Riley Reid Fleshlight Review [2022]

If you’re a guy, then there’s a very good chance that you’ve watched porn. And if you’ve watched porn, then it’s almost certain that you’ve heard about, or more likely seen a video starring, Riley Reid.

After all, Riley Reid is a legend in the industry. She’s been around for more than a decade now, having debuted in 2010. She steadily rose among the ranks, and by 2013 she was on the LA Weekly list of the porn stars most likely to succeed the famous Jenna Jameson.

In 2014 (and the succeeding years), she already ranked among the CNBC list of the most popular stars in porn. She has stayed famous all these years, as just about all the other girls on that list have already retired.

It’s understandable if you have some sort of crush on her. You don’t even have to watch her adventurous porn videos. You can check her out on YouTube, where she comes across as fun-loving and authentic, with a naughty sense of humor.

All that’s nice, but that’s not important. The question is, how would it feel to fuck her? That may seem like an academic topic discussed over a round of drinks with our other porn-loving friends, but Fleshlight actually has an approximate answer to this seeming unanswerable question.

The Riley Reid Fleshlight

Fleshlight is arguably the most famous brand in the sex toys industry. They seem very much concerned with authenticity. So much so that they don’t just make regular assembly line sex toys. They actually partner with real porn stars, and go through a molding process for their toys.

Go and check out the videos online. You’ll find various molding videos all over the place. That means you get a sex toy that’s an accurate representation of the sex organ you’re fucking. The entire process involves casting a mold and using 3D cameras, with the final mold hand-sculpted by a professional artist to get the labia details as accurate as possible.

In this case, you’re fucking Riley Reid. And since the gorgeous Riley is quite known for her enthusiasm for anal sex, you have 2 options for the Riley Reid Fleshlight.

There’s the Utopia, which is what you get when you’re strictly into pussy fucking. Then there’s the Euphoria, when you’re curious about how it would feel to fuck Riley in the ass.

Of course, being the thorough reviewer that I am (and a Riley Reid fan as well), I got both.

Usage Tips for Both Models

In case you’re new to the whole Fleshlight phenomenon, here are a few tips regarding them:

  • They come in discreet packages. The plain brown box is totally unassuming, and you’ll only know that it’s your Riley Reid Fleshlight when you look for and find the ILF, LLC label on the box. You’ll have to look closely, since it’s in a tiny font.

  • This comes with a case and a sleeve. The sleeve is what makes it unique, as sleeves can be molded from various porn stars.

  • You should warm it up first, by immersing it in hot water for about 5 minutes. A cold Fleshlight doesn’t feel nice, although it gets warm on its own after you start using it (that’s due to friction).

  • Using either Fleshlight models (or any Fleshlight orifice sex toy for that matter) involves copious amounts of lube. If you’re lucky, then you might even get a free lube sample from Fleshlight. They actually offer a special Fleshlube, designed specifically for their products. This works better than any other lube you may use.

  • You can always use this conventionally as a masturbatory toy. That is, you can lie back and relax, and hold the Fleshlight in your hand. But another option is to set this up on your bed with a pillow on top, and you can fuck this by thrusting your hips. Just close your eyes and imagine it’s Riley.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Utopia (Pussy Model)

Here are some features to expect when you’re using the Utopia Model:

Tight Pussy

This may seem unrealistic (considering how many sexual partners Riley has had over the years), but then again, it’s a fantasy. It’s also undeniably true that a tight pussy is generally better than a loose one. It feels nice and firm, and that’s the feeling you get right from the start of the insertion.

Actually, the inside of Eutopia consists of 3 distinct chambers, with its own special textures and tightness. The feeling changes as you get into another chamber. As you get in deeper, the tighter it feels.

It also features various nubs and ribbed textures to really make you come. The feeling can get quite intense. In fact, lots of men have commented on how it feels much better than they ever expected.

SuperSkin Material

One of the reasons why Fleshlight is so famous is because they pay attention to product quality. It’s as if the makers of these sex toys won’t make anything they won’t use themselves, and they want the best. And so should you.

So, you’re not sticking your penis into some ordinary plastic orifice. The Fleshlight sex toys are made from a special material called SuperSkin, and it’s special enough that they’ve patented their invention. It really feels like you’re fucking, especially when you close your eyes and imagine it’s Riley right behind the glory hole.

Molded from Riley

If you happen to find the Fleshlight video featuring the Riley Reid molding, then you know this should as close as you can get to fucking Riley Reid aside from meeting her yourself.

When you use this, you can always set your smartphone (or your big-ass flatscreen TV) and watch a succession of Riley Reid videos. There are at least 800 of those online, so they’re not hard to find. You can find plenty to watch for free.

Personally, I start with her PG-rated interviews on YouTube, where she often talks about giving BJs to random strangers, including delivery men and service guys who come to her home.

Potential Utopia Drawbacks

While I liked this, I can see how it’s not for everyone. Obviously, if you’re not a Riley Reid fan then you can always get the Fleshlight model molded after the porn star you’re lusting after.

There are some other potential issues as well:

Maybe Not for Humungous Dicks

I’m man enough to admit that I’m average “down there”, so it’s not a problem for me, personally. It feels just right.

But it can be a problem for some guys who rival Mandingo’s lightsaber. The entrance itself is already tight, and it gets tighter as you get deeper. For some guys who are just huge, their dicks simply may not fit even with lots of lube.

It Can Be Too Intense

For some, this isn’t a problem. There are guys for whom there’s really no such thing as “too intense”. But the feeling is so good that you may come a bit too easily. This can be a problem for guys who already have issues with premature ejaculation.

But it can be a matter of perspective. Think of it as stamina training. If you can get used to this feeling and train yourself not to come too quickly, then you’ll impress the next girl you have actual sex with your unbelievable stamina.


This is a problem, especially when you factor in the intensity of the sensation. Right after you achieve orgasm, it’s natural to just say “fuck it” and take a nap afterwards.

But you’ve got to clean up afterwards, and it’s best if you do it right after coming. That way, you can deal with the fresh cum. It gets somewhat ickier when you leave it for the next day.

The good news is that cleaning this is actually easy. Just use warm water and soap, and you’re good.

The bad news, if you can call it that, is that you can never really get it as clean as it was originally, right after you use this. You’ll leave some of your genetic material behind. That means this isn’t for sharing. It’s just for you and you alone.

But then again, so is your underwear and other stuff like socks and towels, right? It’s not really unique that way.

The Euphoria

If you’re like most Riley Reid fans, then at some point you must have fantasized about doing anal with Riley. And you can do it with the Utopia, as this was molded after Riley’s rectal opening.

Here’s what you can expect:

It Looks Nice

Not that the Utopia pussy didn’t look nice, mind you. But if you’ve engaged in anal sex before, then you know that you may have to deal with anus hairs and other stuff. But here, it’s absolutely hairless and clean.

It’s Even Tighter

If you think that Riley pussy was tight, then you’re in for a surprise at how it can even be tighter with the Riley rectum.

The entrance is extremely narrow, so you better ready with lots of lube. You better figure out how you can get your penis in through an opening that’s less than half an inch wide. The anal opening is only 0.4 inches wide.

Again, you have different chambers to experience as you get deeper. Each chamber is segregated by wider cross ribs. But as you get deeper, it becomes even tighter.

The good news is that this doesn’t feel like hard plastic. It’s still soft, with intriguing textures inside.

Both Anal and Oral

If you close your eyes while using this Euphoria, you may notice that it doesn’t feel like only anal. It’s as if you’re also getting your dick sucked at the end.

While that can be somewhat weird, just go with it. After all, it feels great. And it also feels somehow authentic, despite the strange BJ and anal mixed sensations.

The Same Cleanup Routine

Once you’re done, just separate the case from the sleeve and run it through a mix of spa and warm water. Then rinse with just water to get the soap out (and your come too.).

This is even easier than with actual real anal sex. That can come with some unfortunate messy accidents.

The Same Drawbacks with Euphoria

The same issues crop up with the Euphoria that you would have encountered with the Utopia pussy.

Even Tighter

If the Utopia pussy was already too tight for you, then you may not be able to use the Euphoria anal toy at all. That 0.4-inch opening can be too tight, even for average guys.

But then again, this is also an issue with actual anal sex. If you have Mandingo’s dick, then you probably don’t meet enough girls that would consent to anal sex with that monster of a dick. Many ladies even find regular dicks a bit too large for anal sex.

At the very least, it’s good practice for you to use this if you actually meet a girl who agrees to anal sex. You have to go slow.

Too Intense

Yes, it’s the same with the Euphoria. It’s intense, though the feeling is different than with the Utopia. Premature ejaculation may again be an issue.

Privacy Issues with Fleshlight Toys

As you may expect, not everyone will have a nonchalant attitude to your use of a vagina and ass sex toy. So, you have to be discreet.

At least the packaging is nondescript and unassuming, so no one knows what you’re getting in that box.

You do have to be quiet when you use this. There’s the temptation to scream when you achieve orgasm, because I’m not joking about the intensity of the sensation. It really is that powerful.

The problem is when you wash this afterwards, and you need to air dry it. If you live with other people from whom you’re keeping this a secret, then you need to keep your door locked while you lay this on your bed to dry.

Or if you have your own bathroom, just leave it in the tub overnight to dry.

You also have to keep this safe when you’re not using it. So, find a suitable hiding place for it, preferably with a lock.

Final Words

Quite a few politically correct commentators bemoan the use of sex toys in general. Their ire is especially at Fleshlight products, supposedly because “Fleshlight reduces women to just their sexual organs”.

But this isn’t about replacing women with toys, regardless of how good this feels. It’s about replacing your hand as your prime masturbatory tool. And if it looks like Riley Reid’s pussy and ass, so much the better!