Penis Pump Side Effects You Need to Know About

Penis pumps have been around for decades, but they’re still one of the more controversial devices in the men’s health industry because of their side effects and risks. Here’s what you need to know about penis pump side effects.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a device that creates suction on the penis to enlarge it. This can be done by placing a cylinder over the penis, which is connected by a tube to a hand or electric pump. When the pump is turned on, the air is forced out of the cylinder & creates pressure. The increased pressure will cause an erection if there’s enough blood flow. The suction temporarily increases the size of your penis but doesn’t affect the size permanently. Penis pumps are not approved for medical treatment because they don’t provide lasting results & they come with potential side effects.

Penis pump side-effects:

We have listed a few here to get an idea about penis pump side effects.


The penis pump is designed to work by creating a vacuum seal around the penis and then releasing it. This may cause bruising on the shaft of the penis & that can take anywhere from days to weeks for it to heal. Bruising can be avoided if you’re careful with your pump, but it’s impossible to avoid it altogether.


The most common side effect of penis pumps is swelling, typically in the area of the genitals. If left untreated, this can lead to infections & other complications. The best way to prevent this side effect is by not pumping your penis too often or too long. Consult your doctor if you notice any signs of infection, such as redness, soreness, fever, or pus.


Reports of numbness and tingling have been documented as side effects of penis pump usage. These are common symptoms associated with nerve damage, sometimes temporary and other times permanent. Frequent usage has also been linked to erectile dysfunction, among other conditions. Men are cautioned to limit the use of the pump to less than two minutes at a time or risk exacerbating these conditions.


One of the main risks associated with penis pumps is scarring. Depending on how long you have used a pump, & the severity of your case, the scarring can be minor or severe. If it is not treated correctly, the scarring could lead to permanent erectile dysfunction and an inability to achieve orgasm. You should stop using a pump before any severe side effects occur.

Erectile dysfunction

Frequent use of a penis pump can lead to erectile dysfunction, fewer firm erections, & decreased sensitivity. The vacuum created by the pump pulls blood out of the penis & can cause tissue damage, nerve damage, or a decrease in testosterone production. Penis pumps should not be used for more than 20 minutes without taking breaks. It is best to limit their usage to three times per week.

Penile curvature

If you use a penis pump for too long, it can lead to penile curvature. This is a condition in which the erect penis curves into an abnormal shape. The curvature may be toward the abdomen (posterior curve) or toward the feet (inferior curve). Both are often caused by excessive pressure from a medical device such as a vacuum constriction device or penis pump.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong with penis pumps. One side effect is pain. This happens when the air pressure in the pump becomes too high & it, causes the penis to swell. If you experience this, you should immediately stop using the pump and let your member return to its normal size before resuming use. 

How to choose a safe Penis pump side-effect?

The safest penis pump is one that has a vacuum pressure of up to 30 centimetres of mercury. While this may seem like a lot, it’s not as strong as some pumps on the market, which can have a vacuum pressure of up to 60 centimetres of mercury. A pump with lower pressure is usually more comfortable & less likely to cause injury. If you do choose a stronger pump, be sure to follow all safety instructions when using it. If you experience any pain or discomfort during or after use, discontinue use immediately & consult your doctor if necessary.

Why do many men use vacuum devices?

Many men use vacuum devices because they hope they will lead to a longer-lasting erection and improved sexual performance. If you’re considering penis pumps to enhance your sex life, here are some things you need to know. 

Holding an erection to have sex, even if it’s with erectile dysfunction:  

When a man has erectile dysfunction, he may have trouble maintaining an erection long enough to enjoy sex.

To have one’s ‘permanent gain’ by pumping: 

Some men might want to try a pump not only for the temporary enhancement that comes from wearing one but also for the permanent gains in length and girth that come from holding an erection for extended periods.

After a procedure such as Prostate Surgery, rehabilitation may be needed: 

 Men who have undergone prostate surgery (for cancer or benign prostatic hypertrophy) should avoid any activity that puts pressure on their prostate gland or pelvis for six weeks after their surgery.

Final thoughts about penis pump side effects!

When it comes to penis pumps, you must be aware of the potential side effects to make an informed decision. Some of these side effects are more serious than others, but all are worth considering before making a purchase.