Phalogenics Review : Do these Exercises Work?

I’m a guy who likes being a guy, but in some cases, I sometimes envy the ladies. For one, if they’re not satisfied with their breast size, they can easily just have it enlarged (or even reduced) by expert doctors. It’s not all that expensive, and it is reasonably safe too. The ladies get fairly quick results, either.

For men, it’s not that easy. Take muscle development, for example. Most men want bigger muscles, but there’s no easy, surgical procedure to get those muscles. A man can take anabolic steroids, but he still has to eat the right foods and exercise diligently. And even then, there are horror stories about anabolic steroid abuse, plus it’s not exactly legal.

This leads us to that “muscle” that men really wish is larger. That’s the penis, which is more a spongy tissue than a muscle at all. You don’t really want to go the surgery route to get a larger penis, because the risks are simply too great.

But the penis resembles a muscle in one crucial aspect. It’s possible that you can exercise it to get it bigger. This leads us to Phalogenics.

I’m an average guy, and like most men, I wouldn’t mind having an extra inch down there. I blame it on Internet porn since most of the porn actors sport truly impressive packages. When I find amateur videos starring regular guys, I check out the comments and often find derogatory insults directed at the guy with the “tiny penis”. I tend to take those insults personally since the men in those average videos have the same size as I do!

That spurred my interest in methods and gadgets that can—safely—enlarge my manhood. The penile extender industry continues to thrive, due to guys like me. I’ve tried some of them, but I haven’t settled on a single method just yet.

Now we come to the Phalogenics option, which also promises to enlarge my penis. Let’s see what it really offers.

So, What Exactly Is Phalogenics?

Let’s first check out the name itself, which clues us in on what Phalogenics is. It has Greek roots that indicate its meaning. The phalo in the name refers to the penis (which is why penis-shaped things are described as “phallic”). The genics means something like “producing” or “generating”.

The name describes its purpose somewhat, but it’s not a gadget. It’s a set of exercises meant to enlarge your penis, just like you can follow a workout program to enlarge your muscles. You can use this program with the help of penis extenders and pumps, just as you can use gym equipment like barbells to enlarge your muscles.

But you can also use the Phalogenics programs without those devices. It’s just like working out by running and doing pushups and sit-ups. Extra gadgets aren’t that necessary at all.

The Phalogenics program is available online, and then when you sign up, you’re able to access PDF documents and online videos showing you what to do and when to do the exercises. You just need to follow the directions.

How Does It Work?

Imagine that your penis is a sponge that absorbs water. You find that your “sponge” is not quite big enough, and you’re unable to fill it up with much water. Phalogenics changes all that.

The Phalogenics program will gradually increase the size of your penis by stretching it over an extended period of time. That way, you end up with a bigger sponge that can hold a larger amount of water.

At the same time, the program also helps to increase the amount of water that goes into the sponge. In other words, the program stimulates greater blood flow to your penis when you get an erection. This can improve the quality of your erection, and also enlarge your penis too.

Exercises You Need to Know

Before you sign up for the program, you need to have a better idea of what you’re in for. The Phalogenics program involves exercises for your penis, so you should be prepared to learn what you have to do.


The exercises start with the basic jelqing exercise. This is a manual exercise that doesn’t need gadgets for you to do right. As long as you have your hands, you’re good to go. The aim of the exercise is to encourage the growth of your penis, using the right techniques.

The exercise leads to microscopic tears in your penis, and when it heals it results in a bigger penis. It’s just like when you lift weights for training. The weights also cause microscopic tears in the involved muscles, and when the muscles heal, they use up protein to get bigger.

With this method, you use 2 fingers. First, you squeeze the base of your penis gently. Then you stroke upwards, away from the base of the penis. The method isn’t like masturbating at all. Instead, it’s more like you’re milking a cow.

You don’t have to fumble about trying to discover what to do exactly, because the handy video shows you exactly what you have to do. All you need to do is to emulate what’s on the video.

You can practice the exercise, and it shouldn’t really take all that long for you to get the hang of it.

The How Wrap Process

This is another exercise you will have to do once you’ve mastered your jelqing technique. This time, you use a warm cloth to help increase the blood circulation in the penile area. This is like a “warmup” exercise that can prepare your penis for other exercises in the program.

Again, you have the video on how to do this right. Just follow what you see on screen. And you’re okay.

The 12-Week Program

There’s no workout that can work overnight, as you’d have to invest time and effort to get things done the right way. You’re best off by following the directions exactly, while you follow the schedule. As indicated, you’d need 12 weeks devoted to this program, and you’d have to put in about a half-hour’s work on it per day.

The Phalogenics program doesn’t require any sort of prior knowledge or familiarity with any other exercise program whatsoever. In fact, the first 4 weeks of the schedule are ideal for absolute beginners.

Before you start, you should take measurements of your penis, by measuring the length and the girth. That way, you can track your progress as you go on with the Phalogenics program.

1st Week

During this time, you learn about your warmups and your cool-down methods. Of course, this is when you master your jelqing technique

With the videos and PDF documents, you’ll learn all about the Phalogenic traction exercises and you’ll do them for 10 minutes each day. That won’t really take too much of your time at all.

2nd Week

Next, you’ll concentrate on mastering the “side to side” routine. This routine improves the results you can get from your constant jelqing. Again, you have the videos to help show you what you have to do.

3rd Week

By this point, you learn about a new set of techniques that can help. But you also devote some time during week 3 to practice and master all the other techniques you’ve learned about up to this point.

The exercises will take up about 13 minutes of your time each day.

4th Week

This is the last week of the beginner’s section. By now you should be able to notice some significant improvements to your penis size (length and girth). You can actually see the difference, which is quite gratifying. But you should also take measurements of your penis length and girth, so you can know for sure that you’ve improved your penis size at this point.

By week 4, you also learn about Kegel exercises, and you have the videos to watch to let you learn more easily. These Kegel exercises can improve your gains and boost your penile growth. The main point of the Kegel exercises is the get the 3 main muscles in your pelvic floor get stronger.

5th Week

This marks your graduation to the intermediate section of the schedule. You’ll have to work a bit harder, and the exercises will take a bit more of your time. At this point, you should have already mastered the basic techniques.

In week 5, you basically do the same exercises as you did in week 4. It’s just that this time you do 20% more of the exercises. You will need about 20 minutes each day to do all the required exercises.

6th Week

You will still do the same exercises at the same level as you did in week 5. But this time, you add another exercise called the erect stretch while you hold off with the Kegel exercises.

As you’re now in the intermediate section, the erect stretch exercise isn’t exactly simple. Fortunately, the video for the erect stretch is quite detailed and informative, so you can be very sure you’re doing it right. But that will most likely take time.

7th Week

You’re probably still trying to perfect the erect stretch at this point, but you ought to be good at it by the end of the week. By this week, the set of exercises you do each day will take maybe 22 minutes per day.

8th Week

This is the last week of the intermediate section. Now you put back the Kegel exercises in the daily workout, and this time you should be more vigorous in your exercises.

Again, you will notice a significant amount of penile size improvement. Take your measurements again. At this point, you’re probably congratulating yourself since the Phalogenics program is most likely working for you. You’re probably relieved as well.

9th Week

Now we’re at the home stretch. You’re done with the intermediate section of the schedule and starting on the advanced section. You’ve learned enough that you can do more sophisticated exercises. These exercises aren’t really recommended for the absolute beginners, as they may be a bit more complicated and difficult.

With week 9, you’ll still continue doing the exercises you’ve been doing for the 7th and 8th weeks. But then you also add another new exercise called Johan’s active isolated stretch. We’ll just call this the JAI stretch for convenience.

There’s another video showing you how to do this, but right now a simple description should give you an idea of what to do. You start off by gripping your penis gently with your fingers, using your thumb and forefinger. This is basically like the “OK” sign you do with your hand.

Now with this hand formation, you stretch your penis out, with your penis set at a 90-degree angle from the base. Hold this position for about 2 seconds.

You should be a bit careful on how you do this, so you can maximize the benefits. Just follow the video demonstration as closely as you can, to make sure you do it right.

With the JAI stretch and the exercises from previous weeks repeated, you will need to devote about 23 minutes per day to your Phalogenics daily routine during this week.

10th Week

Once again, you’re doing the same exercises you were doing during week 9. That means doing the JAI stretch too, except this time you’ll be doing 6 extra reps for the JAI stretch. That should provide some significant improvements in your gains.

11th Week

Now you’re at the real homestretch of the whole program, but you’re still learning a brand-new exercise. This time, it’s called the compressor exercise. For this exercise, you’ll need to have your penis erect for a bit. Not fully erect, but maybe 80% to 90% of its full erect potential.

You can always go online when you do this, watching your favorite porn videos. Just don’t watch your favorite videos—go with the ones that are only a little less than truly stimulating.

When you’ve achieved the required hardness level, you again form that OK hand signal. Grip the base of your penis with it, but your pall should face upwards.

Do that OK signal with your right hand if you’re right-handed. Then with your left hand, do the same OK signal while you grip the head of the penis this time. With the left-hand position, the palm should be facing downwards.

Starting with this position, you then gradually move your hands towards one another. At the same time, you’re using a finger on your left hand to continue stimulating your penis to maintain your partial erection. Remember that you’re supposed to move your hands towards one another, thereby “compressing” your penis.

The video will how you what to do, while the PDF documents will indicate how many times you have to do the compressor exercise per day. All in all, it’ll take you about 24 minutes to complete the Phalogenics routine each day.

12th Week

It’s more of the same, with all the prescribed exercises, including the more complicated compressor exercise. You’ll be doing a bit more of the exercise during this week compared to the previous week.

Once the week is over, you’re done. You can do your final measurements and revel on the gains you’ve made over the last 3 months or so.

Phalogenic Benefits

Exactly what do you get after 12 weeks of careful adherence to the Phalogenic program? You should keep in mind that the results vary for each person. It’s the same thing with diet and exercise—people don’t lose the same number of pounds while following a specific weight loss program.

With Phalogenics, the benefits will depend on 2 things. The first factor is your penis size before you started the program. The bigger your penis was when you started, the smaller your gains will probably be. The smaller penises may enjoy gains of up to 2 to 4 inches in length, and a matching gain in circumference.

However, if your penis is already 9 inches long, you won’t get your penis up to 13 inches at the end of the 12 weeks. You’d be lucky to get an extra inch, to be honest. In fact, you should be happy with what you have already!

But for average (or below average) guys like us, we should be able to enjoy the following benefits:

A Bigger Penis

This is obviously the main benefit we’re all looking for. The good news is that we can track our size gains over the weeks, with careful measurements. After each month, you can probably notice significant size gains, and that should encourage you to continue with the program.

Your penis can get longer and thicker. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

A Harder Erection

This is another great benefit. You may have had some issues with the quality of your erection before you started the Phalogenics program. That’s to say, when you were erect your penis may still be somewhat (or even a lot) bendy.

But after the Phalogenics program, you may notice that this time it’s not as bendy as before. It’s a noticeable improvement, even if you don’t get the sort of hardness that you once had when you were a teenager.

A Longer Erection Period

Maybe before the program, your erection only lasted a few minutes. That can be rather unsatisfying, and some guys even find it humiliating.

But this time, your erection can last for a much longer time. The PDF files cover what methods you can use to increase your erection periods.

Improved “Staying Power”

This means you’re less prone to premature ejaculations. You can last during sex, so that you can at least make sure your partner also has a good time. It’s always a good idea that your partner achieves orgasm before you do, or at least you achieve it together.

More Enjoyable Sex

The Phalogenics program can really be helpful for you, if you feel rather blah about the idea of sex and achieving orgasm. If you find that eating a pizza is more enjoyable than achieving orgasm, then maybe you want to go with the Phalogenics program to change that point of view.


Lots of Informative Material

The Phalogenics program isn’t expensive, and you gain a lot of information. It’s not just about gaining a larger penis. You also get info on how to boost the quality of your erection, and to have you enjoying sex more.

The videos and PDF documents offer clear instructions that you won’t find difficult to follow. Sure, it can be a bit off-putting when you watch videos featuring someone else’s penis. But then again, if you’re a regular dude then you mat have already seen plenty of penises when you watch online videos!

Lots of Assurances That It Works

The Phalogenics program is extremely popular, with more than 300,000 subscribers from more than a hundred countries. You can easily find lots of customer reviews raving about Phalogenics. You should read those reviews, and not just for the assurances that the program works for them. You may also find some tips that can help.

In addition, Phalogenics offers a 60-day guarantee. That’s to say, if you haven’t enjoyed noticeable gains by the end of the 8th week, you can ask for a full refund.

It’s Very Safe

For the most part, you’re not risking a valuable part of your anatomy. Everything’s under your control. You’re not using gadgets that may malfunction or work too powerfully for your penis. You can control the degree of your exercises, to make sure you don’t damage anything important.

It Doesn’t Take a Lot of Your Time

At the most, you only take about half an hour each day. You may want o do these exercises at night after coming home from work, so you don’t have to hurry things up.


It Takes About 3 Months

No, it’s not an overnight process. You’ll have to do 12 full weeks of the program for best results.

The Results Can Vary

There’s always the chance that it may not work for you, or that your gains aren’t satisfactory.


Phalogenics offers a very tempting proposition. You get a larger penis and a better erection quality without risking your safety (or even your money for that matter). You have much to gain and very little to lose. You only need to spend 12 weeks and a half-hour of careful effort during that time.

All in all, I recommend the program—heck, it worked for me!