Bathmate HydroMax Results & Review [2024] – Before and After Pictures

Hydromax(Previously known as Bathmate) makes a wide selection of penis pumps, each of which has its own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. Ever since the penis pump was invented, men around the world have been looking for the perfect model that will get them the best possible results. In this article we cover Hydromax; a dynamic group of penis pumps that are seen as some of the most effective pumps in the game.

The Hydromax series is one of the best in the game. It’s tried and tested and got me the results I was looking for. Let’s take a look.

Can you trust the Bathmate Brand?

Instinctively, quite a few of us tend to have some doubts when we first even think about using a gadget to enlarge our penis. Safety is always of paramount importance, and it really helps if we can trust the manufacturer’s brand.

The Bathmate brand has been around since 2006, and that’s more than enough time for them to establish their rep. It also helps that Bathmate has already sold more than a million of their hydro pump units. Surely, if these pumps were unsafe or ineffective, people would know by now.It helps that the brains working in Bathmate all know what they’re doing. John Edwin Oakes is the Chief Designer and he has a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. He also has more than 35 years of experience in just about every aspect of automated engineering and manufacturing.

In fact, Oakes developed his hydrotherapy pump to help his friend. That friend wasn’t simply looking for a way to enlarge his penis. The friend was an athlete who suffered a serious spinal injury from a motorcycle accident. Consequently, he could no longer have and keep an erection.Oakes developed the hydro pump design as a better alternative to all the standard penis pumps of the time. He reasoned that, since the penis is itself an organ that operates hydraulically (with liquids flowing in and out of it during erections), it makes more sense to use water instead of air to create the needed vacuum to exert pressure.

Bathmate is made in the UK. They use highly-trained workers to create the hydro pumps, using only the highest quality materials including premium stainless steels and high-strength polycarbonate.

How does Bathmate Hydromax work?

Penis pumps help you get an erection by using suction to force more blood into the penis. This is done by way of a vacuum chamber where you insert your penis. This then promotes blood flow towards the penis, forcing an erection. Penis pumps help in getting a better erection and even help to battle issues like Peyronie’s disease (curved penis) and ED. Prolonged use of penis pumps does increase the size of your penis according to research.

The Hydromax series is much like any other penis pump in that it has a chamber that you place your penis into. A vacuum is then created in this chamber in order to promote blood flow to the area, which in turn causes your erection to become firmer, larger, and thicker.

In case of Bathmate Hydromax, the vacuum is created using water, which means the toy does have to be used in the bath or shower for the best results. However, this does make it more effective, and also decreases the risk of penis injuries (and who likes a penis injury…?).

Even though penis pumps like the ones in the Hydromax series give you instant results, the results aren’t long-term. However, if used consistently, the Hydromax series can cause a slight permanent increase in penis size too. It’s often recommended to use the toy for up to 15 minutes per day for multiple months for the best long-term results.

When being used to treat erectile dysfunction, the process is much the same as a normal use. The extra blood flow forces an erection. After pumping, supplementation by way of a cock ring is often used to ensure the erection is maintained for a longer period of time.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Advantages

But with the Bathmate pumps, you get a design that addresses these issues.

No Straps: The Bathmate pumps use water to extend the penis. It basically acts as a water pump, so you don’t have any straps that tighten just below the head of your penis. Yes, it can get very uncomfortable, but only if you don’t follow directions. But if you follow the instructions properly, it’s painless.

15 Minutes a Day: Instead of wearing a penis extender for 8 hours each day, with a Bathmate hydro pump you only need to use it for 3 sessions each day. Each session lasts 5 minutes, so that’s a total of 15 minutes per day.

You can perhaps do a single session when you take a bath right before you get to work. Then you can do your 2nd session right when you arrive home from work. Finally, the 3rd session can be done right before you go to sleep.

It’s a lot easier, compared to enduring some level of discomfort for 8 hours a day! Seriously, that can be a real bummer especially if you work in an office with coworkers around.

Immediate Gains: For semi-permanent gains, you still need to use the Bathmate device for at least a couple of months. By that time, you’ll see a noticeable improvement.

But you’ll also see some improvement right after a pumping session. It will seem bigger, though the improvement won’t last. But it’s enough to get you ready in case you foresee a good chance for sex later in the evening. This is one of the reasons that quite a few male porn stars use Bathmate right before shooting a sex scene.

Different Bathmate Hydro Pump Models

Hydro (Hydro7) Low Power

If you are a beginner who just wants to use bathmate for better erection and have an average erect penis size less than 7inches,it is a good fit. It is the cheapest Bathmate model.

The Hydro series is actually among the latest models, as the Hydromax and the HydroXtreme came first. But Bathmate took notice of some user comments about the power of the Bathmate hydro pumps. Quite a few comments were about how the power can be too much. Since there was a demonstrable demand for a low-powered hydro pump, Bathmate fortunately obliged.

That’s where the Hydro series comes in. Actually, there’s only a single hydro pump model in this “series”, so I don’t know if you can even call this a series. This is the Hydro7, which is available in 3 colors. It’s the most affordable of all the Bathmate hydro pumps.

The Hydro7 has its pressure levels set significantly lower than the other series. That makes it great for newbies to the hydro pump, or to penis extenders in general.

After all, you have to ease yourself (and your penis) into the exercises. It’s not really a good idea to jump right out into maximum power levels, as you may be (unpleasantly) surprised at how those power levels will feel.

It’s like getting used to lower weights first when you’re just beginning your strength training. You’ll strain your muscles if you suddenly try lifting 350-pound weights in your first go.

As the “7” in the model name indicates, this model is best suited for average guys, whose erect penis stands between 5 to 7 inches long.

You can check full review of this model here.

Hydromax Series(Most Popular and Standard Power)

The Hydromax pumps offer significantly higher pressure levels. It’s best if you’re already used to these devices because these pumps are 35% more powerful. But more men than I ever suspected want that power since this is the best-selling penis pump not just among the Bathgate models.

It’s the most popular penis pump in the industry. Perhaps it’s because the greater pressure power offers quicker improvements. Some guys also like the temporary effects immediately after a session.

In any case, here’s a quick look at the available Hydromax models:


  • For men whose penis length are up-to 3 inches when erect
  • It’s considered a “micropenis pump” although some men may not appreciate the label. But at least they now have a device specifically meant for that particular penis length.


  • For Penis length is within 3 to 5 inches when erect.
  • If your penis length is below average, then this is meant to get you up to the average length.


  • It’s meant for penis lengths between 5 and 7 inches.
  • You’ll get your average penis into the “above average” level, and you’ll achieve this in a relatively shorter time.

Hydromax7 Wide Boy

What if your problem isn’t about the length of your penis, but about your penis girth instead? This model was designed to specifically address that issue. The Wide Boy can help your penis become thicker to better match your penis length.


This is for guys who already have a penis measuring 7 to 9 inches.

HydroXtreme Series (High Power)

This is the most powerful of the lot, so you really need to be careful. But this also comes with a special valve that accommodates a handball manual pump. None of the other hydro pumps can use the handball pump at all.

To use this, you start off with the usual routine. That is, you fill up the hydro pump with warm water, stick your penis in, and then seal the pump to your body. But this time, you can use the handball to manually pump up the water to increase the vacuum pressure. That’s how it’s even more powerful than the Hydromax series.

This time, there are 6 models available.


This is actually the most recent addition to the HydroXtreme lineup. Bathmate listened to comments and requests regarding a powerful hydro pump for guys with a really small penis. With this model, you can turn a so-called “micropenis” into an average Joe. It won’t take too long, either.


This time, it’s set for guys whose penis measures between 3 and 5 inches. You’re below average at the start, and with this you can be above average quickly.


This is for average guys, and afterwards you can’t use the word “average” to describe your penis. If you’re into shooting your own sex videos and you’re worried about being teased in the comments afterwards when the videos go public, this is what you want to use.

HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy

This time, you have a hydro pump for those who are more worried about how thin their penises are. It’s designed to increase penis girth.


At this point, I’m seriously wondering why guys would use this. It’s actually designed for those whose penis is already between 7 and 9 inches long.


Is there even an actual demand for this? Maybe, though personally, I think that Bathmate made this just to break industry records. This is the largest hydro pump in the Bathmate lineup, and it’s for those guys whose penis is already longer than 9 inches and somehow that’s not enough.

How to Pick the Right Model?

This will depend on exactly how you define what’s “right”. There are several ways you can pick.

Their products

Hydromax has three unique series that you can choose from, each tailoring to slightly different needs while still being dynamic in use. First, there’s the hydro series. These penis pumps are gentle, and the perfect option if you’re new to pumping the junk. It was actually the first model using water to create a vacuum, which is far superior and safer than the traditional approach. This model is the least expensive, but also the least effective when compared to the other two.

The second series of penis pumps is the Hydromax series. It has about 35% more power than the original Hydromax series and is great if you’re a little more experienced, or if you’re just looking for a more powerful penis pump. This model boasts an extreme level of customer satisfaction and is one of their best-selling models. Even though it offers more power, it can still be used safely by less experienced users.

Lastly, we have the Hydro Xtreme which is suitable for an even larger range of experience levels. It can be used well by beginners but more experienced users will really see the benefits that this pump has to offer. The suction on this bad boy is, well, extreme! If you’re a veteran then this pump will still be able to challenge you.

Who are their products for?

The Hydromax series are great for beginners right the way through to advanced users. They’ve made each model to suit a certain kind of user, but have still ensured that the more powerful models can still be used by less experienced users. This ensures you can journey from beginner to advanced user with the same pump, in some cases. Each series has three sizes for you to choose from so you can ensure there is plenty of room to grow.

Penis Size
Penis Size
0-5 Inch
0-5 Inch
5-7 inch
5-7 inch
7-9 inch
7-9 inch
9+ inches
9+ inches

By the Length of Your Erect Penis

If you’ve checked out the descriptions for the various models, then you’d know that each one was designed for a particular penis length. It’s best if you really match the model to the penis length for better comfort.

Here’s a quick guide on which models will suit you, based on the length of your penis when it’s erect:

Up to 5 inches

  • Hydromax3

  • Hydromax5

  • HydroXtreme3

  • HydroXtreme5

5 Inches to 7 Inches

7 Inches to 9 Inches

  • Hydromax9

  • HydroXtreme9

More Than 9 Inches

  • HydroXtreme11

By Price

Okay, these days we’re all watching our budget as well. The good news is that even the most expensive hydro pump models in the Bathmate lineup are all reasonably affordable. They’re certainly more affordable than any surgical options!

Here you’ll find the latest prices, and we’ve grouped the models into 3 price categories:

Budget Models

  • Hydro7: $110

Midlevel Models

  • Hydromax3: $129

  • Hydromax5: $139

  • Hydromax7: $159

  • Hydromax7 Wide Boy: $179

  • Hydromax9: $199

  • HydroXtreme3: $209

Premium Models

  • HydroXtreme5: $249

  • HydroXtreme7: $299

  • HydroXtreme7 Wide Boy: $319

  • HydroXtreme9: $349

  • HydroXtreme11: $399

It’s crucial that you buy your Bathmate hydro pumps only from the official Bathmate website ( It doesn’t matter if you find another website that offers lower prices, or maybe offers other freebies that the Bathmate site doesn’t offer. That’s just too risky.

If you buy from other sites, then you may end up with fakes. Or, you may end up with used Bathmate hydro pumps. That’s like buying used underwear for you to use afterwards.

My experience and Results using Bathmate Hydromax For 6 Months

The Hydromax series has always been very popular, so it was only a matter of time until I tested them for myself. Given the fact that it was far from my first time using a penis pump, I went with the Hydroxtreme option.

My initial thoughts were that the toy felt and looked good. There wasn’t much special about it other that that way it works. 

However, it surpassed my expectations vastly. Not only did I manage to gain an inch in the four months using the product, but I also had some of the best (and hardest) nights of my life after using it.

When you first insert your penis and press the base firmly against your body, you have no idea what you’re about to experience. Then, as you remove the water, you get an idea of why this series is so damn popular. The first time you also slightly worry if your wang isn’t about to be sucked off your body.

The suction it creates is almost instant and the forced erection quickly follows. In the first few minutes, you see your penis grow to full size. After this, it just continues to swell and gets harder the longer it’s on for. It’s sure fun when trying to impress your first date.

Penis pumps are also great for people with ED. It may not help in the most serious of ED cases, but it sure will help anyone suffering from mild forms of ED.

After the 10-15 minutes are up, you will notice that your penis is larger and thicker. The more I used the product, the more control I had over my erection too.

I also noticed that a slight numbing effect takes place during use, which could be fantastic for people who suffer from premature ejaculation. It certainly kept me going for a little while longer!

All in all, the Hydromax I tried was certainly worth every penny. It helped improve sex instantly but also delivered on the results they promise their users. There’s nothing more you can ask of a penis pump really!

Bathmate Routine for Beginners

For beginners, here is a sample of routines that can be done for the first 60 days. This set of routines is designed to provide the basic knowledge of using Bathmate properly. so, read on to learn the basics about warming up properly with this guide.

Monday & Tuesday Wednesday Thursday & Friday Saturday & Sunday
1st Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 5 to 7 minutes while your penis is in a flaccid state to warm up then cool down. Take a break.


Use Bathmate Hydromax for 5 to 7 minutes while your penis is in a flaccid state to warm up then cool down. Take a break.
2nd Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a flaccid state to warm up then cool down. Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a flaccid state to warm up then cool down. Take a break.
3rd Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a semi-erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a semi-erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break.
4th Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a semi-erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in a semi-erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break.
5th Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 8 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break.
6th Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 10 to 11 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down. Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 10 to 11 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down. Take a break.
7th Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 12 to 15 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 12 to 15 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break.
8th Week Use Bathmate Hydromax for 14 to 18 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down.


Take a break. Use Bathmate Hydromax for 14 to 18 minutes while your penis is in an erect state to warm up then cool down. Take a break.


If this routine doesn’t work with your current schedule, you can always edit it. That important thing is that you have a rest day every other day after your workout.

Manual Exercises with Bathmate (Optional)

Once you finish the initial 60 days, your penis will get used to its feel. Thus, you can move to pump routines that can last up to 20 minutes. But even though Bathmate works fine on its own, incorporating it with manual exercises can also boost its growth potential.

Monday & Tuesday Wednesday Thursday & Friday Saturday & Sunday
9th Week Warm up then jelq and stretch for 5 minutes with full pressure while your penis is soft. Take a rest. Warm up then jelq and stretch for 5 minutes with full pressure while your penis is soft. Take a rest.
10th Week Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 8 minutes with full pressure while your penis is soft. Take a rest. Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 8 minutes with full pressure while your penis is soft. Take a rest.
11th Week Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 8 minutes with full pressure while your penis is semi-erect. Take a rest. Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 8 minutes with full pressure while your penis is semi-erect. Take a rest.
12th Week Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 10 minutes with full pressure while your penis is semi-erect. Take a rest. Warm up then jelq for 5 minutes then stretch for 10 minutes with full pressure while your penis is semi-erect. Take a rest.


Just like the previous routine, you can also manage this schedule as long as you can have enough rest.


Tips on Using the Bathmate the Right Way

Okay, with Bathmate you need to make sure you’re using the device the right way. This is perhaps the most important issue you have to keep in mind. Use it wrong, and the consequences can be disastrous. And you don’t want the word “disastrous” to be ever connected to your penis.

Here are some tips that should help you use the Bathmate correctly:

Pick the Right Size

This is the first step. To get things right, the correct model size is crucial. That starts with measuring your penis. You have to measure your penis not only because you need the right model size, but also because you want to confirm that the Bathmate is working for you.

How do you do this? First, get an erection. Online porn can always help with that. Next, just measure using a tape measure. That way, you can measure a somewhat curved penis with greater accuracy.

There are several reasons why you’ll want to get the right size:

  • You get better results when you get the model best suited for your penis size.

  • You save money, since you’re not buying a bigger hydro pump that also costs more.

  • It just feels better when the hydro pump size matches your penis size.

  • The smaller pumps are also generally easier to handle than the bigger models.

  • It’s also easier to track your size gains when you’re using the right hydro pump model size.

Then go to this quiz page and input your measurement.

Ignore the Whole “No Pain, No Gain” Mantra

That may work for other things, but it doesn’t work for the Bathmate. In fact, if you’re feeling some sort of pain, then you’re doing something wrong. You have to stop whatever it you’re doing, and then lower the pressure on your penis.

When you’re using the Bathmate, it should actually feel nice. This is one of the major advantages of Bathmate over conventional penis extenders that use straps for a secure hold. With those devices, you’re required to tolerate some pain before you get used to it. The pain then becomes merely uncomfortable.

With other devices, it’s a major advantage if there’s no pain. But with Bathmate, they don’t just take out the pain. They make it feel good.

Watch Videos

When you buy your Bathmate hydro pump, you will always get a set of detailed instructions. You have to follow those instructions faithfully. Of course, it’s better if you can watch a demo video on how you can use your Bathmate properly and safely.

That may be off-putting for some guys, but it has to be done. You can always watch the videos while you’re alone in the bathroom. That way, you can go straight to using the Bathmate.

Start Gently

If you’re new to the whole Bathmate idea, you may want to go with the Hydro7 model. Sure, the one-size-fits-all idea isn’t all that great. But at least you have 35% lower pressure to content with. It’s a much safer option, and it’s a lot more difficult to hurt yourself with this model.

You should also start with maybe 2 sessions per day instead of the 3 daily sessions, and that’s only 10 minutes per day. You don’t even have to do it daily, if you’re an absolute beginner. You can maybe start with 2 sessions a week, and then you can gradually increase the frequency.

Don’t Use It While Drunk

I don’t know if anybody else had this problem, but I certainly did. After a few drinks, I feel a bit “in the mood”. A nice 5-minute sessions, to my inebriated mind, seems just about right.

But doing this while drunk is a bit like driving while drunk. It’s not recommended at all. Keep your Bathmate under lock and key if you decide to take even a single drink, to be on the safe side.

If your inebriated mind still insists on doing this, try to do something challenging first to prove that you’re “of sound mind”. For me, that means completing a hard-level Sudoku puzzle in under 10 minutes.

Shave Around Your Penis

Using the Bathmate involves pressing the device against your skin to get an effective seal (and vacuum). For lots of guys, this means shaving off the pubic area completely.

It’s not such a bad thing, because you get rid of the pubic hair that can prevent an effective seal from taking place. Some partners also prefer it, as it seems neater and cleaner. Also, the lack of pubic hair can make your penis seem even bigger.

Clean the Device Regularly

Preferably, clean it every day. It’s like underwear—a single day of use can really make things icky. Your Bathmate manual will contain directions on how to clean the device properly. Bathmate even offers an optional cleaning kit designed specifically for hydro pumps.

But cleaning the device isn’t all that complicated. Usually, just soap and water will do just fine, plus a sex toy cleaner

Here are some cleaning tips for the various models:

Cleaning the Hydro

The Hydro7 is quick and easy to clean, as it’s also a single component. Cleaning the Hydro should take you maybe a minute or two. But you may need a couple of hours to dry the device.

Just make sure you clean the pump cylinder thoroughly. Failure to do so can lead to an infection, and that’s another word you don’t want to use in the same sentence as your penis. You have to clean the device after each time you use it.

If you use the foam comfort pad, you can’t clean it completely. That’s because it’s porous, and the dirt can get in deep. Eventually, it will get too dirty and you’ll have to replace it (Bathmate sells replacements for this).

Cleaning the Hydromax

It’s like cleaning the Hydro—you need a minute or two, and maybe 2 hours for drying. Again, you’ll have to replace the foam comfort pad eventually when it gets too dirty.

Cleaning the HydroXtreme

You have more parts to clean with this series, as you also have to deal with the hand pump and the hand pump pipe. But that should only take you about 5 minutes or so.

The main “problem” is that you can’t open the handpump, so drying this can take half a day. During the winter season, it can take longer.

How Safe is Bathmate?

When it comes to any device that you used in close contact with your penis, it’s natural to worry about safety. Even imagining any sort of potential issue that can hurt your penis can make you wince. This is the reason why Bathmate fans don’t even wish to consider other types of penis extenders. These devices include weights, strap-on traction devices, and even penis pumps that use air instead of water.

And with these devices, potential problems include pain, erectile dysfunction, and impotence. There may be some damage done to blood cells and tissues. You may even end up having trouble urinating. The devices such as the strap-on traction gadgets can also cause infections. Bathmate hydro pumps, in contrast, are much safer—provided you use them correctly. You don’t even suffer skin rashes and other similar skin irritations. The Bathmate hydro pumps all use absolutely skin-safe materials.

But there are some other potential issues that you should keep in mind.

Expected Discomfort

While the Bathmate isn’t supposed to be painful at any time, for some users there may be some level of discomfort involved. This is especially true if you’re an absolute beginner to these types of devices.

You also have to understand that you’re basically exercising your penis, and exercises aren’t meant to be completely pleasant and comfy experiences. It’s just like sprinting or lifting weights—it’s not surprising that there’s some level of discomfort along the way.

Red Dots

This is a problem that you get when you see small red dots on the skin of your penis. About 1 in 5 users report this, but this isn’t a problem exclusive to Bathmate products. You get red dots using similar devices made by other brands. Some people even report this issue when they’re into manual penile stretching exercises, and not using any sort of device at all.

But the red dots issue isn’t really all that serious. They’re actually very small, and they’re generally harmless. They just look strange. At least this problem goes away on its own after a few days. After 2 or 3 days, they’ll be gone as long as you stop using the Bathmate (or any similar device) in the meantime.

In fact, you can take the red dots as warning signs, and they’re saying that you’re doing things wrong. When red dots appear, you just need to stop until they disappear. Then you can resume using the Bathmate, but you need to tone things down. Either you reduce the pressure levels, or you shorten the time you use the hydro pump.

Then you can slowly increase things over the next few days. If you familiarize yourself with the sensation first, those red dots won’t come back.

So far, there have been no reports about anyone sporting huge red dots as a consequence of using Bathmate. But it’s possible, at least in theory. If you become the first case of huge red dots, then you should see your doctor right away. Of course, you better stop using your Bathmate until you get a go signal from your doctor.

Bathmate and Privacy

For some people, the main reason why they don’t even think about getting a Bathmate is that it’s just embarrassing. They can just imagine the kind of teasing they’ll get if word about this thing spreads around town. It can get so mortifying that they may even have to move out of town.

But no one has to know about it:

  • Obviously, if you want to keep a secret then you tell no one about it.

  • The Bathmate packaging and labeling are very discreet.

  • Your credit card statement will use a generic-sounding name, with no hint about the product you bought.

  • Because it’s unlikely that you’ll have a serious medical issue when using the device, you won’t even have to tell your doctor.

Immediate and Long-Term Effects

The main thing about Bathmate results is that it’s different for each person. In fact, for quite a few people it doesn’t have any sort of effect at all. But for some, the effects are quite noticeable.

After a single session, your penis may seem bigger than usual right away. This effect can last for hours, which is why some guys use this when taking a bath right before a date.

On the other hand, for new users, the effect can make the penis feel a lot more sensitive. Indulging in sex when you’re in this state can be painful. But it doesn’t happen all the time, and it rarely happens when you’re already used to the hydro pump sensation.

Each session also marginally increases your length and girth. You’ll only notice the difference cumulatively, after 2 or 3 daily sessions for several months.

Bathmate Cons

While Bathmate hydro pumps offer a lot of advantages, there are some drawbacks that must be acknowledged.

It Doesn’t Work for Everyone

This is something that Bathmate can’t do anything about. But at least according to the customer reviews, it works for maybe 75% to 80% (at least) of all users. So, there’s still a good chance that it will work for you.

The Guarantee Is Only for 60 Days

It’s great that Bathmate offers a satisfaction guarantee, and you can get a refund with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied with it.

But this is only for 60 days, and that’s too short a time to notice significant improvements. Sure, Bathmate reported that in their 2020 survey involving more than 12,000 customers, more than 81% of them reported having a better or longer erection after 2 months.

Newbies, on the other hand, need more time to check if it’s really working for them.

The Optional Comfort Pads Don’t Work Very Well

This is why some people stop using them. The main problem is that while they do feel more comfortable in contact with your skin, it makes it more difficult to get an effective seal to get the hydro pump working.

The Shower Straps Aren’t Very Comfortable

Shower straps can be fitted to the hydro pumps when you’re showering, so you can wear the hydro pumps and still have 2 hands-free to clean the rest of your body.

But the straps are a bit too thin, so they’re not as comfortable to wear as they ought to be. A larger pad would be a lot nicer.

The Measuring Stickers Don’t Make Sense

Yes, on the side of the pumps you have a measuring sticker so you’re getting a fair idea of how long your penis is, currently.

But then again, you’re also compressing the soft silicone material against your body, so the length varies as you press down hard on it. The length of the pump keeps changing as you continually press down, so the measurements change as well.

Bathmate actually sells an external ruler to address the issue, but even that isn’t a perfect solution. That’s because the zero measurement isn’t set at the very edge of the ruler. So, you’re going to have to take that tiny space into account when you do your measurements.

Specific Pros and Cons of Bathmate Hydro Pump Model Series

Hydro Pros

Affordable :It’s the most affordable among all the hydro pumps that Bathmate offers. You get great value for your money, because it still uses that hydro vacuum design.

Very Safe: This is perhaps its most important selling point. The Hydromax is 35% more powerful, so in comparison you’re much less likely to hurt yourself when you’re using the Hydro7. This is great for absolute beginners, as you’re not punished too much if you do things wrong (which you’re apt to do when you’re a newbie).

Easy to Clean: It takes only a minute or two to clean, so it’s not a problem at all.

Hydro Cons

One Size Fits All: The Bathmate hydro pump is a lot more effective (and feels better to use) when the model size matches the penis size. But here, you only get a single model suited for penises up to 7 inches long. You have to use it if you’re a newbie and you only measure 3 inches (or even less).

It would’ve been nice if Bathmate offered the lower power for different sizes. If they can do this for the Hydromax and the HydroXtreme, then why not with the Hydro?

Limited Gains : The power isn’t all that much, which can limit your size gains. You may end up upgrading to another model after a year or so, because by then you won’t enjoy noticeable gains anymore.

The limited power also limits the immediate after-session improvements. It also takes longer for you to get the more permanent size gains.

Hydromax Pros

It Really Improves the Length- Lots of people report at least an extra half-inch in penis length in just 2 months of using the Hydromax. In some cases, they even report an increase of 0.65 inches.

The Power Is Quite Satisfactory for Advanced Users: It’s considerably more powerful than the Hydro, so you get better gains in a shorter amount of time. You can also use this for a longer time, as you won’t plateau with your gains too soon.

The Price is Right: It’s not very expensive, so you get great value for the money.

There Are Different Model Sizes: That means you’re able to get the model size that’s best suited for your length. There’s even a Wide Boy version that focuses more on the girth.

Hydromax Cons

The Standard Models Don’t Do Much for Girth- You may enjoy an increase of at least 0.65 inches for the penis length. But that can make things look weird when you only get a girth increase of 0.1 inches. That means you may have to get the Wide Boy version afterwards, just to get things in proper proportion.

The Power Can be Too Much for Newbies: This isn’t really the right model for those who are brand new to Bathmate products. The instructions must be carefully followed, or else the powerful pressure can lead to unpleasant side effects (such as pain).

HydroXtreme Pros

Again, Lots of Different Model Sizes

You even get a size for those who are already longer than 9 inches. But more importantly, there’s a model specifically designed for penises that are less than 3 inches long.

The Handpump is Terrific

The handpump is a feature you don’t get with the other models. It makes the pumping process a lot more efficient, so you’re able to do things correctly. It cuts down on making mistakes that can lead to pain.

In addition, you can even use the HydroXtreme for air pumping. The handpump makes that possible. That lets you use the pump even when you’re in bed or when watching TV.

You Get Better and Faster Results

You’ll get more gains, and in a shorter time, too.

HydroXtreme Cons

It’s More Expensive

You get what you pay for. Since you’re getting a lot here, you’re paying more as well.

It Takes Longer to Clean

It’s really a problem when you’re drying the device.


Is it safe to use penis pumps like the Hydromax series?

The Hydromax series has been tested by countless individuals and it’s for good reason that this penis pump is so popular. Out of all the penis pumps on the market, the Hydromax series is hands-down one of the safest options to use.

The water-based vacuum ensures penis injuries are prevented and they’ve even worked to tackle burst blood vessels. These are harmless but can be unsightly or cause slight discomfort.

Of course, there is always a chance of a small injury or issues due to improper use. Some things you can do to prevent this are stretching the penis and warming it up GENTLY prior to using the pump. Especially when flaccid, your penis is quite delicate so warming it up with a warm compress and some basic stretching can help prevent tissue injuries.Bathmate red dot issue

One other thing to keep in mind when using the Hydromax series is not to go too fast right off the batt. This is a big problem amongst beginners when they want fast results. Go easy on yourself and get to know your limits before sucking all the blood out of your body only to hurt yourself in the process.

Also, always think carefully about any past or present health issues you may have. Anything to do with your heart or circulatory system, you should probably consult your GP about before using the toy. Strokes, heart problems or issues with blood pressure are common conditions where it’s worth speaking to a doctor about beforehand.

If you follow these tips then I have yet to hear of an instance where there have been penis injuries when using a penis pump!


Are there any side effects?

Apart from a larger, thicker and better-performing penis? There are a few you may experience…

One “side-effect,” if you can call it that, is that there’s a chance you may get a burst blood vessel while using it. These are usually few and far between, and are also harmless and most often painless.

Some people also experience small red bumps that come and go during and after use. These bumps go away over time and aren’t a cause for concern. This is just your body’s reaction to the vacuum and is, again, harmless.

One last side-effect I’ve already covered in my review is that the vacuum seems to slightly numb your penis for a little while. This is commonly considered a positive side effect so isn’t one I’ll go into here.

Apart from these minor side effects, I haven’t experienced or heard of any major issues when using the Hydromax series.


Never used a penis pump before? Check out this article by Medical News Today which will help you on your way to safe penis pumping!


Will it help cure my erectile dysfunction?

Maybe, maybe not. There are many success stories that can be found online from people who cured their ED. Obviously a toy like this improves the blood flow in your penis which, in the long run, can reduce or eliminate ED.

Most of the time, people with ED use penis pumps like the Hydromax series to achieve an erection. Something like a cock ring can then help them to maintain their erection for an extended period of time, therefore allowing people with ED to experience sex again.

So, yes, the Hydromax series will make it possible for you to enjoy great sex if you suffer from ED. Whether it will cure your ED, in the long run, isn’t something I can guarantee, but there are certainly a lot of instances where it seems to work.

Why Not Use Penis Extenders instead of Penis Pump?

If you are using penis pump for only better erection or quick gains,then extenders cannot be used as an alternative.

Penis extenders such as Phallosan and Quick Extender Pro are used for permanent long term gain in your penis length and girth. These devices extend the penis using traction force. Generally, your penis grows larger by using a traction device that pulls on your penis. You can find that you can enjoy gains of at least half an inch up to an inch or more after usage of 800-1000 hours over 5-8 months.

But there are caveats. These devices come with certain drawbacks you’d have to live with.

Discomfort Levels

This is perhaps the main point of traction devices. No pain, no gain, so to speak. The good news is that with the best penis traction devices, the pain can be minimized. But even with the best devices, you’d still have to put up with a certain level of discomfort.This is because you have an extending support piece that extends your penis using straps to secure the grasp on your penis. In most cases, you have a single strap that you put on right below the head of the penis. This can get very painful when you tighten the strap around the penis.

Sure, there are penis extenders that use a double strap system to reduce the discomfort level. But you still have straps tightened around your penis. You may get used to the feeling, but that uncomfortable feeling of traction will always be there.

Hours of Use

Traction devices for your penis work best when you can use them for many hours during the day. In fact, you’d have to gradually work up to being able to use this for maybe 8 hours a day.

Slow Gains

Finally, you can’t get immediate improvements. The improvements are so gradual that you’d only notice the improvements after about a month or so. You’d also need 6 to 8 months of use to enjoy substantial improvements of close to an inch added to your penis length and girth.

When Should You Stop Using Your Bathmate Hydro Pump?

In this day and age of political correctness, we’re supposed to say that you ought to do what you want to feel better about yourself. There’s nothing wrong or unethical about trying to enlarge your penis with the Bathmate hydro pumps, just like there’s nothing wrong about women who get breast enhancement surgery. Everyone has the right to be happy with their body.

But the thing is, with many of the Bathmate Hydro Pumps, you’re promised to get a larger penis even when your penis size is already larger than average. Here, there are hydro pump models that are meant for penis that are already 7 inches long. Some are even designed to enlarge penises that are already 9 or even 11 inches long!

When is it time to say that enough is enough? Personally, I really feel that if you’re already 7 inches long when erect, it may be time to rest on your laurels. In fact, if you already measure at least 6 inches, then perhaps you don’t really need a penis enlarger device at all.

Which leads us to the Bathmate products. Do they work? Yes, for most people they do.

But the results are, for the most part, impermanent. That’s not unusual, as it’s like muscle-building. Once you get the large muscles you want, you still need to work out regularly to maintain those muscles.

The same goes for your larger penis, courtesy of the Bathmate device. You will still need to use the hydro pump regularly, to maintain the size of your penis. It’s just like working out for the rest of your life.

But it’s not really all that inconvenient, when you think about it. Instead of devoting 15 minutes a day (which isn’t really bad if you think about it), maintenance requires maybe just 2 sessions

How can I get the best results out of my Hydromax pump?

This really depends on why you’re using the pump. Some people use it to cure ED while others want to increase their penis size. If you just want to have better sex now, just using the pump once for 10-15 minutes before having sex can help you maintain a harder and bigger erection, while also helping you last longer.

If you want to try and cure your ED or increase your penis size, then following a routine is needed to get the results you’re after. This routine consists of daily use for around 15 minutes and will require you to pace yourself.

Occasional off-days are also needed to give your penis some time to rest. If you think it will be easy then think again! It can take months to get results using a penis pump. There’s no short cut either so make sure you’re committed to seeing it through.

Comparison of Hydromax models
Hydromax vs hydroextreme comparison



  • A mixture of sizes and vacuum strength available which make this product range very accessible.
  • Water-based vacuum system prevents penis injuries
  • Delivers results. If it doesn’t, you get your money back from the company!
  • 2-year warranty included so you don’t have to worry about issues occurring during use
  • Helps against ED as well as premature ejaculation



  • Takes a long time to see lasting size increases
  • Even though it’s just a one-time investment, the price is high



The Hydromax series is an extremely popular series of penis pumps. Not only have they been proven effective in increasing penis size based on countless testimonials, but they also help people with issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Penis pumps are an asset to any man who owns one, and getting one from this series is highly recommended if you want results in a safe manner.

So, should you try a Bathmate hydro pump? If you have a small penis, then yes, you should! In fact, even if you have an average penis size, you may still want to use this. It’s not just about the size gains you can enjoy. The Bathmate hydro pumps promote sexual health, and good sexual health is a crucial part of a person’s happiness. Just be careful with it, and it will take care of you.