Jelqing Routine: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever tried milking a cow before? Jelqing is known as a manual penis enlargement exercise that is usually compared with the milking technique. Unlike other penis enlargement methods, jelqing exercises don’t need any machine or device to be accomplished. All you need is your good hand and 2 fingers to get the job done.

This exercise involves your fingers stroking your penis starting from its base and away from your body. This is the reason why jelqing is compared with the idea of milking cows. It is the most basic and traditional penis exercise that is economically and perfect for beginners. Still, jelqing is a popular method among men in the penis enlargement community. This is due to its ability to help men increase their penis size without using any tool.


Proper Way of Jelqing

Before we head straight to the jelqing part, let’s get you ready first with and follow these preparation steps:

  •         Take a Warm Shower

Before you start jelqing, it is best to take a warm bath or shower. Warm water can help relax your muscles as well as soften your spin.

  •         Use a lubricant (Optional)

Aside from taking advantage of warm water’s benefits, you can also apply a lubricant to your penis. You can use soap as a lubricant when your penis is wet. But if you are willing to spend more, you can also use lube, oil, cream, or a moisturizer.

  •         Bonus

To make sure that you will not feel pain while jelqing, you can also use a special cream like Bathmate Maxout.

Now that you know what to do with your penis during the preparation period, here is a complete guide to proper jelqing:

  •         Make the Ok sign. You can use either your left hand or right hand to do the exercise.
  •         Grip your fingers around your penis that is close to the base of your shaft. Your penis should be semi-erect only while you stroke forward to the top of its head.
  •         Squeeze your penis gently then slowly slide your hand down to the head of your penis. Stop before you reach the top glans of your penis. This step should take you at least around 3 seconds.
  •         Loosen your grip a little while you slide your hand over the head of your penis. Be careful not to squeeze the glans of your penis.
  •         Keep stroking and alternating your hands to create pressure along your shaft.
  •         Release your grip then repeat steps 1 to 5.

Take note that it doesn’t matter which hand you use over or under your penis. What matters more is that your thumb and index finger surround your shaft. Of course, you have to find the most comfortable hand position you can have while jelqing. If you want to use your left and right hand interchangeably, the better.


Perfect Angle and Position When Jelqing

Contrary to what others believe, using different angles and positions when jelqing can stimulate better results. In this case, jelqing can be done in an upward and downward angle together with the right body position.

  •         Upward Angle

This refers to your penis pointing upward or towards the ceiling. This refers to a high level of erection can be used just to stretch the Tunic. This is harder to stretch than ligaments to focus on increasing the girth size. The standard Ok gesture should be used but take note that it is harder to grip the base at this angle. 

  •         Downward Angle

Compared with the upward angle, the downward angle promotes more gains on the length of the penis. The Ok gesture on a semi-erect penis at this angle can help you grip the base of your shaft easier. It can also create a stronger pump effect every time you stroke your penis.

To make the jelqing exercises more effective on enhancing your length gains, pull your penis to the left side. Use your right hand then pull it to the right side with your left hand using the Ok grip. You can also pull it in the same direction with one hand while the other serves as an overhand with Ok grip. Thus, the stretches on the ligaments focus on each side of your penis after each stroke to gain additional length.

  •         Body Position

There is no perfect boy position to perform jelqing exercises. You can do it in any position as long as you are comfortable with it. However, many find it more comfortable to jelq while standing up to boost the initial blood pressure in their penis. If you are not comfortable doing it while standing, you can also sit down while your legs are raised.

In this case, your legs should be raised above the level of your penis for better blood pressure. At the same time, this position allows easy access to your penis while exercising.


Things to Consider When You are Jelqing

Jelqing is a natural way to help increase the length of your penis. However, there are some things to consider to master this exercise despite its simple nature.

  •         Level of Erection

Jelqing sounds easy since it is pretty simple. But before you start performing its routines, be sure that you know the right erection level it involves. Performing jelqing exercises while your penis is too soft or your erection is too low won’t force enough blood in the penis. Additional pressure is a must to expand the penile tissue which causes the penis to become bigger.

On the other hand, jelqing while your erection is too hard or too high, will not cause tissue expansion as well. Take note that jelqing is different from masturbation. Jelqing, while your penis erection is too hard, will be considered as masturbation than a penis exercise. Thus, it is a general rule in jelqing that your level of erection should be at 50% – 80% only.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be 0% flaccid, or 100% rock hard. Some men achieved more length gains with moderate blood flow and 60% – 70% erection. However, jelqing with high-moderate blood flow and 70% – 80% erection can lead to more girth gains. So, it’s best to combine both until you get used to the feel of its pressure.

  •         Grip

As mentioned above, jelqing involves gripping your penis to accomplish routines. Although the “Ok grip” or gesture specifically requires just 2 fingers: your thumb and index finger, you can still use your hands. This kind of grip can be done in 2 ways:

o   Palms up or standard grip

o   Palms down or overhand grip

This can be done by touching your thumb and forefinger together to create a circle shape. If the girth of your penis is big already, your fingers don’t necessarily need to be touching together. Your fingers are enough already to force blood through your penis shaft with a U grip or pinch grip. The U grip is normally used as an efficient solution to corpora cavernosal or CC to increase the girth’s size.

Aside from mastering this grip, it is also important to maintain your grip strength and style while stroking your shaft. You should do variations in style at the beginning of the stroke only. We recommend starting with low-intensity strokes for at least 1 minute then increase it to full intensity to prevent any spot and injury. 


Benefits of Safe Jelqing

When you jelq, you don’t only stretch your penis. You also massage the veins inside it which stimulates better blood flow. Hence, you can also enjoy these benefits after performing jelqing exercises regularly:

  •         Improved penis length and girth
  •         Improved blood flow
  •         Bigger and stronger erections
  •         Extra elastic skin
  •         Additional stamina during intercourse
  •         Faster and longer erections


Final Words

Performing jelqing exercises can increase both the length and girth of your penis. Thus, you may want to consider whether you want to balance the gains of your girth and length or focus on one only. It’s also worth remembering not the jelq when your penis is fully erect and hard as a rock to achieve satisfying results. Jelqing is designed as a light and relaxing exercise so it is generally safe when done properly.

Thus, there shouldn’t be negative side effects unless squeezed your penis too hard, especially the glans. Too much intensity and fast strokes will not also do you any good but pain. Of course, you shouldn’t ejaculate as well while doing the routines since this is not masturbation.