7 Best Male Sex Toys in 2022 [Review]

When it comes to emptying your scrotum, nothing beats a good ol’ male sex toy. I’ve tested hundreds of jizz-inducing toys and know how hard it can be to find one that hits the right spot. From pocket pussies and Fleshlights to pumps, rings and anal-things; here’s my list of the best sex toys for men!


The male sex toy

Sex toys have been used for ages by men in all walks of life. Back in the day, this may have been a cucumber or some other inanimate object, but nowadays sex toys have become sophisticated beyond belief. Studies have shown that the use of sex toys can work wonders for men with sexual dysfunction, while some experts suggest a wide array of other sex toy benefits.

Today, there are hundreds of different options for you to choose from. There’s no time to go into all of the options, but there are certain specific categories which we can cover. Male sex toys offer various different kinds of stimulation, these are:


  • Anal stimulation (or prostate stimulation)

Even though it is still considered as taboo, anal stimulation is very popular amongst men. The male prostate can cause potent orgasms when stimulated and is often called the P-spot. Anal stimulation comes in the form of vibrators, but also anal dildos. These are usually curved slightly to be able to stimulate the prostate optimally.


  • Stimulation of the Penis

Stimulation of the penis is as traditional as male sex toys come. Masturbation is even seen amongst chimpanzees and other animals as a way of passing the time. Male masturbators come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, from pocket pussies and vibrators to VR-compatible hands-free devices.


  • Performance-enhancing

Performance-enhancing male sex toys sometimes also offer penile or anal stimulation, but their main goal is to make sex more pleasurable and longer-lasting. Things like cock rings and penis pumps fall into this category. These toys are for men who love to pleasure they partner and experience improved sex themselves too.


  • Stimulation of your partner

Many kinds of vibrators and also some cock rings fall into this category, and they’re focussed 100% on providing pleasure to your partner. These toys are for men who get off on their partner’s pleasure, and who can’t get enough of watching them shiver, tremble and roll their eyes.


Our Top 7 Picks

Now it’s time for the list of the best sex toys for men. I’ve stuck to only the best models to ensure it doesn’t drag on endlessly and you can get on with your life.


#1.Fleshlight launch

The first toy that I had to add to the list was the Fleshlight Launch. It’s one of the most highly-stimulating male sex toys on the market, and one I enjoy from time to time. The company is world-famous for providing the best pocket pussies on the market. The term Fleshlight was coined by them and can only be used to refer to official Fleshlight products. The company is worth checking out if you are looking for a male sex toy that will offer a stimulating and realistic experience.

The Fleshlight Launch is used in conjunction with a normal fleshlight and offers a hands-free way of experiencing realistic and extremely stimulating pulsation and vibration.

Tip: Try this one together with a VR-set and a good porn flick! The toy can be synced with all VR-porn. This can really boost the experience.

This fleshlight offers up to 180 strokes per minute which is much more stimulating than any sex you’ll be having any time soon. This is one of the reasons why it also makes for a great stamina trainer. Set it up and let it run for as long as you can so you can boost your longevity in the bedroom.

I absolutely adore this toy but don’t use it as often as I probably should. It’s a little bulky and there are some other options on this list which are easier to use and I, therefore, use more often.

All-in-all, if it’s stimulation you’re after, you can’t go wrong here. If you want something small, easy to store and quick in use, then this one probably isn’t ideal.



  • Great stimulation. Up to 180 strokes per minute!
  • Syncs with VR-porn to provide a realistic and sensual experience
  • Created by a well-regarded sex toy brand. This means good customer service, a warranty and high-quality products.



  • If you want something that’s quick to use, it’s not the one for you!



#2.WeVibe Pivot

This next male sex toy is the WeVibe Pivot, and it falls into both the “performance-enhancing category” as well as the “partner-stimulation category.”

The WeVibe Pivot is a vibrating cock ring that I use on occasion together with a partner. The powerful vibrations turn my penis into a vibrating pleasure stick, to my partner’s delight. She’s not always in the mood for this high-level of stimulation, but when she is the nights are fantastic.

Erectile dysfunction

Cock rings are often used by men with erectile dysfunction in combination with a penis pump. Once the penis pump has forced an impressive erection, the cock ring works to keep it that way. I don’t suffer from ED myself, but I have my off days. The few times my off-days involved the WeVibe, the sex was great.


One thing I noticed about this toy was that it lasts a long time on a single charge. Quickies are a common occurrence for me, but the extra pleasure that the WeVibe delivers both me and my partner means we’ve surpassed the hour mark on a number of occasions. Since you can switch between about 10 vibration patterns, it’s not easy to get bored of it either.

This toy isn’t the most stimulating toy for men, but it does add some nice vibrations into the mix. If you’re after something to use for solo play or want something that’s going to rock your world instead of your partner, this one isn’t for you!


  • Provides more stimulation for your partner
  • Great for people with ED
  • Long charge time and a high number of vibration patterns make it a great toy for long sessions



  • Not suitable for solo play and doesn’t add much direct stimulation to your penis



#3.Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta can often be found in lists of the best sex toys for men, and for good reason. It’s very dynamic and can be used during solo play, but also together with a partner to boost both of your sensations. It also comes with a lot of variation, with six vibration modes and six different speeds to enjoy.

Personally, I’m in love with this male sex toy. I’ve been able to find multiple positions that the toy can be shared with a partner, and have been able to have long solo-sessions with it too.

If you’re after a toy with long battery life, this one even seems to outperform the WeVibe pivot. I let them both run on the highest setting and the WeVibe stopped before this one. That being said though, they both lasted much longer than your standard sex toys!

One thing that may limit this product is its price. Even though you always get what you pay for, the Fun Factory Manta is quite an expensive sex toy. This could make it less accessible to people with a lower budget.

To sum this toy up; it’s a great toy for solo play if you want something different than your standard male masturbator. It’s great for longer sessions either alone or with a partner, but it’s tricky to get the hang of when using it with your partner.

Not great for lazy people looking for a handsfree solo-session, but perfect if you want something a little different.



  • Can be used alone or with a partner depending on your preference
  • Very long battery life
  • Great if you want something different that’s still very dynamic


  • Doesn’t allow for handsfree play so not suitable for people who want to just lay back and feel the pleasure


#4.Tenga Egg

The cheap and cheerful entry to this list, the Tenta Egg is a male sex toy that truly is accessible to everyone. One thing I will say right off the bat is that these little beauties are actually meant to be a one-use product. That being said, I’ve had this last one for a few months now and used it multiple times. If you want to use it more than once, make sure you clean the toy THOROUGHLY!



This male sex toy is a strange one. I could try and explain how it works, but this wouldn’t do it justice. Check out this YouTube video that shows one of these bad boys in action. It’s very inexpensive, and for the price of a coffee you get a cool new experience which packs a lot of stimulation.


Tenta eggs are great for travelling and come in many different textures to choose from. I’m sure I’ve tried all of them and can vouch for the fact that they feel a lot different from each other, as well as from the other toys on this list. They’re great for solo play and the small size and innocent exterior make for it to be a perfect stealth toy.

Personally, I don’t use the Tenga Egg unless I’m travelling or can’t get a hold of one of my other toys. Given the price and features, it can’t compete on stimulation with the other toys on this list. It can, however, compete in functionality. Here, I’d argue that it’s the toy that’s by far the most accessible on this list.

So, to sum it up, the Tenga Egg isn’t a great toy if you want the most stimulation possible. It does a few things really well and these things are discretion, portability and accessibility. If you want an inexpensive male sex toy to get you started, one for travelling with, or a toy that won’t get you busted, this is it!



  • Fantastic for travelling due to the small size and discreet exterior.
  • Very discreet. Easy to hide due to size and looks of the toy.
  • Accessible to anyone who has the money to buy a coffee.


  • Doesn’t offer the level of stimulation that some of the more feature-rich male sex toys provide


#5.Tenga Flip Zero EV

This one is another male masturbator with its own unique features. The first time I used this toy, it was an experience I wasn’t expecting. It actually creates a sensation that’s a lot like sucking which feels amazing on its own. It also has a textured interior sleeve and two vibrators which further helps establish it as one of the most stimulating sex toys for men

I got this one over a year ago while browsing through a sex toy site. It is often in direct conflict for my attention with my fleshlight launch. When I’m in the mood for a thorough male masturbator, both of these toys tend to hit the spot.

There are a few major differences though.

The Tenga Flip Zero EV has a little more physical stimulation features. The stimulation you’ll feel is going to be more unique than with the Fleshlight. The fleshlight does come with a lot more mental stimulation features, like the ability to connect with VR and to use the toy handsfree.

All-in-all, the Tenga Flip Zero EV is a highly stimulating male masturbator that’s a great option if you’re looking for variation and a unique feeling. If you want something a little more laid back, then the Fleshlight Launch will be more to your liking.


  • Unique features like a suction chamber, textured sleeve and dual vibrators
  • Doesn’t require a second purchase like the Fleshlight Launch does


  • Stimulation needs to be provided by hand and this one can’t sync to VR.


#6.Lelo Hugo

This is the first male sex toy on this list that targets the infamous P-spot. The Lelo Hugo is one of my favourite male vibrators around for anal stimulation. It’s a model I use for special days when I’m in the mood for some extra backdoor stimulation and not one that I use regularly.

When I do use it though, it never disappoints…

It’s completely waterproof, controlled remotely (great when the remote is given to your partner!), and has two motors inside that deliver powerful vibrations.

P-spot stimulation can deliver orgasms that are out of this world. It takes an open-minded attitude for most men, but after reading some of the reviews online, I couldn’t find a single one that was disappointed to have tried it.

This one isn’t going to be for everyone but is sure to give you a heck of a lot of pleasure. If you’re looking for a toy that can hit your P-spot, then this one’s for you. It’s great for solo-play too but doesn’t offer any stimulation to your penis.



  • Targets the P-spot to produce powerful orgasms
  • Many great features. It’s waterproof, boasts powerful vibrations and is controlled remotely



  • Anal stimulation isn’t for everyone



#7.Bathmate Hydromax

The last one on my list is the Bathmate Hydromax. This male sex toy falls into the performance-enhancing category. Penis pumps are considered by many to be a staple to good penis health. Research has even shown they can slightly increase your penis size over time, as well as cure minor cases of ED and Peyronie’s disease in men.Hydromax Xtreme Series

This is a great toy to be used in combination with the WeVibe Pivot if you suffer from ED. Get your pump on and then slap on the WeVibe for even more stimulation. This is a great combo if you don’t suffer from ED too though!

The Hydromax is a toy I use multiple times per week. When I have sex after pumping the trunk, it always lasts longer and my erection is much stronger. I’ve already done a review on this product which you can find here!

In short, this is a great male sex toy which will help you last longer in the sack and deliver more pleasure to your partner. If you suffer from ED or Peyronie’s disease, it’s a great way of reducing the negative effects these conditions have on your life.



  • Boosts your performance in the bedroom
  • Great for people with Peyronie’s disease or ED
  • Works to improve overall penis health




Male sex toys are great for many things. While some stimulate your penis and others your prostate, there are also sex toys which improve your partner’s stimulation or improve your performance in the sack. After reading this blog post, you’ve seen the best that male sex toys have to offer. If you are not ready to pay out of pocket now, learn how to make your own toy.

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