How to Cum More : Practical Tips Backed by Science & Experience

If you were interested in porn history at some point, then perhaps you may have stumbled upon the name Peter North. This was a porn actor who was quite well-known in the 1990s, especially during the days before the internet.

Lots of women liked Peter North, since he was fairly attractive (and definitely more so than Ron Jeremy). But for guys, he was more known for the astounding amount of cum he would spray. Peter North probably made facials a lot more popular, because he could unload several strings of cum with lots of force.

It stands to reason that quite a few guys, even today, find that sort of thing impressive. It does help with our sexual pleasure, while some (but not all) women like it too. It’s also great if you and your partner are into huge facials. It’s also better if you’re shooting your own private porn film (with the knowledge of your partner, of course).

And for some guys, having a larger load is tied to their self-esteem (much like having a bigger penis). If they unload more cum, they feel better about themselves. It may not seem all that rational, but your feelings are your own.

Cum Size and Male Fertility

Let’s get a few things straight. It’s not always true that having more semen to unload makes you more likely to get someone pregnant. If you’re looking to have a kid, then don’t stress out too much about the size of your load.

First of all, your sperm count doesn’t always correspond to the size of the load. A large load may contain fewer sperm cells, while a smaller cum shot may be packed full of these sperm cells.

Then you have to take into account that it’s not all about the sperm count, either. There’s motility, which refers to the ability of the sperm cells to swim. If you have fantastic swimmers, then they can get to the more effectively. If they’re not good swimmers, then having a large sperm count doesn’t really matter.

Then there’s also morphology, which is more about the shape of your sperm cells. More streamlined shapes are better for sperm to reach the egg cell. But if you have misshapen sperm cells, you have a problem.

Basically, you shouldn’t just think about the quantity of your sperm. The quality matters as well.

Other Facts to Consider

Instead of getting your sex facts from online porn, perhaps you should get your facts straight (from actual scientists). Here are some truths you have to accept.

First of all, the average semen load size ranges from ¼ of a teaspoon to a full teaspoon. So, if your load is within that range, you don’t really have anything to worry about.

Also, you have to accept that your age matters. Men in their early 30s are at their peak when it comes to their ejaculate volume. Once past that age, men generally experience a gradual reduction in their semen production.

Other factors that can affect semen production include genetics as well. So, if you’re having trouble, maybe your dad was having trouble as well.

What You Can Do

Regardless of the reason you want a bigger cum shot, you do have some ways you can try to enhance the size of your load. If you want a Peter North-worth cum shot instead of a pitiful dribble, here are some tips:

Lifestyle Changes

One thing you can do is to change your lifestyle a bit. Or more accurately, you have to make several important lifestyle changes.

Reduce Stress

Stress is responsible for a lot of problematic health conditions, and you can add a smaller cum shot to this list. Quite a few stress studies indicate that higher stress levels can contribute to a reduction of your sperm quality. Chronic daily stress can wreak havoc on your load size, so it’s best if you can somehow reduce the stress you have to handle each day.

There are plenty of ways you can reduce stress. You can learn to meditate, or you can go to therapy. Getting a massage once a week can help as well.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s also true that getting a good night’s sleep regular will also increase the size of your load, as well as help with your overall health. You just need to get enough sleep, preferably 7 to 7½ hours of sleep each night. Studies show that men who get this many hours of sleep regularly shoot more cum.

If you only sleep 6½ hours each night, then you can end up with fewer sperm cells and a smaller load. That’s also true when you sleep too much, and wake up after 9 hours of sleep.

Stop Smoking

In this day and age, there’s simply no good reason for you to still be smoking. There are just too many scientific studies that list smoking as a contributing factor to too many dangerous medical conditions. You can have a heart condition, lung trouble, and cancer. And, it’s also bad for your sperm load.

Scientific studies have found that guys who regularly smoke tend to have lower quality sperm. These guys have swimmers who don’t swim very well, and the sperm cells are often misshapen. The sperm count goes down too.

These studies don’t really show that smoking can decrease the size if your load, specifically. But with smoking’s effect on the quality of your sperm, it’s hard to imagine that it increases your load, either. So just quit smoking, to be on the safe side.

Drink Less Booze

Drinking may be fun when you’re with your buddies, and you may even imagine that it boosts your libido. But you’re probably old enough to realize that drinking can cause problems with your sexual function. You may have trouble achieving and maintaining an erection when you’re drunk.

It also affects the quality of your load. One study done by scientists in Denmark found that men who drank a lot per week showed a 33% reduction in their sperm concentration.

The problem with regular drinking is that it can reduce your testosterone levels, and testosterone is crucial in sperm production. If you drink too much alcohol on a regular basis, you will then have trouble producing that huge cum shot.

Also, alcohol is dehydrating, and you need proper hydration to create that huge load. If you’re drunk, you’re less likely to achieve that large load size you’re aiming for.

Don’t Cum a Lot

If you masturbate every day, then don’t be surprised if you don’t produce a large amount of ejaculate each time. That should be obvious.

If you only orgasm every few days or once a week, then you have sperm reserves that you can then shoot out when the time comes to come. Urologists recommend that you should give your body at least a day or two to fill up the internal sperm tank.

Diet Changes

There’s really no magic food that can increase your load size overnight. Some of you may have fantasized that Popeye must pop out a huge load after eating a whole can of spinach. That doesn’t really happen.

But you can change your diet, and over time these changes can increase your load size. Here are some additions to your diet that can help.


As we’ve said, proper hydration is important for shooting a proper load. If you’re dehydrated, is it any wonder that you’re not getting that impressive cum shot you’re looking for?

So, drink more water. It’s true that it doesn’t necessarily increase the sperm count. But it does increase the size of the ejaculate. In addition, drinking more water boosts your overall health.

How do you know you’re drinking enough? Just check the toilet when you urinate. The color of the urine should be transparent or extremely pale. If it’s bright yellow or green, then you’re not drinking enough water.

Green Tea

Green Tea does contain caffeine, but not as much as drinking a cup of regular coffee. So that means you cut down on your caffeine intake. That can make you feel less jittery, and reduce your stress levels.

Drinking several cups of green tea won’t get too much caffeine into your system, unlike drinking coffee continuously. But it also helps to hydrate your body, thereby helping to increase your cum shot load size.

In addition, green tea also contains EGCG, which is associated with increased sperm production. You do have to keep a limit on your green tea drinking, since too much of it may lead to a smaller load instead.


Try to add more fish to your weekly protein intake. This is especially true for fish such as salmon and mackerel. These fish contain large amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients aren’t just good for your health. They’re also great for your sperm quality. Ingesting enough of these fatty acids can boost your sperm count, improve their ability to swim, and assure them of having the right shapes.

Dark Chocolate

If you’re gifting your partner with some dark chocolate, you may want to keep some for yourself. Even doctors agree that dark chocolate can be healthy for you, as long as you don’t eat a lot of it.

Just make sure that the chocolate contains at least 85% cocoa, instead of having too much milk in it. dark chocolate contains plenty of L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that can help enhance both sperm count and semen amount. A little bit of dark chocolate per day can help. Better yet, share some with your partner regularly.


Perhaps those bunnies are on to something. Carrots contain carotenoids, and this can also boost sperm quality and motility in particular. The same goes for sweet potatoes, which can also help.


Ginger is a well-known component in many testosterone supplements, and it can increase testosterone levels. In turn, that leads to enhanced sperm quantity and quality.

One study even used ginger this way, and found that men who added more ginger to their diet increased their sperm count by 16.2%. Their semen volume also increased significantly, by as much as 36.1%.


If you’re looking for a snack, try walnuts. Quite a few studies have indicated that it can improve the overall quality of your sperm, and boost the sperm volume as well.

In one study, some men consumed half a cup of walnuts these days. These men then enjoyed a significant improvement to their sperm quality, compared to the men in the study who had the same diet but without the walnuts.


This may seem like a cliché, since the banana looks like a penis. But there’s more to the banana’s association than its shape. Bananas contain vitamins A, B1, and C, which all help in increasing your semen load size.

If you can’t get bananas regularly, then at least you can try the vitamin supplements instead.

Zinc-rich Foods

These foods include seeds (such as pumpkin seeds), shellfish, meat, legumes, eggs, and milk. Dark chocolate and potatoes also contain lots of zinc.

Zinc is also another popular ingredient in various testosterone supplements. It’s been found to help men produce larger loads as well.


Aside from these food items, you may want to get some supplements to help with your diet, so you can make sure you’re not suffering from some nutrient deficiency. For a larger load, add the following.

  • Vitamin C. This helps with all the crucial factors in sperm quality. This is especially true with your sperm count and motility.

  • Vitamin D. This may help with sperm production as well. In fact, some men have claimed that taking vitamin D supplements during a period of no masturbation can lead to wet dreams.

  • Lecithin. There are plenty of anecdotal reports on how lecithin supplements can increase semen production, though there has yet been any scientific study to back up these claims. Even if you’re not having any issues with your cum shot size, though, lecithin is still great for your overall health. It’s good for your heart and for digestion, and it can help lower your cholesterol levels.

You may also want to try various testosterone supplements. Some of these supplements can actually help in increasing your semen load size. They may contain these nutrients on the list as well.

Exercises and Techniques

You know how doctors insist on proper diet and exercise if you want bigger muscles or a slimmer figure? As it turns out, that same advice also applies for enhancing your semen load size.


This is a technique that involves stimulating your penis up to the very brink of achieving an orgasm. But you stop at that point, and keep yourself “on the edge” instead of coming. You may let your orgasm down from the edge, and then get it back on the brink.

This is actually a method for guys who have trouble with premature ejaculation. But it also helps with increasing the semen load size. It also increases sexual pleasure, both physically and psychologically. We humans do take pleasure when we experience delayed gratification.

Increased Foreplay

It can be a problem when you’re worried too much about cumming, and not on the entirety of the sex act. That leads to more stress, plus edging is more difficult to achieve. So, why not focus more on the foreplay?

If you have a female partner, this will be a fantastic change to the sex act. After all, most women need more time to get properly aroused. Proper foreplay leads to natural lubrication of the penis, so you won’t need any extra lubricant to get to the actual penetration.

More foreplay also delays your orgasm and that’s a good thing. If you don’t come too soon, generally you end up producing more cum.

Kegel Exercises

These exercises are excellent to help with premature ejaculation, and they can boost your semen production as well. Basically, it involves squeezing your muscles, as if you’re preventing a fart from escaping as well as you’re keeping from urinating.

Hold this for about 10 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds before you repeat the exercise. Just keep doing this each day, until you get tired. A 10-minute session is just fine, and you can do these exercises at any time of the day.


You do have to admit that porn movies aren’t real life. There are plenty of scenes that use fake cum, to increase the load. The director can also edit the movie so that the actor can cum a lot after a few hours. In some cases, there’s even a different actor for the cum shot!

Still, it’s nice and fun to have a larger cum shot as part of your sexual arsenal. The good news is that you can do something about it. Most of it is about living a healthier lifestyle—you’ll find that such a lifestyle is great for a terrific cum shot!