Quick Extender Pro Review & Results: Is it really #1 extender in USA? [2021]

We’ve reviewed some penis extenders over the last few years, but never the Quick Extender Pro.

At first glance, this unit looks like any other extender on the market. However, this particular device has one major feature that separates it from the rest – the strap system.

The Quick Extender Pro has a double silicone comfort type system instead of the conventional single strap design. They call it the 2nd generation DSS (Dual Strap System) and it offers a few advantages that are worth looking into.

What we want to know is if DSS is more than just a gimmick. Additionally, we’ll try to determine if the device can actually deliver results. Let’s find out!

Product Details

The Quick Extender Pro is a complete penis enlargement system that was designed to help add length and girth to the penis.

HOW IT WORKS. This apparatus uses traction to effectively stretch the penile tissues at a constant force, up to 4000g of adjustable tension exclusive to the Quick Extender Pro. In time, the penis responds to the force applied to it by developing additional penile tissue at the cellular level known as mitosis and cytokinesis, thereby, radically increasing its mass.  This is a natural biological process of the body that is completely painless and 100% safe.

With the Quick Extender Pro, you will start to notice results within the first few weeks.

PACKAGES. Four different Quick Extender Pro packages are available depending on your budget and issue. Three of the packages are for general enlargement purposes while the Curvature and Peyronies Edition is for treating curvatures and adding size.

  • Value Edition
  • Curvature & Peyronies Edition
  • Deluxe Standard Edition
  • Deluxe Limited Edition 

At the basic level, the product includes enough items to get you going. The more expensive packages give you more extras and provide for additional adjustment.



  • 1 2nd Generation Extending Device
  • Materials: Plated aluminum; plastic
  • 2 silicone comfort type straps DSS support 
  • Strap pads: Anti-bacterial memory foam
  • Maximum spring tension: Claimed 4000g
  • 8+ add-on metal rod segments
  • Instruction DVD
  • Bonus Accessories
  • Quick Extender Pro Booster Pump


Impressions and Opinions

First off, I’m impressed with the price. The Value Package was modestly priced at $119 and still has everything that you need to start extending.

For those who can afford more, I would recommend that you take a look at their Deluxe Limited Edition. It includes some nice extras that the cheaper package lacks and includes a stronger overall device. 


WEIGHT. What I noticed right away was how light the whole thing is. It’s lighter than many competing products, and that’s good since it has to be worn for several hours at a time.

While most extenders of this type are made of stainless or plated steel, the metal parts on this one are made from plated aluminum. Combine this with the other parts made of lightweight plastic, and the result is a definite weight saving.


TENSION. One thing that I always do before using a penis extender is to work the spring tensioners by hand. This one got quite stiff as I compressed the springs, but then I realized that it’s rated at a maximum of 4,000 grams of force.

Adjustability is most important. You have to be able to adjust the device to your size and be able to add length in small increments as you become longer.

My sample operated reasonably well and I found no problems with its functionality.

ATTACHMENT. The front piece that holds the straps is a simple yet effective design. 

Unlike most extenders of this type, this one can be used with two silicone comfort style straps. Just place the foam over the silicone straps and stick the ends into the provided holes. You then place your penis through the loops and pull the strap ends downward to tighten.

I typically have no issues with a single strap, so this dual silicone comfort system worked exceptionally well. It held my penis firmly without having to really cinch it down. I experienced no slippage, which is the design purpose of the DSS support, and the memory foam pads made things very comfortable for hours of use.



  • Allows penis to breath
  • Requires only half the normal tension to hold the penis
  • Less discomfort in strap area
  • Eliminates slippage

The Quick Extender Pro includes additional straps that lock the excess silicone that hangs beneath the Glan support to prevent the silicone comfort straps from slipping or coming loose.  Once my penis was fully extended the ends of the straps cleared my testicles and didn’t pose a problem.


ADJUSTMENT. By adding or removing rod segments, I was able to adjust the extender to my size. Once the length is set, the device goes on, and then fine adjustments are made via the thumb-screws.

This system works pretty much the same way on most products of this type. I feel that even the cheapest Quick Extender Pro should offer enough adjustment to accommodate nearly every penis size. Of course, the most expensive versions of this extender will come with more parts for fine-tuning and thus give you even more flexibility in this area.


EFFICACY. From what I can see, there’s no reason why this product would not work for you. The dual strap system holds-on firmly, the penis becomes properly extended, and the device is durable enough to last. It fit me very well and I was able to comfortably wear for many hours and to sleep at night.


Give it several weeks or months, and generating additional length and girth should be no problem.


Here is a user review

Source: BuffaloReport

How to Use the QEP

The basic process is similar to how you’d use any other penile extender. You should first watch the instructional video, so you get a fair idea of what to do.

Once you’re done watching, you should then be able to assemble the device. Configure it so that the top of the two silicone straps are set right under the head of the penis. Gently place the base ring around the base of your penis, and then you pull on the two straps to secure the device. This should be firm enough that it won’t slip.

Now you can adjust the length of the rods, which you’ll find on the side of the penis. The length you pick will set the traction force on your penis. Start with a low setting, and limit your use to just one hour each day for the first week. This gives you time to get used to the feeling.

Consult your manual, which will offer 2 programs for you to choose from. The results are quite fast, as you may notice improvements in just a week of use. Perhaps in the flaccid state, the penis may seem the same after a week, but it’s a different story when you’re erect. The quality of your erections improves, which seems to make your penis even bigger.

Pros and Cons

QEP Pros

Here are some things you’d probably like about the Quick Extender Pro

  • The various packages are comparatively affordable. The top model costs less than $280, while you can find premium packages from other brands costing $1,000.
  • There’s a special edition specifically for overly crooked penises.
  • The amount of force you’re able to use has a higher limit, which increases the amount of the penis size gain while also shortening the time needed. Many of the others go with just 2,800 grams of force. Here, you can go as high up as 4,000 grams of force.
  • At the very least, you get a travel pouch. For a bit more money, you can opt for a great-looking case while you still get that travel pouch (plus lots more accessories.)
  • The warranties are terrific, with the Deluxe even getting a Lifetime warranty.
  • You really get a lot of accessories, and these accessories are all of high quality. For example, you don’t just get plain protection pads. These pads are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, with air pockets for greater ventilation and comfort.
  • The 2 straps really attach the device to your penis more securely, plus it reduces the uncomfortable feeling.
  • The parts are all durable, and easy to clean. They’re designed to last and not smell bad along the way.


  • This may not be for utter newbies to penile extenders. That’s because not very many beginners can stand to deal with 4,000 grams of force. Sure, this is just the maximum and you can start with the minimum force. But some newbies may make the mistake of going too strong too quickly.
  • The model is somewhat bulky compared to other penile extenders. That means you may not be able to wear this while you’re at work.
  • This may seem like a “First World” problem, but here it is: with too many accessories, it’s easy to lose track of a few of them.

The QEP Compared to Other Penile Extenders

So how does it compare to the other models? In general, it’s more affordable while you can get faster results. Still, you get the option to go slow (always a safe bet).

Quick Extender Pro vs. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics works very similarly to QEP. This promises a 10% increase in just 3 months, and then almost a 30% increase in length (and almost 20% gain in girth) after a total of 6 months.

You may also get similar gains with the QEP, except you get them faster. In addition, you’re much more comfortable wearing the QEP than the SizeGenetics device.

Quick Extender Pro vs. Phallosan

The Phallosan device is noted for its use of vacuum technology as a means of stretching the penis. This isn’t really a tried-and-tested method, so you’re gambling a bit here. And gambling may not be the wisest choice when it comes to your penis. You’re risking a lot to gain very little.

Besides, if you’re curious about using vacuum technology, go with the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition. This comes with a vacuum pump as well, which you may want to try out. But you still get the comfortable yet proven design to fall back on.

Personal Results

I followed the directions here to the letter, though of course, I took note of my own personal comfort levels. I used it slowly at first for about a month, until I was able to use it for at least 5 hours a day during the 2nd month. By that time, I was able to deal with the strong tension force.

Did I get longer? Yes, I did. It was very noticeable in the end, as I ended up with 1.25 extra inches. The girth also got bigger by about half an inch (or a bit less). Still, the quality of my erections really improved, which did help in making my penis look better.

Consequently, I felt better about myself too. Sure, it seems shallow that my self-esteem is tied to the size of my penis. But it’s how I feel.


Can I wear it in my trousers?

Yes, but it may look somewhat noticeable. You may want to stick to using this at home when you’re alone, along with loose trousers such as jogging pants.

Can I sleep wearing this?

Yes. The 2 straps won’t let the device slip easily, so it stays on even if you move around a little bit. It may not stay on, however, if you’re having sleep problems and you move around a lot when you sleep.

How long do I need to wear this see results?

Actually, even within 2 weeks, you may notice how your erections are of better quality. But you should plan on wearing this a total of 700 to 1,000 hours, spread over 8 to 10 months. Speed may be good, but better to be sure and safe.

Can it be used to treat curvature?

Yes, as there’s a special edition precisely for this problem.

Where to Buy

Buy only from the official site. You get great discounts, plus you’re certain to get the authentic, brand-new products. You can then make sure you get the warranty as well.

What you don’t want is to go with another seller, who then overcharges you for even fake, or used devices. You may even receive indiscreet packaging and credit card charges. Stay with the website, and you’re good to go. You get the real stuff that actually works, and your penis is safe from harm.

You can watch the official claims about QEP by the company.


As compared to competing products such as SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro is a definite improvement in design. Having two straps instead of one is a lot better at keeping your penis secure and comfortable.

Overall, this is a durable penis enlargement system that’s well-thought-out and has the ability to deliver results.


5 thoughts on “Quick Extender Pro Review & Results: Is it really #1 extender in USA? [2021]”

  1. I have the deluxe version of this product for 6 months now and have crossed 1000 hours of wear so far. Although I aim at wearing it for 8 hours a day, I sometimes wear it up to 12 hours just because it’s so comfortable to wear and tend to forget I have it on. In these few months, I have recorded an increase of 3/4 inch growth in my flaccid state and had my girth move from 3 1/4 to 4.1 inches. Quick Extender Pro really works. If I can get like 2 inches added to my length and then my girth gets to make it to 5 inches with this product, I’ll personally sing of their praise on a rooftop. For the first time in my life, I could wear swim pants and not be ashamed to get out of the water. This might seem like little gains, but it has done wonders for my self-esteem. I’m eagerly looking forward to hitting the 2000 hours mark because I know it’s going to be phenomenal.

  2. I read many positive reviews about Quick Extender before deciding to give it a trial. I got so excited that I ordered it the same day I read reviews on it. The delivery was fast no doubt. But I was highly disappointed when I couldn’t wear it for more than one hour when I got it. I didn’t know that I was adjusting it wrongly. It took me 2 weeks to get the setting that fits me perfectly. I found that I had to first pass the base foam ring under my penis scrotal sac. After which I then draw it so as to release maximum pressure and for my balls to have some space. Ever since I started following this pattern, I found that I can wear it for up to 8 hours. In fact, I plan to extend the wear time to 10-12 hours because it gives me no discomfort whatsoever. I wish the sleeve didn’t have to weaken so soon as I have come to notice. You will notice that as you constantly make use of it, it gets weakened and may not be able to hold your penis firmly with each passing week. I’m not bothered about finding out how much increase I have gotten so far, but I know there is certainly a difference. I want to measure when I must have reached a 2 inches increase. Hopefully, I will remember to leave an update here when I hit my target which is between 7.9 inches to 8 inches.

  3. This is not the first time I’m making use of a penis enlargement device. My journey with it dates back over three years ago. I have done wet jelqing, manual stretches, pumps, and pills. I even got one of the popular extenders and was only able to use it for a few months because it was not the most comfortable thing to wear down there. I couldn’t wear it for more than one hour. But I was able to gain like 2 cm in BPEL in 3 to 6 months that I used it. I even lost like 1 cm of that gain in all these years. So, I was eager to get the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition about 4 months ago. My motivation is all the positive reviews I have read about it with the hope of gaining as well. I wore it for a few hours every day the first week I got it. I eventually moved to increase the time to 8 hours 6 days a week. My wear time presently is 9 hours daily. At first, I made use of the 2/3 high green tension level and after 2 weeks moved to the low yellow. I remained there for another 2 weeks and alternated between low red and high yellow tension levels. From observation, I have a longer and fuller flaccid. When I took my measurement before using QEP, my BPSFL was 16.1 cm. After using it for these weeks and measuring again, my BPSFL stood at 16.5 cm. This is very impressive and gives me the motivation to push on. I will stick to my plan of meeting 54 hours of wear time every week apart from Sunday so that I can allow my penis to rest. The current tension level I’m using seems to be working so I will stick to it. I simply put some cotton pad in between the foam ring and my shaft. This has made wearing it easy with no pains or discomfort. I also make sure to switch directions every two hours to get things moving smoothly. It is too early to expect results but I notice bigger erection and around 10% boost in BPSFL

  4. If you have patience and can be committed, you may get the best from this product. But if you are wondering if this product works, I can tell that it really depends on if you can wear it for 1000+ hours. Personally, I found it hard to give such long hours initially. I did notice around 0.3-0.5 inches gain in flaccid length after using it for 5 months but after stopped using for 2-3 months, almost 30-50% of my gains were lost.

  5. I didn’t have a pleasant experience trying to wear this equipment. I contacted them and they were more than helpful in sorting what my problem was. I have not had any issues with it since then. They even replaced the part without asking for another payment. What a wonderful product and service. Glad I chose them.


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