mind to wait for at least 6 months before measuring again. I was, well, much happier with the over 1-inch result I got. At least, it was enough to push me to try it on for even more months. And now at 10 months, I can tell you that I am on a steady growth. I am currently measuring 1.8 inches.

To see whether the result would fade, I stopped using it for about 2 weeks and kept measuring. To my surprise, the growth is still there. I mean, it did not vanish as I feared. So, yes, I am now convinced that the results do really stick when you use it for up to a year and thereabout.

I have resumed wearing the device again with the hope of completing it in 12 months. I will update you guys on my result. And if I keep getting encouraging results, I will continue wearing it until about 18 months when I can take a very long break from it with the hope of retaining my growth permanently. Will I use it longer than 18 months? I don’t know about that to be honest. If I am pleased with the results I may stop when I reach that milestone. But knowing myself I’ll probably continue even longer than that until I reach my maximum potential.

Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects of using SizeGenetics. But you still have to abide by the rules. Some people are so much in a hurry to see results that they end up hurting themselves along the line. When starting out with this device, you are advised to wear it for just a few hours a day. Targeting 3 to 4 hours a day is sufficient for the first week of use. As your body adjusts to it, you can then start increasing your wear time by an hour every week. 

Advanced people can wear the device for up to 8 hours a day. It is, therefore, not practical for someone who is just beginning to aim for the same wear time. Just like when you start working out in the gym, you cannot start lifting heavy weights on your first day. You need to start with the less weighing weights to build your muscle and strength for bigger weights. The same applies for your penis. Your penis is more prepared the more you use the device, so gradually increase the hours so you don’t have any trouble.

If you apply the same technique, there is no way you will have any issues using SizeGenetics.

Tips to Get the Best Result

To help you get the best result from using SizeGenetics, you can benefit from my personal experience and what I did to get the result I have. Observe the following:

  1. Jelq before using the device

Jelqing is like preparing your penis for what is about to come. It encourages more blood flow into your penis which helps you get better results. You can jelq for about 10 minutes before wearing the device. This process might look daunting, but the suggestion came from professionals. And after applying it to my routine, I saw faster results than when I was not incorporating it. Jelqing is like a warm-up for your penis. Even before working out our other muscles we warm them up for preparation. Jelqing is no other, by improving blood circulation to the penis it allows you to have stronger erections and be more prepared when using the extender.

  1. Add supplements

Just using SizeGenetics alone will give you the result you aim for. The only thing is that when you add some male enhancement supplements to it, you will see the results faster. I conducted a lot of research before using this product. And a lot of people that made use of it testified to having better results when they added some supplements to their routine. These supplements increase the level of blood that flows to the penis for better results. Be careful which supplements you use, gain more information about them before using them since some of them cause negative side effects.

  1. Be patient and stay committed

There is no better way to say this because if you prepare your mind from the beginning, it will make things easier for you. Just like people that wear teeth braces, they do not get results the very first day or month they start using the braces. It takes months and maybe a few years to arrive at the desired result.

SizeGenetics is not a quick fix. It is not a penis pump that gives you instant but mostly temporary results. 

Just like it takes time to see results when lifting weights, that is the same thing that applies to wear a penis extender like SizeGenetics. You should endeavor to go through the manual and accompanying DVD to equip yourself with more information about using the device. Also, you may be bruised the first initial days of using it, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to take a break for some days and get back to the routine when you feel like you are going too hard. Also a tip, you shouldn’t wear the device for 7 or 8 hours straight. Time after time you should remove the device so blood flow is restored to the penis. If you don’t take breaks you may get injured and won’t profit much from it. 

  1. Join a community of like minds

It helps to seek out and belong to forums that others using SizeGenetics belong to. There, you can learn from other people’s tips, mistakes, and growth. This will help you know what to expect and the best way to get results. Some good places to start from are PEGym and Reddit. A lot of good people on these forums share tips from personal experience which will definitely help you. Knowing the do’s and don’ts will help you stay away from injuries on your road to success. There’s no better way of learning useful tips than from people who have tried this product themselves. You can learn a lot of useful new tips which you can incorporate in your routine for maximum gains. 

  1. Keep a record of your routine and growth

One thing that really helped me after deciding to take this device seriously was keeping a journal of my routine. With that, I could see the efforts I have put in so far for those days that I feel like giving up. Plus, when I finally reached my 1-inch growth, I made sure I boldly wrote it out on different parts of my journal. It gave me such a boost than I expected. As soon as you see that first growth in your path your confidence and excitement go through the roof. After that, you just take it more seriously and you feel more positive for the future.

There are also other lifestyle factors that play a huge role in your penis growth. There are a lot of smokers out there, so if you are one of them you should definitely stop right now. Smoking slows blood circulation because it clogs our arteries. You should also exercise more often to get the blood flow going and increase testosterone, which plays a huge role in your penis. Diet is also very important. Try adding watermelons, coffee, nuts, oats, spinach, garlic, etc., to your diet since they’re amazing food for your penis and sex life.


Before and After Pictures Sizegenetics

There are user-submitted pictures after long term usage. It takes 800-1000 hours to get this type of impressive results. Do not expect it overnight. Genetics plays the biggest part in this, but if you follow all the instructions given you will reach your full capability. If you wear it for the suggested period of time you are looking at a 1.5-inch increase. The more devoted you are, the bigger your penis grows. You can see lots of proof online from clients, with some cases of gaining even more than 3 inches. I understand cases like that are rare, but they are definitely possible.


SizeGenetics Vs Bathmate

Both devices are male enhancement devices that are used in increasing the size of the penis. The only thing here is that unlike SizeGenetics, Bathmate will mostly give you temporary results. It is not a penis extender but a pump. It is good for when you want to increase your penis size before getting involved in sexual activities. Bathmate is used in the shower or bath and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to have you well pumped up. But then this increase fades after some hours. But with SizeGenetics, you most likely won’t see your penis increase in size after use, but you sure will see an increase after some months. And these growths are always permanent.

But I would advise you to combine SizeGenetics with Bathmate if you are really serious about enhancing your penis size. Bathmate helps in increasing penis girth while SizeGenetics like other penis extenders focuses more on length.

Clients prefer SizeGenetics due to its permanent results. Nobody wants a temporary growth that fades over time. And why would you continuously use penis pumps for temporary gains, when SizeGenetics will increase your penis size forever. When you reach your maximum potential you can enjoy your gains for the rest of your life and won’t have to wear the extender anymore.

SizeGenetics Vs Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is another penis extender that is very popular in the market. People have a lot of good things to say about it. It works just like SizeGenetics by increasing the size of your penis for permanent growth. The difference I have noticed between the two is that while SizeGenetics offers you more tension for more growth in length and even girth, Phallosan Forte gives you more comfort. In simple terms, Phallosan Forte is more forgiving of newcomers than SizeGenetics. But they both do the same job. Personally I prefer SizeGenetics but Phallosan Forte is a great alternative. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which is the better choice for you because we don’t have the same preferences. Different people prefer one over the other and that’s fine, they both get the job done. 

Final Thoughts!

With everything in me, I must say that SizeGenetics really works. I was skeptical at first and didn’t want to try it. But I sure am glad I took the risk and got one for myself. I have no regrets whatsoever. I intend to keep going at it to get the maximum growth I can reach. I know everything has a limit, but I am trying to reach my full potential.

I have a better sex life and most importantly, improved self-confidence. There is no way I was going to keep quiet about my result so that anyone out there who may have been through a lot because of their penis size can take advantage of this opportunity. The best part about SizeGenetics is it improves your whole life overall. I am much more motivated to do daily tasks now than I have ever been before. Just being more comfortable in your own body is a huge aspect. My mood has improved a lot, alongside my productivity and success at work. Don’t do it just for the females and the sex part, do it for your own benefits. I can notice the positive effects SizeGenetics has had on me when I wake up. I have much more energy in the morning, allowing me to be more productive and more focused throughout the whole day.

Once you make up your mind to commit to it, make sure you order from the manufacturer’s website to avoid falling for a fake product. There are a lot of counterfeit products out there that can and will lead you to injury if you use them. I don’t think anybody would like a penis injury, so be very cautious when ordering the product. The best part is that SizeGenetics is backed with 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, should you not get the result you set out for, you can always request for a full refund. All you have to do is take before and after pictures so you can document your claims, and then you will get 100 % of your money back. A lot of people might be skeptical in the beggining, so this may change your mind since there is nothing to lose and a lot to win. SizeGenetics also offers free shipping which will save you some money. You can also get a lot of coupons and promo codes, a great way to get the SizeGenetics for cheaper prices. With all these pro’s I don’t see a reason why somebody wouldn’t choose this extender. I would give Sizegenetics a 5/5 rating, I am very pleased with it and I wish I found out about it sooner. The only regret I have with this extender is not using it at a younger age. If I had started earlier I could have profited even better results, the younger you start the bigger your gains are. 




Penimaster PRO Review [2020]- My 6-months Experience and Results

I have been using Penimaster Pro (Official website) for more than 6 months now. During this time, I analyzed both its advantages and disadvantages, and now I will share with you the results of my experience in this post. In this article, you will find my impressions, tips, and tricks for using one of the popular extenders that you can find on the market today PeniMaster PRO.



I’m not one of those guys who complain complex a lot about their small genitals. Yes, my organ is not as large as I would want it to be, but still, it is not a micropenis. However, to be honest, if I had the opportunity to increase the length and girth of my genitals in some magical way, I would not think for too long! But until recently, I was sure that the only really working method of penis enlargement was plastic surgery, which I would never have decided to do in my whole life. Of course, I heard about dozens of dubious ways to add a couple of cherished inches to a penis with some gels, creams, and pills, but I never believed in any effect of such drugs. Here is a pro tip: they do not have any permanent effect on penis length or girth. 

penimaster pro unpacked

How did I select the best way to enlarge my penis?

I came across the existence of the penis extenders while trying to find a scientifically-backed method to increase the length of the penis. I analyzed the characteristics and read detailed descriptions of the most famous brands of extenders, watched a bunch of videos of how to use them, looked at the “before” and “after” photos, and found out if there were any clinical studies that could prove medically the effectiveness of using these devices. As you can see, I have done some decent research. Therefore, even at the stage of ordering, I was quite confident that PeniMaster PRO stands out from other similar extenders, and now I am going to tell you why.


The criteria that I relied on when choosing

For me, the following nuances were principal when picking the optimal penis extender:

  • European / American quality: I was ready to spend additional funds, but it was important to get the original, not a fake.
  • Availability of clinical studies. I was not ready to risk my intimate health, trying to lengthen my penis with the help of non-tested devices.
  • Ability to use extender while sleeping. I realized that I would hardly wear it during the day when I went to the office. Therefore, I should have been able to stretch my penis during sleep.
  • The presence of real reviews I do not believe in miraculous devices that have absolutely no flaws. Thus, I analyzed carefully all the feedback from both satisfied and dissatisfied users.

PeniMaster PRO fully met these requirements, so I opted for it.


What is PeniMaster PRO and how does it work?

To begin with, PeniMaster PRO is a European product. The device was developed by leading German experts and production is carried out by MSP Concept, in Berlin, Germany.

This extender’s working basis is based on the principle of cell division. Penis tissues undergo gradual stretching (traction) due to the pressure exerted on them. This leads to mild microtrauma to muscle cells, which begin to divide more actively. As a result, a gradual increase in organ length and girth occurs, as well as an improvement in the blood supply to the cavernous bodies. Not only the size of the penis increase but also an improvement in erection and sexual stamina takes place. Also, the action of the device is aimed at solving a penis curvature problem and Peyronie’s disease. Besides, the extender is medical equipment, so it can be used to restore the body after undergoing surgery on the genitals, including after prostate removal. I did not have any of these problems, so my only goal was to enlarge the organ.


What is unique about PeniMaster PRO?

The basic principle of this extender is similar to other extenders, but it does have a fundamental difference that makes PeniMaster PRO a unique product. It is on sale since 2011, and during this time, no comparable models appeared that would use a similar feature. I am talking about the unique way to fix the penile glans, which is based on the action of vacuum, adhesion and latex membranes. Thanks to this method, the penile head is firmly fixed, which eliminates the possibility of its slipping. At the same time, there is no direct vacuum pressure on the penis tip, and it does not come into contact with the metal parts of the extender. Due to this setting, the user does not feel any pain or discomfort even with prolonged daily use of the device.


What is an adhesive system?

The introduction of a vacuum-adhesive fastening system has helped PeniMaster PRO to find its niche in the penis enlargement medical devices market and gain the recognition of many users. The principle of operation of this device is quite simple. A special gel is applied to the penile head and the latex membrane surface, which provides tight contact between them. Then, a manual vacuum pump ball is attached to the camera valve, and the air is pumped out of it. As a result, the latex membrane fits the head of the penis tightly, matching its anatomical shape and protecting it from direct contact with the solid parts of the extender. It only takes a few seconds to put on this device. Next, the penis needs to be fixed on the extender platform similar to other devices and worn for several hours daily.


The types of  PeniMaster PRO

There are several types of PeniMaster devices on the official website:

  •             PeniMaster Pro Basic: The set contains a glans chamber, a sluice ring, a latex sluice, a latex adhesion diaphragm, 2-sized split adapter, a pump ball, a hose, and a special gel for better adhesion. An important design feature is that the glans chamber implies foreskin frenulum protection. This product is the cheapest one in the line, and it costs 199 EUR.
  •         PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander System. The main advantage of this set is the ability to use a stretcher under your clothes when you are out or while sleeping. The kit includes the standard PeniMaster Pro Basic (without the hose) and a special elastic belt. There are 3 options for the belt fixation on your body: it can be fixed on the shoulder, around the waist, and under the knee. The price of this product is 269 EUR.
  •         PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander System. The set includes the classic PeniMaster Pro Basic system (without the hose), 2 adjustable metal rods with a snap ring, and 2 split adapters. The length of the rods is 2.8-12.8 inches; therefore, the device is suitable for a penis length of 2.0-11.8 inches. However, you may buy additional rods, so the total length of the extender is not limited. The product price is 289 EUR.  
  •         PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander. This device contains PeniMaster Pro Basic plus a shoulder belt, a coupling retainer, and a set of weights. There are 5 of them in the kit with the weight 125-500 g. You may use weights one at a time or screw them into each other, depending on the desired load. The total weight of all the weights is 1250 g, but it can be applied only by experienced users. This extender option provides a constant level of traction, and it can be used only at home. The product price is 325 EUR.  


What about clinical research?

As I said earlier, it was one of the fundamental factors for me at the extender selection stage. Medical testing was carried out by Dr. Ignacio Moncada (Madrid, Spain), as well as with Prof. Hartmut Porst (Germany) and American Specialists – Dr. Laurence Levine and Prof. Arthur Burnett. During the research, the main focus was on solving the problem of the penis curvature. The clinical study involved 93 men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. Participants used the device for 3 months. As a result, there was a decrease in the angle of the penis curvature to 50 degrees. Based on the data obtained, it was found that the use of PeniMaster PRO can act as an alternative to the operation to straighten the penis. The results of the study were published in the famous medical magazine “British Journal of Urology”.


PeniMaster PRO I am using: 

There are several types of this extender on the official website which differ one from another with the kit constituents. I decided to choose the Complete Package with rods and the belt because the basic one looked too simple to me. So, when my parcel arrived, I found there were all the details, the adhesion gel, the belt, the manual and the DVD with the instruction stored in a case. To be honest, I did not meet any problems when putting all the constituents together even without the manual because it is intuitively understood how to connect the rods to the platform.


How did I use PeniMaster PRO?

When I was at home and was not going to do any activities, I applied the extender with rods. The device is easy to put on: first, you need to place the adhesive tip on the head of the penis, then place the penis between the rods and firmly press the platform to the pubic area. In the end, you need to thread the tip into the groove at the end of the extender and tighten the rods to set the desired level of traction. Since I live alone, I did not see the point of masking the worn extender, so I didn’t particularly bother about the fact that its outlines can be visible under my home sweatpants.

If I had to wear the extender outside the apartment (for example, several times I had to come to the office just during the set), I used it with a belt. After fixing the adhesive camera on the penile head, I connected it to the belt, which can be wrapped around the waist or over the shoulder. I used to wear it around my waist. By the way, I used the same belt during sleep. It was quite convenient; I did not notice any slipping my penis out of the extender at night.  


Extra pluses

It is cool that in the kit there are membranes of 3 different sizes, so you may pick the one that matches your penile glans the best way. I used a suitable membrane for a month and a half until the moment when it ceased to provide a perfect fit for the penis. I was ready for such a scenario because I knew in advance that the service life of these parts of the extender is about 1-2 months. During this time, the user must determine the appropriate size to order the next membranes. For the 6 months that I used the extender, I needed 5 membranes. I suppose these extra costs for ordering membranes are fully justified. Any extender implies the presence of parts that require gradual replacement, and this is quite normal. After all, you get your comfort while using the device exactly thanks to these membranes.


Some pitfalls to avoid

What can I say about the applying process? It is quite easy to put your penis inside the device and rather comfortable to wear it, but you need some time to get used to the process. For instance, now I understand that the first couple of times I applied the gel incorrectly. I lubricated the head all right, but a few drops of gel usually fell on the foreskin. As a result, the skin of the prepuce was also pulled into the glans chamber, as well as the glans tissue. This caused a slight discomfort, which I mistook for the adaptation process issues and hoped that this problem and swelling would pass soon. Only after 2-3 times of such use, I realized what was the matter and began to avoid getting the gel on the foreskin. After this, discomfort and swelling no longer appeared.

Also for the first time, I didn’t immediately succeed in putting on the device correctly. I pumped out the air, but the head was not fully sucked inside. I could not understand what was the problem, so I had to fiddle with it a bit. But then I got used to doing it properly, pumping out the air with just one squeeze of my hand. It is important to ensure that there are no air pockets between the glans and the membrane because they can cause discomfort and swelling.



  •         The device was developed by German experts and passed clinical tests.
  •         Using the kit helps not only to enlarge the penis but also to straighten it and to improve erection.
  •         You can choose a kit depending on your needs – from the basic one to the more advanced.
  •       You will not find the unique vacuum-adhesive system in other brands’ extenders.
  •         The adhesion system helps you to fix the penile glans the most comfortable way and to avoid its slipping.
  •         PeniMaster PRO can be used for a long time daily without discomfort.
  •         It can be applied while sleeping.
  •         The kit with a belt can be worn under loose clothes.
  •         It is made from skin-friendly and non-allergic materials.



  •         This product is rather expensive.
  •         It is necessary to buy additional parts (for example, sluices).
  •         If the glans chamber is used incorrectly, discomfort and foreskin swelling are possible.


My results 

Before starting the using of PeniMaster PRO, my penis length was 4.9 inches and its girth was 4.3 inches. Now, after 6 months of wearing the tool for 6 hours daily, it became 5.5 inches and 4.75 inches resp. I guess, this is a fine result, and I am planning to apply the extender further for a year or so. 


My Final Verdict

For six months of use, I have never regretted that I decided to enlarge my penis with the help of an extender and that I chose PeniMaster PRO for this purpose. I believe that the device is fully coping with its task and I highly recommend it. You can buy it from their official website here. If you want to check another alternative, check my Phallosan Forte review.


Jes-Extender [Review] My Results after using for 8-months

When it comes to penis enlargement, the first thing I can think of is penis extender(nothing personal,it is all about scientific studies!). And when it comes to penis extenders, Jes-Extender is one of the top 3 choices in my list. Why? The answer is simple: I tried the stuff and it almost met my expectations. So, now I am going to tell you everything you want to know about this penis enlargement tool, its pros and cons, and my results of using it for 8 months.  


What is Jes-Extender?

Jes-Extender is one of the very first extender devices that were made to increase the length and girth of the penis. The first extender of this brand was created in 1995. Since then, for more than 20 years, Jes-Extenders are still one of the best-known and best-selling devices for increasing male genitalia.JES Extender

Initially, the Jes-Extender constructors were planning to make a medical device that will solve the penile curvature. Therefore, the main purpose of this instrument was to find a solution for chordee and Peyronie’s disease. The second goal was to restore intimate health after genital surgery. And while both of these tasks were solving with Jes-Extender, it turned out that there was a bonus. Patients who used the extender for its intended purpose noticed that their genitals gradually became longer and thicker. As a result, the target audience of Jes-Extender has changed: now the device is mainly used by those men who want to enlarge the penis.


Jes-Extender variations 

The following types of extenders are presented on the manufacturer’s official website:

  • Jes-Extender Light ($ 199). This is the simplest, but a very good option that is popular due to its low price. The kit includes all the basic parts and a manual. Unlike other extenders of this line, this option is delivered in a cardboard case, and not in a wooden one. It is suitable for penis length not exceeding 6.7 inches. Using this stuff, you may account for a 1-year warranty. 

  • Jes-Extender Original ($ 229.99). All the parts are delivered in an elegant wooden case. In addition to the main details, the kit includes extra elongation bars and a set of keys. Unlike the previous version, this extender has a 2-year warranty and is suitable for penis lengths up to 9.1 inches.
  • Jes-Extender Titanium ($ 249.99). The extender comes to you in a lightweight aluminum case. Also in the kit, there is an extra set of elongation bars. 
  • Jes-Extender Silver ($ 299.99). All metal parts are coated in silver.


    Jes-Extender Gold ($ 349.99). If you ever wanted a gold toy for your penis, here it is. All metal parts of the extender are coated with 24-karat gold.

  • Jes-Extender Platinum ($ 1,000.00). This is the most expensive and luxurious of the extenders in this line. All metal parts are platinum plated.

All the extenders in this line, except Jes-Extender Light, are suitable for penis length up to 9.1 inches. 


How does it work and why is it popular?

Most mechanical extenders’ principle of operation is the same. A special platform is put on the pubic area, the penis is placed between two metal rods, and the glans is fixed with a loop or strap. Depending on the user’s experience, the necessary load is set. Next, the user must wear the extender for 3-6 hours (experienced ones can use the device for a longer time). 

A gradual increase in load helps to the slow stretching (traction) of the penis. This

 leads to a more active division of penile tissue cells. As a result, an increase in the size of the male limb is observed. It is slow but steady, day after day. 

This phenomenon has been known by some African and Asian nationalities for hundreds of years. Perhaps you saw photographs of people with unnaturally long necks covered with metal rings? Or maybe you noticed those women in African tribes who extend their lips with rings? So, these are examples of using the principle of traction. However, it is used not only in this field but also in official medicine. It is known as the Ilizarov principle and is used primarily for stretching limbs after bone fractures.

The Jes-Extender principle of operation is the same as other extenders. So what explains its popularity compared to similar models? Let’s find out!


European quality 

One of the main advantages of Jes-Extender is its European quality. The device is made in Denmark, in the same place where it was invented. Unlike some other brands, Jes-Extender did not transfer their production to Asian countries. 

Of course, there are fake extenders that copy Jes-Extender, but none of them is as high-grade as the original. Therefore, if you want to buy a real Jes-Extender, do it only on the official website.


Clinical testing

Extenders are medical devices. Therefore, they must undergo clinical trials. In April 2011, an article written by Italian scientists from the University of Turin was published in a popular medical magazine BJUI. It examined extenders’ principle of operation. The article concluded that these devices are the only effective ones for penis enlargement without surgery.


Test of time

The first Jes-Extender appeared in 1995. More than two decades have passed since then, but the devices are still popular among both users and urologists.


Any side effects?

Of course, side effects can occur. But for this, you have to wear the extender for too long without previous training. Also, the problem may happen if you use too much load. But if you will apply the stuff according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, you will never face any problem. 



To start with, the size of my penis has always been the thing that bothered me a lot. And although from a medical point of view, its length is slightly less than average, I always wanted it to be longer. Before I began my daily sets with Jes-Extender, my phallus was 3.93 inches in length and 3.14 inches in girth. My girlfriend knew about these troubles around the size of my penis. And even so she assured me that she was comfortable with its size, I still felt insecure while having sex with her. 


My previous experience

I decided to try something that would solve my problem.

  • First of all, I tried pills. The only thing I was able to achieve with them was a temporary increase in erection. But there was no question of any penis enlargement.
  • I also used gels and creams. But still, they improved an erection for a while but did not affect the growth of the phallus. Besides, I did not like the redness and burning, which was observed immediately after I applied those products.
  • I tried jelqing as well. The only things I have achieved were swelling and skin irritation. Maybe I did the exercises wrong or maybe this technique was not the best for me – I do not know.
  • When I realized that pills, gels, and jelqing were not effective for me, I decided to try something else. At that time, extenders seemed to me like a very complex medical apparatus. So, I chose something simpler – a vacuum pump. I liked this thing a lot. I even decided that I had found my ideal option. However, I soon realized that using a pump indeed gave a good result, but it can hardly be called permanent. Yes, my penis did increase in its size and my sexual stamina did rise, but immediately after sex, I returned to where I started.


Why I used Jes-Extender

So, after all my fruitless attempts, I decided to buy an extender. But the problem was I knew nothing about their types, brands, pros, cons, and so on. For that reason, my first try was unsuccessful. I am not going to tell you exactly what the brand I used, but I am almost sure that it was just a low-quality fake. It broke just a couple of weeks after I bought it.

Perhaps after this, my experience with using extenders would come to its end. But I accidentally met a post on the Internet about Jes-Extender. It interested me a lot because the description looked convincing, and the “before” and “after” photos were impressive. So, I began to collect the information about this stuff and ordered it soon.


Ordering and shipping

I did not want to take risks of buying the fake one again, so I ordered the Jes-Extender on the official website. There were several different models, and I was not sure about the right choice. I described my problem to an online consultant and he advised me Jes-Extender Original. So I ordered it. 

The package arrived two days later. It was an ordinary cardboard box without any inscriptions except my name and address. Therefore, the postman could not guess what he brought to me.


How did I use the extender?

The extender was delivered to me assembled in a square wooden case. So the first thing to do was to connect them all. For me, it was quite easy. I adjusted the length of the rods under the length of my penis and fixed the device on my pubic area.

I must admit that at first, the sensations were quite unusual. I felt a slight tension while using the extender. But it was even a pleasant one and did not distract me from everyday doings. Usually, I used an extender at home after work, so I did not need to hide it with clothes. I put on the device, fixed it so that the penis was pointing up and put on my loose home sweatpants. I never left the put-on extender for the nighttime, because it seemed to me that my penis would just slip out of the loop.

For the first month, I wore the device for about 3 hours every day. Then, every following month I extended the using for half an hour. As a result, at the end of my 8-months experience, I wore Jes-Extender for 6.5-7 hours every day. During the first month, I used the minimum load (600 g), then increased it gradually. At the end of 8 months, I reached 1200 g load.


My final impression 

When I first put on Jes-Extender, I was a little worried. After all, I already had a bad experience using extenders. What if this one will hurt or discomfort me? What if it will be still too visible under my clothes? What if my whole idea to enlarge the penis will fail miserably? In general, there were many more such “what-ifs” but nevertheless I tried Jes-Extender and never regretted about. After all, this device helped me increase the length of my penis from 3.93 to 4.92 inches in 8 months. I am planning to keep using it, so I am sure this result is not final. 



  • Jes-Extender was invented before other similar models.
  • Danish quality.
  • High-grade medical materials.
  • It is used not only to increase but also to straighten the penis.
  • The device was highly appreciated by professionals – andrologists and urologists.
  • Jes-Extender is CE marked. It is certified as a class 1 medical device.
  • Permanent results can be achieved.
  • There are 6 extenders in the lineup, so there are plenty to choose from.
  • Half a million satisfied customers worldwide.
  • If you used the device for more than 1000 hours with no visible result, the money will be refunded to you.
  • Discreet worldwide shipping in 1-4 days.
  • 1 or 2 years of warranty (it depends on a selected model). 



  • The device is quite expensive (especially the Platinum version).
  • To urinate, you have to remove the device, and it is not too fast.
  • To have sex or masturbate, you also have to remove the extender.
  • As with other mechanical extenders, you have to wait for the first results for a few months.


An outline

To summarize, I want to say that I am satisfied with the use of Jes-Extender. For 8 months, I managed to increase the length of my penis by almost 2 inches. I believe that this is a very cool result, and I’m not going to stop there. But remember, that if you want to increase your penis size, you should use only original extenders. And the only way to protect yourself from buying the fake one is to order Jes-Extender on the official website. If you want to explore other top extenders,you can check my buying guide here.



Best Fleshlights Models in 2020 [Review]

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My Fleshlight Review

According to AdamandEve, Fleshlight was the most popular sex toy last 2018. But since we are all curious, it’s fine to ask. What in the world is a Fleshlight and what is it for? Did a lot of people just misspelled the word flashlight and started to make a fuss out of it? For the sake of your peace of mind, we are here to help you answer your questions regarding this odd term.

First things first, the term “Fleshlight” didn’t just pop out in the internet because someone accidentally misspelled flashlight. However, this term was derived from the term “flashlight” since it looks like a flashlight on the outside. But don’t let its looks fool you especially if you noticed other men carrying it in their backpacks or luggage. Read on to learn more about this fantastic invention!


What is a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a famous brand of sex toy that is specially designed for penetration so it widely marketed to men. In other words, it is a male masturbator where men can insert their genitalia to pleasure themselves. As a male sex toy, it is designed to increase the pleasure of masturbation by stimulating new sensations. Take note, we mean a higher level of new sensations since you will not experience the same feeling with other sex toys. 

Depending on your taste and preference, there are different textures that you can choose from. The inside of the device is designed to simulate actual intercourse. Clearly, it is not just a piece of a boring toy where you can stick your gun. It’s not as awesome as having sex with your partner/s but it’s certainly better than other masturbating toys out there. It is also true that there are already offered products on the market that are considered as sex toy masturbators.

They are available in various shapes and forms, so we will not be surprised if you find them weird. We agree though. Some look a little too much that innocent people might not even guess their true purpose at first glimpse. However, we noticed that the materials used in other products are different. No wonder they feel different too since some of them actually contained suspicious chemicals.

Of course, these chemicals are now prohibited for manufacturing sex toys and other commercial use. If you’re worried about getting ill just because you succumb with the burning desire to pleasure yourself, don’t be. 


History of Fleshlight

In case you are wondering who the person behind this brilliant invention is, it’s none other than Steve Shubin. Everything started in 1994 when the inventor Steve Shubin and his wife decided to extend their family and have kids. However, her wife had complications during her pregnancy so the doctor told them that they can’t have sex physically. Apparently, Steve was a sexually active man which led him to try all available products at that time to satisfy his needs.

After failing to find the right product, he decided that he needed something different. He needed a sex toy that felt better and real. Thus, he asked for his wife’s consent if she would mind if he created a toy to satisfy his needs while she’s pregnant. Obviously, she agreed and that’s how Fleshlight was born. Steve Shubin developed and patented it in 1998 as a “device for discreet sperm collection”. He also developed and patented a SuperSkin material that feels like human skin.

Most importantly, it is free from phthalate which is known as a harmful chemical that was recently banned in 2010. This stopped the sex toy manufacturers in Europe from using this chemical in their products. Looks like Steve really took his invention seriously and studied every element of Fleshlight before introducing it to the market. Now, Steve & the Fleshlight Team have already released more than 100 models which started from his sex toy. 

If that is not enough to impress you, Steve and his team also released a range of Fleshlight Girls. These toys were molded directly from the anatomy of the most popular porn stars today. Sounds very interesting, isn’t it? 


Fleshlight Models

Now that we’re done with the basics, let’s dive into something deeper and more specific. Fleshlight comes in different models so you don’t have to worry about running out of designs with unique sleeves. In fact, its 4 main models that are already available in the market include the following:


  • Fleshlight Classic Series

This is the original Fleshlight model that was first introduced in the market in 2001. Since then, IFL never stopped enhancing its features, design and used materials. Thus, you can expect its latest versions to be lighter and more creative to stimulate a more realistic experience. On the other hand, the Classic versions are definitely bigger than a regular flashlight. After all, it is made to accommodate a penis that is up to 8.5 inches long. How to spice your moment with this little fella? 


  • Classic Pink Lady Original and Classic Pink Butt

Relive your first time and let your desire drive you into the heavenly feeling with this classic model of Fleshlight. Each timeless model can give you something special and unique without getting into trouble for sneaking your girl after curfew. It has a total length of 9.75 inches and an insertable length of 8.5 inches. All Classic models have smooth sleeves that are designed for those who are more sensitive genitals. This is also a great solution if you want your bed sessions to last longer and improve your performance.

Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady
Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady
Fleshlight Classic Butt
Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt

After all, classic makes perfect so this one comes in a complete package which includes:

  • Black case
  • Original texture sleeve
  • Lady orifice
  • Instructions for its proper use and care

The original Fleshlight line has stood the test of time as the premiere self-pleasure male sex toys. The Classic Lady, Mouth, and Butt designs are crafted from Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material. These products will keep you happy and satisfied for years whether it is your first time to use one or not. You can even customize your toy which we highly recommend if you’re a little perfectionist.


  • Build Your Own

A sex toy with your personal touch can be more satisfying than simply tossing items into your cart. First, choose the color of your Fleshlight’s case then, you have to choose your preferred orifice. Do you want the Lady or the Butt? The next is the texture which includes the Original, Mini-Lotus, Heavenly, Destroya, Super Ribbed, Super Tight, Utopia, ad Wonder Wave. To enjoy the feel of a reel vagina, the closest texture we recommend is the Mini-Lotus sleeve.Build your own fleshlight

The Destroya sleeve also offers the best sensations as you penetrate deeper. Other sleeves are also fine but their level of intensity seems to be a little lower. But then again, our taste and preference vary so they might feel great on you. You can also add some accessories like the Fleshlight shower mount, Fleshpump, and sleeve warmer if you want.


  • Fleshlight Girls

These are additional sleeve options that are made from real moldings from women’s vagina. Not only that, those women who agreed to recreate their anatomy in the closest possible way are not just anybody. They are the top celebrities and influencers that are popular among porn fans across different platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

Fleshlight girls series

The Fleshlight Girls sleeves include: 

  • Lena The Plug
  • Riley Reid
  • Stoya
  • Eva Lovia
  • Dillion Harper
  • Madison Ivy
  • Alexis Texas
  • Jenna Haze
  • Kendra Lust
  • Kendra Sunderland
  • Anikka Albrite
  • Lisa Ann
  • Angela White
  • Nicole Aniston
  • Andriana Chechik
  • Brandi Love
  • Christy Mack
  • Abella Danger
  • Jessica Drake
  • Dominika
  • Nikki Benz
  • Elsa Jean
  • Lana Rhoades
  • Tori Black
  • Asa Akira
  • Janice Griffith
  • Veronica Rodriguez
  • Misty Stone
  • Joanna Angel
  • Teagan Presley
  • Kayden Kross
  • Riley Jensen
  • Lena Paul
  • Romi Rain
  • Riley Steele
  • Kimmy Granger
  • Ana Foxxx
  • Tanya Tate
  • Abigail Mac
  • Kissa Sins



  • Fleshlight STU

Also known as Stamina Training Unit, this series replicates the intercourse which can help you increase your sexual stamina. Also, this can help you improve your performance and techniques while heightening and intensifying your orgasms. With regular training, you will get used to a higher stimulation and become less sensitive. This package includes:Fleshlight STU

  • Exclusive gold case
  • Patented SuperSkin sleeve
  • Lady orifice
  • Instructions for its proper use and care
  • Free e-guide to increase your stamina




  • Fleshlight Go Series

This model is the compressed and portable version of the brand’s original best-selling Fleshlight male self-pleasure toy. Released in July 2015, the Go is much lighter and easier to carry around. Thus, it is a perfect companion while you’re traveling as long as you keep it in a discreet case. It has a total length of 7 inches and an insertable length of 6.5 inches. This means that is also tighter compared with the Classic versions. It is available in 3 models and sleeves which include:


  • Go Surge Lady

This Go version features a soft sleeve and tight feels similar with the Classic versions. It is designed with a single-handed grip to make it easier and more fun to use. Its package comes with:Fleshlight GO Surge

  • Smaller, lighter and a more compact case
  • Lady orifice
  • Patented SuperSkin sleeve
  • Instructions for its proper use and care



  • Go Torque Ice

If you’re looking for the see-through version of Fleshlight Go Surge Lady, this is it. It has the same feel but with see-through case and sleeve so you know where you’re heading down there.


  • Go Jolt Butt

Just in case you’re getting tired of pumping the little Lady orifice, you can simply change into this Jolt Butt. It features a Super Ribbed texture which is more plain than the Go Torque Ice and Surge Lady. 


  • Fleshlight Flight

This is quite similar to the Go model except for its softer and more discreet sleeve perfect for traveling. It is sleek, compact, and aerodynamically designed to make it easier to store and pass through the airport security. It is smaller than the Classics and its opening doesn’t replicate a vagina at all. Its total length is 8 inches and its insertable length is 6 inches. It features body-safe materials that were designed to last longer together with their SuperSkin sleeve which provides a hyper-realistic feel. 

This Flight mode has 2 models with a package that includes:

  • Smaller, lighter, and the most discreet case
  • Perfect for travel plans
  • Instruction for its proper use and care
  • Options to add a shower mount with Flight adapter



  • Flight Aviator

Fly under the radar with this sleek and clear sex toy line with an entire chamber of tight pleasure rings. Thus, this is perfect for achieving an ultimate sexual thrill. Just like the Go Torque Ice, this Fleshlight Aviator has a transparent case and sleeve. 

  • Flight Pilot

This one has a texture that is similar to Destroya that incorporates several bumps, fingers, and ribs. Its texture and a canal width that changes, you will surely enjoy the turbulently pleasurable sensation it can provide. Try this and you’ll experience flying to new heights even while traveling on a plane. 

Aside from the mentioned models above, there are also the “special interest” versions.


  • Fleshlight Ice

Can’t get enough of the Fleshlight’s transparent versions? That’s not a problem. With all Fleshlight Ice devices, you can always get an eyeful of your self-pleasure to heighten your visual stimulation. If you’ve never done this before, you might be surprised how much it can blow you away. Aside from the Flight Aviator and Go Torque Ice mentioned above, this series includes:


  • Ice Butt/Ice Lady/Ice Pure

These three versions have the same total length of 9.75 inches and an insertable length of 8.5 inches. Except for their specific orifice, these 3 have the same package that includes:

  • Ice clear case
  • Transparent and textured “Crystal” sleeve
  • Instructions for their proper use and care


  • Fleshlight Freaks

For the line of Freaks, you can choose from various Fleshlights and dildos with monstrous designs. Its feel is quite similar with the Classics with a twist. This series the following:


  • Drac Dildo

Made with the highest quality of platinum cured silicone with extreme detail, prepare yourself for this blood-sucking nightwalker. It features Dracula’s centuries-old cock that is 7.5 inches long with 7 inches insertable length excluding its balls. Its circumference at the base of its shaft is 5.5 inches.


  • Yeti Dildo

Calm down now and don’t freak out when you hear something about the Yeti’s cock! Made with the same high-quality materials as Drac’s Dildo, don’t expect this to be small. Since this mysterious cock came from a giant creature, it has a total length of 11.5 inches including its balls. Its insertable length excluding its balls is 9.5 inches while its circumference at the base of the shaft is 7.75 inches. 


  • Zombie Dildo

Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? Then this Zombie Dildo might interest you. Don’t let the zombies eat your brain by roughing them out of you and aiming for the head. This has a total length of 8 inches including its balls and a 7.5 inches insertable length excluding its balls. Its circumference at the base of the shaft is 5.25 inches. 

  • Bigfoot Dildo

If you think that Yeti is the biggest already, wait till you see this one. Skip the icy mountains and enter the woods to get this Bigfoot Dildo with a total length of 11.5 inches. Its insertable length is 9.5 inches while its circumference at the base of the shaft is 7.75 inches. 

  • Freaks: Alien Dildo

The visitors from outside the earth have finally arrived and you can take one of them to achieve your fantasies. This blue dildo with extreme detail comes with a total length of 8 inches and an insertable length of 7.25 inches. Its circumference at the base of the shaft measures 5.5 inches.

  • Fleshlight Turbo

This Turbo model features 3 different entry points that simulate a blowjob. Thus, it provides the most suction power among Fleshlight toys. 

  • Turbo Ignition (Blue Ice and Copper)

Both versions are complete with a non-anatomical orifice as well as an exclusive texture. They are specially designed to take your sexual satisfaction to the next level with a total length of 9.75 inches. Their insertable length is 8.5 inches and they come with an ignition package that includes:

  • Clear Turbo case
  • Ignition orifice
  • Ignition texture
  • Instructions for its proper use and care

The virtual features of Blue Ice help charge orgasms while the Copper version lets you fantasize an ultimate blow job experience. 

  • Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice and Copper)

Just like the Ignition, both Blue Ice and Copper versions come with a complete non-anatomical orifice and exclusive texture inside. Both also help you boost your ultimate blow job experience with a total length of 9.75 inches and 8.5 inches insertable length. 



  • Fleshlight Sex In A Can

If you’re looking for something more unique that can add some color in your sex life, this might be it! Fleshlight Sex In A Can is a line of discreet but fun sex toys. Besides, who would have thought that Fleshlight would also use a can to market their funny toys? For generations, O’Doyle Stout has been known for offering the same brewed recipe that Mr. O’Doyle created himself. So, give yourself a break and let the Irish guide your powerful hand on experiencing a heightened self-pleasure.Fleshlight Sex in a can

It provides a lifelike feel with a total length of 8 inches that has withstood the test of time. It features an exclusive “Mini” Butt orifice and a Mini-Forbidden texture that other Fleshlight products don’t have. It comes in a Sex in a can: O’Doyle’s Stout case. 


  • Fleshlight Quickshot Series

Can’t fit in an entire can or flashlight-looking toy in your bag? No worries since Fleshlight got you covered with its Quickshot’s line of portable and discreet toys. It features an unobstructed exit point which makes it the smallest unit. It is open on both ends which remind us of a doughnut. It is a great tool to heighten stimulation for both couples’ oral play and masturbation. Here are some of this line’s bestsellers.


  • Quickshot: Vantage

This Quickshot model features the most compact sleeve that is lined with thick ribs and bumps. Its steely silver sleeve can amplify your pleasure with endless surprises every time you thrust. Its total length is 4.4 inches and its insertable length is 3.5 inches. Its package includes an open-ended patented clear Super

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Skin sleeve, compact clear case, and convenient sleeve caps on both ends.


  • Quickshot: Boost
Fleshlight Quickshot boost
Fleshlight Quickshot boost

Boost has the same set of features and sensation that you can experience from Vantage. They only differ in color since Boost has a Metallic Silver SuperSkin sleeve. It also has a compact Black case and sleeve caps on both ends for hassle-free storage.


  • Quickshot Launch

Perfect for all rocket men out there, Quickshot Launch is now available to provide an automated experience with a Fleshlight. You just have to lock your opened Quickshot into its clear cradle and start the Launch using its multi-functional power button. Its light-up rocker switches allow an easy adjustment between 4 variable stroke lengths and speeds. Believe it or not, it can move quickly and make up to 250 strokes per minute! For a more concentrated experience, just shorten the stroke length then toggle through its 3 pleasure zones: shaft, tip, or base.

The universal mobile mount on top of the device gives you an option to view your favorite content. At the same time, you can keep your both hands on the controls. This device can run continuously for an hour when fully charged. You can also use it while plugged into a wall socket to take advantage of the Fleshlight Active Launch Mode. Its package includes the Quickshot Launch, universal smartphone mount, power cable, quick start guide, and instruction manual. 


  • Quickshot Sleeve Warmer

We all know how warmth can bring us a different kind of ecstasy while indulging in our fantasy. Thus, Fleshlight made sure that their Quickshot and other male masturbator devices can remain deliciously warm with this sleeve warmer. This gives your toy a more sensual temperature that can even imitate the feel and warmth of a real-life sexual experience! You’ll never be cold again as long as you have this cool upgrade. 


  • Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter

Do you prefer to finish your bathroom business hands-free? Take your sex toy experience to the next level by using this shower mount adapter. Simply remove both caps from your Quickshot toy and screw on the shower mount adapter. Then, screw on the shower mount and attach your Quickshot male masturbator to any flat and secure surface. 


  • Quickshot Quick Connect

Get ready to double up your pleasure by connecting two Quickshot toys! Just use this Quick Connect to double the fun and try different textures at once. Whether you want to enjoy it by yourself or with a friend, it’s up to you. 



  • Fleshlight Vibro 

Feel the same sensual SuperSkin from the original Fleshlight with a twist. This provides an additional level of vibrations for a more intense and satisfying experience. This line includes these bestsellers:


  • Vibro: Lady


Incorporated with vibrating sensations, this Fleshlight line offers additional features that utilize the same sensual SuperSkin of the original Fleshlight. Here comes an earthquake and you will love every single moment of it! Its vibrating sensations can transfer to each of your concentric fingers along the length of your shaft. If you can survive this one, you’ll have more courage to face the big one anytime. It has a total length of 9.75 inches and an insertable length of 8.5 inches. 

Its package includes a Gunmetal Vibro case, touch texture sleeve, Lady orifice, and 3 vibrating bullets including some batteries. Just in case you run out of batteries, it also includes a pack of 10 extra batteries. Of course, it also comes with instructions for its proper use and care. 


  • Vibro: Butt


Just in case you got tired of the Lady orifice, you can also try this Butt orifice. It offers the same features, sensations, and package as the Vibro: Lady except for its Butt orifice. 


  • Fleshlight Case: Vibro


Do you need an extra case to keep your extra sleeve hidden from plain sight? Don’t worry because Fleshlight also sells a separate case that resembles an ordinary flashlight though it is a little bigger. This features a fully-functional 10 inches patented case. Loosening or tightening its rear end cap adjusts the amount of suction power that comes from the Fleshlight toy. Its removable top conceals your Fleshlight masturbation sleeve from everyone’s eyes.

It fits different sleeves with 9.75 inches total length and 8.5 inches insertable length. You can even choose from different colors to enjoy this sturdy and sleek case. There are an available Black, Blue, and Silver cases on the market. 


  • Vibro: Bullet Replacement


This Vibro Bullet is a mini-vibrator that provides intense stimulation when used with the Fleshlight Vibro. Thus, you can improve your endurance and level of stamina while discovering new heights of ecstasy. So, be a boy scout and always have an extra vibrator that you can insert into your Vibro sleeve. 


  • Vibro: Bullet Battery Pack


Don’t deprive yourself with unlimited fun whenever you have time. We suggest getting an extra pack of 10 replacement batteries to keep your toy running all night long. These extra batteries will help you make sure that your Bullets last for as long as you need them buzzing. Whether you want to pack your toys for a long weekend or just whirlwind trip, being ready won’t hurt you. 


5 Reasons to Buy a Fleshlight

Still having second thoughts whether you should get a Fleshlight or not? To help you make up your mind, here are 5 reasons why you should get one for yourself at least:


  • Simulates the feel of real sex.

Enjoy the moment even if it’s just you and your toys. When emergency calls, Fleshlight is always ready to satisfy your cravings. You can even warm it up to make it feel more real while enjoying different textures and styles. 


  • Fully body-safe.

You can use it over and over again without feeling any skin irritation unless you have very sensitive skin. Rest assured, Fleshlight toys and accessories are designed and created using materials that are body-safe.


  • Provide a variety of options to try.

Feel free to try them all to see which one suits you best. You don’t have to limit yourself with just a single sex toy, there’s a long list of items to choose from. Fleshlight offers sex toys that come with different textures, orifice, colors, sizes, sensations, and case designs. You can also choose from a wide range of sex toy accessories for a more satisfying feeling.


  • Be very easy to clean and durable.

You just have to remove the sleeve from its casing whenever you need to clean it. Remove the cap in the end then rinse the casing with water only. Rinse the sleeve well inside and outside. If you’re a little OC, you can use an anti-bacterial cleaner specific for sex toys. Never use any kind of soap for cleaning it as it can ruin your toys’ material. To dry it, just place it in a well-ventilated place for a few hours or up to 24 hours. 

Even though it is made of plastic, Fleshlight made sure that its materials used have the highest quality. Yes, its thick plastic case can crack but it would require a lot of force to break.



  • Be discreet and portable.

From the moment you order it, you can expect it to arrive in a discreet package. Despite being quite heavy, its simple box comes with each model’s complete package and instructions. Once out of the box, you can carry it anywhere you want without being embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with carrying a huge “flashlight” anyway. People won’t judge you unless you parade it without replacing its sleeve caps first. 

Whether you’re planning a local or international trip, you can slip it past the airport security with ease. Not to mention if you go for the Quickshot models which are the smallest units of male masturbators from Fleshlight. 


Final Words

Are you having second thoughts about getting this cool toy to pleasure yourself? Believe it or not, having this is just similar with women having one or more vibrators. Besides, Fleshlight is not marketed to make you feel like you’re cheating on your partner. If women can be satisfied with sex toys, men deserve something like this too. If you have a wife/girlfriend/partner, you just have to make her understand how it works.

Depending on your creativity, you can even spice up your sex life by using this sex toy. You can offer to use a vibrator on her while you use this Fleshlight with her. It’s also a great alternative to stay up a little longer and satisfy yourself if she’s already exhausted. If she’s already hurting down there, you can give her a break and lose yourself on this. Now, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the satisfying sensation that it can give you any time you like.

You can also check the user review section here.

Sexual Behavior

Sexuality is a central part of being human, and individuals express their sexuality in a variety of ways.

Sexual Behavior Live Behaviors:

Having applied the sexual behavior subconcepts at the appropriate age, the learner will be able to:

  • Enjoy and express one’s sexuality throughout life.
  • Express one’s sexuality in ways that are congruent with one’s values.
  • Enjoy sexual feelings without necessarily acting on them.
  • Discriminate between life-enhancing sexual behaviors and those that are harmful to self and/or others.
  • Express one’s sexuality while respecting the rights of others.
  • Seek new information to enhance one’s sexuality.
  • Engage in sexual relationships that are consensual, non-exploitative, honest, pleasurable, and protected.


Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs have gained popularity in recent years in large part because the federal government continues to sink over $170 million each year into such programs.  These programs have never been proven effective and often rely on fear, shame, and misinformation.  In addition, virginity pledges, a cornerstone of many of these programs, have been shown to be ineffective at best and possibly harmful.


As abstinence-only-until-marriage programs have gained popularity many new curricula and resources have been created.  A number of researchers and organizations have reviewed these materials and found that they rely on fear and shame, include medical inaccuracies, and are inconsistent in their definitions of abstinence.  In addition to the resources listed in this section, see  SIECUS’ reviews of some of the more popular abstinence-only-until-marriage curricula at


Defining Abstinence: Views of Directors, Instructors, and Participants in Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Programs in Texas

Source:  Patricia Goodson, et. al., “Defining abstinence: views of directors, instructors, and participants in abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in Texas,” Journal of School Health 73(3)(2005): 91-96.

Description:  The researchers evaluated how program directors, instructors, and teens in eight Texas abstinence-only-until-marriage education programs define the term “abstinence.”

Key Findings:

  • There was “substantial variability” in how the term “abstinence” was defined.
  • Researchers concluded that “…many of the programs awarded federal funding for abstinence education are not sex education programs.”


The Waxman Report

Source:Prepared for Rep. Henry A. Waxman, The Content of Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Education Programs(Washington, DC: United States House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform, Minority Staff, Special Investigations Division, 2004).

Description: This Congressional report prepared for Representative Henry Waxman (D-California) found that widely used federally funded abstinence-only curricula distort information, misrepresent the facts, and promote gender stereotypes.

Key Findings:

  • More than 80 percent of the abstinence-only curricula reviewed contain false, misleading, or distorted information about reproductive health.
  • The curricula reviewed misrepresent the effectiveness of contraceptives in preventing STDs and unintended pregnancy.
  • The curricula reviewed contain false information about the risks of abortion, blur religion and science, promote gender stereotypes, and contain basic scientific errors.


To View this Resource:

Prevalence of Unprotected Anal Sex among Teens Requires New Education Strategies

Prevalence of Unprotected Anal Sex among Teens Requires New Education Strategies


Although anal intercourse is known to be a risky behavior when it comes to transmission of HIV and other STDs, most messages given to teens about STDs and condom use focus on vaginal intercourse. This study examined the prevalence of anal intercourse and associated condom use rates in an effort to determine if different education strategies are necessary. The data was acquired as part of a greater longitudinal study of adolescent STD acquisition and cervical ectopy.

The participants were 350 adolescent females ages 12–18 from an urban environment; 96% were African American. All of them had engaged in sexual activity, were healthy, and were neither pregnant nor had been pregnant in the previous three months. Participants were asked about sexual activity with two different types of partners: a “main partner” and a “casual partner.”

The participants were given the following definition about the partner types: “A main partner is someone that you have vaginal sex with and that you are serious about. A casual partner is someone you have vaginal sex with but do not consider to be a main partner.” The casual partner could be someone the participant had had sex with once, or many times—as long as she did not consider him to be a main partner.

Participants were asked about their sexual activity with each type of partner in the last three months.  Specifically, researchers asked about the: (a) occurrence and frequency of vaginal sex, (b) frequency of condom use in vaginal sex, (c) occurrence and frequency of anal sex, (d) frequency of condom use in anal sex, and (e) method of contraception use with partner (condom, withdrawal, anal sex, spermicide, etc.).


Avril Melissa Houston, M.D., M.P.H, et al., “More Than Just Vaginal Intercourse: Anal Intercourse and Condom Use Patterns in the Context of ‘Main’ and ‘Casual’ Sexual Relationships among Urban Minority Adolescent Females,” Journal of Pediatric Adolescent Gynecology 20 (2007): 299-304

Key Findings:

Participants were more sexually active with main partners. While the frequency of either anal or vaginal sex was lower with casual partners, participants were much more likely to use contraception/condoms with casual partners during both anal and vaginal sex.

Furthermore, the rates of condom use during anal sex were significantly lower than during vaginal sex. This was reflected both in the median frequency for condom use and the lower percentage of participants who always used a condom for anal sex.

Type of Partner

  • 302 (86.5%) participants had engaged in any sexual activity with a main partner.
  • 142 (40.7%) participants had engaged in any sexual activity with a casual partner.

Frequency of Sex

  • Of the participants who reported having had sex with a main partner, 272 (90.1%) had had vaginal intercourse and 47 (15.6%) had had anal intercourse. The median frequency of sex for each type of intercourse was once per week.
  • Of the participants who reported having had sex with a casual partner, 118 (83.1%) had had vaginal intercourse and 17 (12%) had had anal intercourse. The median frequency of sex for each type of intercourse was few times per month.

Frequency of Condom Use

  • With a main partner, the median frequency of condom use during vaginal sex was sometimes, while the median frequency of condom use during anal sex was few times in the last 3 months.
  • With a casual partner, the median frequency of condom use during vaginal sex was always, while the median frequency of condom use during anal sex was few times in the last 3 months.
  • With a main partner, 32.4% of participants always used a condom during vaginal sex, while only 21.3% of participants always used a condom during anal sex.
  • With a casual partner, 61% of participants always used a condom during vaginal sex, while only 47.1% of participants always used a condom during anal sex.

Contraception Use during Last Vaginal Intercourse

  • With a main partner, 48.2% used a condom, 18.4% used withdrawal, 6.6% used spermicide, and 15.1% used any other methods.
  • With a casual partner, 70.3% used a condom, 29.7% used withdrawal, 13.6% used spermicide, and 38.1% used any other methods.

Anal Sex as Contraception

  • 41.2% of the participants had used anal sex as a method of contraception with a casual partner, while only 8.5% had used anal sex for contraception with a main partner

SIECUS Analysis: This study has a number of very disturbing findings.  First, that participants are not using condoms consistently for vaginal sex and second, that they are even less likely to use condoms when engaging in anal sex.  These results show that the standard discussion of STDs and pregnancy in a vaginal sex paradigm is obviously insufficient in meeting the needs of today’s teens. Education about condoms must improve and take into account the reality of young people’s relationships and behaviors.

While the frequency of condom use was too low regardless of partner, it is interesting to note that young people were even less likely to use a condom with a main partner.  It is unclear if the subjects were motivated by the belief that they are less likely to contract an STD or become pregnant with a main partner, by a greater desire for intimacy with that partner, or by some other factor.  While further research on young people’s motivations could be useful, these findings suggest that young people need a better forum for learning about condom use and, perhaps, additional help in communicating about condom use with partners.

Another worrisome finding is the prevalence of unprotected anal sex. Anal sex is as risky in terms of STD transmission as vaginal sex, yet participants were more likely to forgo condoms.  This raises questions about both their level of knowledge of STD risks and their reasons for using condoms.  In particular it suggests (as previous studies have) that young people are more concerned with pregnancy than STDs.  This seems to be confirmed by the number of participants who acknowledged using anal sex as a method of contraception. The idea that anal sex is somehow “safer” than vaginal sex (and therefore can be performed unprotected) is a dangerous misconception.

Young people need comprehensive sexuality education that discusses not only vaginal sex, condoms, and contraception, but also extends that discussion to other sexual practices, like anal sex.