5 Tips to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

Penis dysmorphic disorder (PDD) or what is commonly known as small penis anxiety is a major issue for most men. The mainstream has reinforced a common misconception that bigger is always better. 

However, research shows that you don’t need to be well-endowed to help your partner reach sexual satisfaction. Size does not matter and what is important is how you use your manhood.

Nevertheless, there are ways that you can make your penis appear larger to boost your self-esteem. Well, this article will look at some of the safe ways that you can use to make your manhood appear more substantial. 

If you want the tree to look bigger, then you need to mow the lawn. This is also true for pubic hair and your manhood. The more hair you have, the smaller your penis will appear and the more trimmed your pubic hair is, the bigger your manhood will appear.

A good tip is to trim down the pubic hair closer to the penis’s base. This will make it appear to have more length. However, be cautious when manscaping and use the right tools to prevent cuts in this area. 

  • Get in Shape

Getting fit is another way to make your manhood look bigger. If you want your manhood to appear bigger, you need to lose extra weight and cut down your beer belly. Extra fat in the pubic area can bury your penis and make it look smaller. 

By toning your tummy muscles, you will look like you have a bigger penis than someone who is overweight. To help you lose weight, you need to get more exercise and improve your diet. Doing this has been associated with improved sexual health including enhanced erectile quality and lowering erectile dysfunction.

  • Turn Sideways

The angle at which you look at your penis can greatly contribute to whether your penis looks large or small. Looking down on your penis will most likely make it appear smaller unlike looking at it sideways. 

When you want to measure your manhood, do not face the mirror as this will rob you some length. Instead, stand naked and face sideways to get the real view of your penis. You will be surprised how big it will appear.

  • Control Your Flaccid Penis

When your penis is flaccid, it will appear smaller and this can cause self-esteem issues in some men. Fortunately, you can manage your flaccid penis and increase your penis size in two ways. 

The first and easy way is to encourage the need to urinate. Apparently, this will give your penis a more enlarged look. You can also increase your penis size and get rid of the flaccid condition when you are mentally aroused. Both of these methods will help you overcome the somewhat flaccid penis condition.

  • Penis Sleeve

If you are worried that your penis appears smaller, a penis sleeve can come in handy. This is a costume that is designed to make the penis appear larger. Originally, penis sleeves were designed for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. While this can make your penis appear bigger, it won’t increase the actual size of your penis. 


A More Permanent Solution

If the above methods prove futile, you can consider the methods below for more permanent results.

Penis extenders can give you more permanent results and increase the length and width of your penis. These extenders work by applying traction to a part of the penis known as corpora cavernosa. When this part is filled with blood, it leads to an erection.

When traction is applied, the cells in these vessels regenerate and this can lead to penile lengthening. You need to wear this device for an extended period and it can take months to see the results. However, do not wear longer than recommended as this can cause injuries that may affect your penile function.

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  • Jelqing

This is a penis stretching technique that has been used to increase the girth and length of the penis. It also helps to improve erection and lead to a satisfying sexual life. The technique involves applying pressure on the shaft using your hands in an up and down motion. To get the best results, it is recommended to do this at least once every day. 



If you want your penis to appear bigger, the above 5 tips can help you. However, don’t forget to have self-confidence and love your penis just the way it is. Also, consider other relevant factors that can help you and your partner achieve sexual satisfaction.