What is Phallosan Forte:A Brief Background of Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte is an innovative vacuum technology (by Swiss Sana) designed to execute the most efficient stretching to increase penis length and improvee penis size without urological surgery. The medical material it utilizes ensures safety, efficacy, and comfort while enhancing erection quality. This is best suitable for people who are suffering from penile curvature and Peyronie’s Disease. With Phallosan Forte, men can experience enhanced self-esteem and satisfactory intercourse. 

Phallosan Forte Benefits

Check out some of Phallosan Forte’s benefits below.

  1. It can be worn for twelve consecutive hours
  2. Zero side effects
  3. Comfortable design
  4. Effective construction
  5. It can be discreetly worn in public
  6. Suction pump and Tension gauge Designed for day and overnight use



How Phallosan Forte Improves Penis Length?

When human body sections are exposed to several stressors such as tension or pressure, new tissue will develop. 

This is what you call cellular division. Cellular division is a process wherein a single cell is divided into multiple cells. In today’s medicine, you will see studies about this method of treatment. 

This method is typically used in skin transplants and cases wherein medical experts temporarily stretch a patient’s skin tissue to create extra skin for transplant processes. Medical experts can also modify leg lengths by using the same stretching method. 

Orthopedic doctors have even been improving the length of human legs through this medical method for more than two decades already. This leg-lengthening technique allows the human body to produce extra muscle and connective tissue. This is possible without having to cause any form of damages to the nerves and blood vessels of the legs. Phallosan Forte penis extender utilizes a similar method for lengthening men’s penises.

How Phallosan Forte Helps Men Gain Self-Esteem?

Most men want a longer and larger penis for a reason. It’s because they want to gain more confidence or attain an enhanced body image in shower rooms and other public places. Phallosan Forte makes this possible. 

This device enables longtime wear and even overnight, which means men can get a larger and longer penis easily and quickly.

How Phallosan Forte Prevents Urological Surgery Side Effects?

How Phallosan Forte Prevents Urological Surgery Side Effects?

When bladder or prostate surgery is required, penile shortening is one of its side effects. A few days after a surgical operation scars the penis’s skin, the skin around the organ starts to shrink. 

Scar retraction causes the organ to move inside the body slowly. However, this innovative method is a hundred percent non-invasive technique to stop penis shrinking from happening. This method can even reverse the scar retraction effects. 

Medical experts suggest that patients use Phallosan Forte as soon as their surgical operation is finished. This is to prevent side effects from occurring immediately after. Suppose you have just noticed the penile shortening a few months after the surgical operation. In that case, Phallosan Forte will still work on you as it helps you regain its lost length.

How Phallosan Forte Enhances Erection Quality?

 At some point in most men’s lives, they experience erectile dysfunction. Patients who have erectile dysfunction can potentially suffer from diminished self-esteem and a low sense of well-being. 

Erectile dysfunction causes vary from physical problems to mental conditions. When this particular disorder occurs, men suffering from it must immediately and continually see a doctor. 

However, if their diagnosis is associated with mental health concerns or physical conditions, Phallosan Forte can cure the disorder. Based on clinical trials, Phallosan Forte enhances blood circulation and sensitivity, which leads to increased libido and harder erections.

How Phallosan Forte Differs from Other Extenders?

The primary difference may seem unnoticeable on the surface. However, many men have testified that Phallosan Forte felt milder and more comfortable on their penis than the other penis stretcher products they have tried. 

As a sensitive and delicate organ, men shouldn’t risk a tool that might cause pain and irritation to that sensitive area.


Many experts have considered Phallosan Forte as one of the most effective and safest penis enhancing tools designed to improve penis length and size when used regularly. This device is equipped with different sleeves, and each sleeve has different pressure amounts. 

The pressure amounts used will depend on the kind of results they want to see. It also depends on how long they have been enhancing their penis length. 

Hundreds of men who utilize Phallosan Forte have testified that this device has helped them enhance their confidence and sexuality