The Best Lube for Fleshlight Toys in 2022 (and Best Alternative Lubes)

Fleshlight is one of the best brands in the sex toy industry. They even partner with real porn stars to give you accurate renditions of their simulated pussies and asses. Whatever you might think about using such toys, it’s an undeniable fact that the sensations you get are far beyond what you’d get with just your hand to work with.

But the Fleshlight sex toys (and sex toys in general) don’t really work properly without ample lubrication. It’s just like real sex that way—when your partner isn’t wet enough down there yet, then it’s not yet time for insertion. You can use lubrication to help with sex, but with sex toys the lube is simply required.

What’s the Best Lube for Fleshlight?

So, let’s not waste time if you have this particular question in mind and you just want a short and simple answer.

For my money (and peace of mind), there’s really no other better choice than Fleshlube. After all, Fleshlight makes their sex toys, and it’s not surprising that the brand also makes the best lube specifically for those toys.

This may be a different discussion if we’re discussing the best lube for sex toys in general, or the best lube for sex or masturbation. No, the topic is quite specific—it’s about the best lube for Fleshlight. And so, it’s to be expected that the best lube is also made by the Fleshlight brand.

More specifically, get the Fleshlube Water, as the Fleshlight toys are specifically made to work best with water-based lubes. It contains water (duh), along with glycerin, propylene glycol, cellulose gum, EDTA, and citric acid, among other things.

You don’t really need to check out the rest of the list of alternatives, if you want a definitive answer to the question “what’s the best lube for Fleshlight?”. This is it. It’s not harmful to you, it makes your fun session a lot more fun (and a lot less painful), and it doesn’t damage your toy.

True, it’s a bit more expensive than your average lube. But then you have to pay more for better quality anyway.

Top 10 Alternatives

If you’re a conscientious consumer, though, you probably want some alternatives so you can tell yourself that you’re making a choice and not just blindly following some other person’s recommendations. Good for you, so let’s get right on it.

  1. Sliquid H20 Natural Intimate Lubricant

This can be used with your Fleshlight, or any sex toy for that matter. That’s because it’s also water-based. It also works with actual sex with your partner.

The main focus here is that it’s supposed to be better for you (and for your sex organ). It is theoretically possible that your sensitive skin down there doesn’t react well to the synthetic ingredients found in the Fleshlube. It contains natural ingredients instead, which is supposed to be better for your skin.

The advantage of the Sliquid H20 is that it’s versatile, since it can work in any sexual situation when you want to reduce friction. It can be a bit runny, however, so it can lead to a bit of a mess afterwards.

  1. Adam & Eve Lube

This comes in a large bottle, and the labeling isn’t exactly discreet. At least with the Fleshlube and Sliquid, the product is labeled a lubricant, using a smaller font that’s not too easy to read (at least at a distance).

But with this, you get the large-font Lube label in eye-catching red. It’s not shy about what it is, so you may want to keep it out of sight if you want to keep your private business private.

In any case, this is also a versatile lubricant that you can use for all types of sexual situation and sex toys. That way, you just have a single lube instead of a dozen different lubes for different toys. It’s also quite affordable too.

  1. Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube

The Adam & Eve brand does offer a more specialized type of lube. In this case, the Masturbator (again, not shy with its purpose) is, to quote: “designed for use with your favorite stroker and male masturbators.”

So, it should work with your Fleshlight, and with other sex toys too. Again, you can buy this instead of buying separate lubes for your different toys. It’s very basic and affordable to boot, and it’s also water-based. This is something you might want to get if you have lots of sex toys while you don’t have a steady sex partner yet.

  1. ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant

This lasts for a longer time, so you can go at it for a longer while without needing to reapply some more. In other words, it’s for a marathon and not for a quickie.

The texture is denser and thicker, so it doesn’t dry out as quickly as the thinner lubricants. It’s also quite sticky as well, so you don’t waste the stuff running off.

Mind-you, it’s still water-based. That means it ought to work nicely with your Fleshlight and other sex toys. Because of its stickiness and thickness, you will have a bit of a harder time cleaning out your sex toys. Simply running water through your sex toys may not work as easily. You’ll need to use stronger water pressure for cleaning, and you’ll probably have to wipe things down first.

The bottle also looks innocuous, much like an air spray or a shampoo container. It just features the ID brand, with the “Natural Feel” label. It also says “hypoallergenic”. It doesn’t say “lube” at least at first glance.

  1. Pjur Aqua Lubricant

This is made in Germany, and you probably have some sort of cliché ideas regarding German manufacturing perfectionism. These guys don’t believe in the “that’ll do” philosophy. They like to do things the right way each time.

In this case, the selling point is that it’s super-safe to use because of the use of premium, medical-grade ingredients. That means no skin irritation and other potential issues.

In addition, this is a lot more slippery than your average lubricant. Friction simply won’t be a problem anymore. Everything goes a lot more smoothly.

It’s true that this isn’t specifically designed for the Fleshlight, but it works great for it anyway. In fact, it works great with a lot more sex toys. Since it’s safe to use, you can get it out for actual sex as well.

  1. Gun Oil H20 Lubricant

Sometimes, marketing efforts can go too far and they can border on the absurd. This is especially true of the marketing for the Gun Oil. One of their ads even state that this is the “lubricant that keeps a man’s most important weapon well-oiled”.

And if that’s not funny enough, even the darn product bottle is shaped like some sort of bullet. The “Gun Oil” brand label even features gunshot holes, for goodness’ sake.

Aside from the ludicrous marketing (and how you might feel silly having this around), the lube actually works well. It’s safe to use for guys like us, and for the ladies too. It won’t damage your Fleshlight, and probably not your other sex toys either. It’s also quite long-lasting, but you don’t feel gross and sticky with too much lube on you.

The ingredients list is intriguing as well, since the Gun Oil seems to have put in a lot more stuff. The ingredients include Potassium Sorbate, which acts as an anti-microbial.

You even have natural extracts that you’d normally find in erection booster supplements. You have extract like the Panax ginseng root for heightened sensations, and the Paulina Cupana Guarana that boosts blood flow and therefor helps to maintain your erection. There’s even an Avena Sativa oat extract that acts as an antioxidant.

Whether these extracts work or not, the point is that it works, it’s long-lasting, and it’s safe to use. Some of the ingredients may seem iffy, but there haven’t been any reports of bad side effects.

  1. Lovehoney Enjoy Lubricant

Who thought that naming a lubricant as Lovehoney was a good idea? It uses a bottle design that shampoos and lotions use, and the whole impression is quite unassuming. But at least it does the job well enough, and the price is more than reasonable.

In any case, it doesn’t feel too sticky or gross, yet it lasts for a good long while. You get a nice gliding sensation when you use it. Afterwards, it’s no big deal to wash it off.

True, it’s not really all that special. It just works, without any fuss. For its price, it does offer good enough value. If you use this, it’s not a terrible choice.

  1. Paloqueth Personal Lubricant

The first you notice here is its simple bottle design. It’s not just simple, it even looks classy (especially compared to that silly Gun Oil bottle shaped like a bullet). The bottle dispenses the lube very efficiently and cleanly, so there’s little chance of accidentally getting a mess.

It’s safe to use with toys, and it’s also medically-safe for human use. All in all, it does the job.

You may also notice that its ingredients list isn’t all that long. If you’re into googling every ingredient to make sure that everything’s safe, then you don’t have too much of a job with this ingredients list.

  1. Astroglide Liquid

This is actually a rather popular brand, so at least you know it’s safe to use. It does come in a weird, wavy-shaped bottle, but it’s labeled as a personal lubricant with a discreet font that’s not all that easy to read.

Plenty of people (meaning, not just me) find this in the “just right” Goldilocks territory. That’s to say, it’s not too thick that you have a mess and you can’t really feel anything. That just defeats the purpose of masturbation in the first place.

At the same time, it’s not too thin or watery that it dries up quickly. You won’t have to keep reapplying this lube when you use it. In fact, it’s surprisingly long-lasting.

It’s also nice that it doesn’t have a long list of ingredients, either. The problem with having more ingredients is that you only to react badly to one ingredient to make the entire lube useless for your use. In this case, there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Wicked Aqua Heat

Some people think that most lubes are just bland. And like with food, they don’t like it. They want to spice things up, and that leads them to the Wicked Aqua Heat. This is like the jalapeño of lubes.

Just in case you’re thinking about putting in actual peppers or hot sauce in your sex toy—please, don’t do it. That’s simply a bad idea resulting in a lot of nasty pain.

But you may want to think about using this, if you’re curious. It’s a water-based warming lubricant. That is, the lube heats up as you use this.

Now, if you’re careful and you’re just using this with your Fleshlight, then it might be okay. It won’t damage your sex toy. But it might lead to some nasty allergic reactions. With its long list of ingredients, including some funky exotic ones, then you just don’t know.

If you do try it and you get some nasty reactions, at least you can just wash your penis off. Don’t let it get into your eyes, either. You should maybe avoid putting it in your mouth as well.

As you may have guessed, this may not be the best option for actual sex. Even if you don’t show any side effects or allergic reactions, your partner might. It may not be a good idea to get a blowjob with this slathered all over your penis, either.

General Types of Lubrication

As you may have noticed, all of the alternatives on our list are water-based lubes. But there are other types as well, and they may come with various pros and cons. Let’s check out each type and see why water-based lubes are the best.


Water-based lubes are the best for Fleshlight toys, and for all types of sex toys in general. They’re even good for just about all types of sexual activity, unless you’re involved in some type of water play that will just wash off the lube.

The water-based lube is extremely safe for the materials used for sex toys. The water doesn’t damage the material at all. It’s extremely easy to clean off, as you just need to run water through your sex toy. Generally, the water-based lubes don’t make as much of a mess of your bed sheets.

It also works nicely with condoms, whether these condoms are latex or non-latex. It’s also generally safe, since the skin just absorbs the water. It doesn’t come with any scent or taste, meaning you can lube up your penis and enjoy a blowjob without worrying about your partner.

On the other hand, it dries more quickly. Your skin absorbs some of the water, and the water also evaporates in the air. That means you may need to reapply the lube more frequently.

In some cases, you can just reactivate the lube by adding a bit of water. That’s why some people have a water spritzer on their nightstand, as that’s just for the water-based lube.


When you’re engaged in water play, then you need silicone-based lube that won’t come off as easily as water-based lubes. This is what you use when you and your partner like to have sex in the shower or in the bathtub.

In fact, that’s one of the major advantages of silicone-based lubes over the water-based. The silicone-based lubes generally last longer, so you won’t have to reapply as often.

But that’s not the only reason why you’d want this type.

This may also be a good alternative if you really have super-sensitive skin. This type of lube is generally hypoallergenic. It’s also safe to use with condoms.

So, why isn’t this the best for your Fleshlight? Simple: the silicone also tends to damage the surface of your sex toys (including the Fleshlight). It creates abrasions in the sex toys, where bacteria can thrive. It’s just not a sanitary option when sex toys are involved.

Also, the stickiness of the silicone-based lube will stain your sheets. That can be problematic, especially if you want to be discreet.


This is the most durable of them all, meaning that it should last way longer than a water-based lube. But while this is a major advantage, it does come with quite a few drawbacks.

For one, it’s not all that easy to clean. It really sticks to your sex toys, and you may need some scrubbing as part of your cleanup.

That also means you’re likely to stain your sheets. That’s bad if you have expensive sheets, and it’s not all that cost-effective to stain all your cheap sheets, either.

For actual sex, it’s not good either. It makes condoms more likely to rip. Also, the use of oil-based lubes is associated with higher rates of infections (especially bacterial vaginosis).

So, what’s it good for? It’s great for massages, admittedly. But it’s not all that good for sex.


Lots of consumer products have jumped on the “natural” bandwagon, implying that synthetic ingredients can be very bad for you. Usually, they’re marketed towards millennials. There are even vegan lubricants, if you can believe it. The special “paraben-free” nature of these lubes help explain the generally higher prices.

Many of these lubes do contain oils, so you have the same problem as with oil-based lubes. All in all, it’s also not ideal for sex toys.

Other Factors to Consider

Okay, we’ve covered the type of lube you ought to get. You have to get a water-based lube if you’re using a Fleshlight or a sex toy in general.

But what else should you consider? These are some factors that you should also keep in mind:


You don’t want it too thick, as you may just lose all sensation so you don’t get the pleasure you’re aiming for. Plus, thick lubes can be messy, and hard to clean up.

But you don’t want it too thin either. That means it can evaporate quickly, and you’d have to take a break to reapply the lube.


Aside from the water, what else should the ingredients list contain? It’s up to you. You may want more ingredients, as that means more benefits. You may get ingredients for its anti-bacterial properties, and other ingredients may even help with the quality of your erection.

Just keep in mind that having more ingredients means more chances that one of these ingredients may irritate your skin. That’s why it’s generally safer to keep it simple.

Ease of Cleanup

Again, it’s best if your lube doesn’t require that much effort to clean up after. The best is to use lube that you can get rid of simply by running your sex toy through some water from a faucet or from the shower.


Hopefully, you buy lube that comes in discreet packaging. That way, your delivery man doesn’t know your private business. It also helps if the lube comes in a discreet bottle, so that people won’t immediately notice it if it’s out in the open.


We’ve already given you the answer you need, if you’re asking the best lube for Fleshlight. Just get the Fleshlube and you’re done. There’s no debate, and it shouldn’t be all that surprising. The brand that makes the Fleshlight toys is also the brand that makes the best lube for those toys.

But we’ve offered enough information that you should be able to pick the right lube for any situation. You can then choose the right lube if you have a lot more sex toys, if you’re using condoms, if you’re into water-play, or if you’re sensitive to some ingredients.

Just don’t forge to use the lube, okay? Sex toys are fun with the lube. Without the lube, your Fleshlight may be more of a torture device instead.