Fleshlight Turbo Review [2022]

Like many guys, I like receiving a BJ. I’m heterosexual so the thought of a male partner doesn’t quite appeal me, but then different strokes for different folks. We all like what we like, and it’s nobody’s business but their own.

But then again, Fleshlight made BJs their business too. The brand is perhaps the most famous in the whole sex toy industry, and has ruled the field for more than 20 years now. Part of the reason for that is their patented SuperSkin material used to make their toys, which eerily feels like real flesh.

The other reason for the Fleshlight popularity is their partnership with more than 45 porn stars over the years. These Fleshlight Girls come over and then have molds of their vulva and anus made. An artist handcrafts the orifice entrances so that you get a realistic replica of the pussies and assholes of these famous porn stars.

Stoya once said that she sent photos of the final product to her former lovers, and they all confirmed that the Fleshlight toy really did look like Stoya’s pussy. Of course, she also has a version of her asshole as well.

But what about those guys who really appreciate a terrific blowjob? Is there no option for us? Actually, Fleshlight as anticipated this need, and thus we have the Fleshlight Turbo. This is the sex toy specifically made to simulate a BJ experience.

Fleshlight Turbo Options

There are actually 2 versions of the Fleshlight Turbo, at least with the Blue Ice. These are the 2 we tried out, and both comes with a clear case. The Copper version, on the other hand, hides your penis from view. That may be more to your liking, but it wasn’t available when we get the Fleshlight Turbo online from the official website.

With the Blue Ice, there’s the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust, and then you have the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition. They’re very much alike, however, in many ways.

First off, they look the same. You have a clear case, through which you can see the blue sleeve inside. Both versions don’t look like sex toys at all. Either version you choose, it looks like a space-age flashlight. You can even set this on a shelf and people might think it’s some sort of avant-garde sculpture.

They also have the same dimensions. You have a total length of 9¾ inches, with an insertable length of 8½ inches. If your penis doesn’t go over 8.5 inches, you’re alright with using it.

What’s different is the sensation you get when you use this. They’re both high-quality sleeves, and whichever you choose won’t be a mistake. It just depends on your particular preferences (or even your mood for the moment).


With the Thrust, it’s tight but not too tight. It’s comparatively looser, although you won’t exactly call this “loose”. The sensation is similar to what you might feel when you’re getting a smooth BJ. It also similar to getting a deep throat treatment.

The sensations are very consistent, and it’s conducive to a longer BJ session. If you want to take your time, pick this.


This option is even tighter than the Thrust. It has different textures inside the sleeve, and you will feel more variety in the sensations. It’s also more intense, as it gives you a more powerful sucking feeling. This may be what it feels like when guys say that their partner can “suck a golf hole through a hose”.

However, not everyone says that the orgasm you feel with the Ignition is more intense. Some say that because you get a longer-lasting BJ with the Thrust, you get a more intense orgasm than with the Ignition.

Of course, no one’s telling you to pick just one. In fact, plenty of users recommend getting them both, just so you know how each one feels like.

Some like to use the Thrust first, and then finish off with the Ignition. There are those who instead prefers to start with the Ignition instead, and then cool things down with the Thrust before getting a wild orgasm.

But you also have guys who says they like to alternate between the 2 versions every few minutes. It’s like getting a blowjob from 2 different ladies, and you’ll actually feel the difference.

How Does It Feel?

First off, you have to have a hardon. That’s the main difference between the Fleshlight Turbo and a real partner to give you a blowjob. Your partner can take your limp dick and give it a raging hardon with some nice sucking.

With the Fleshlight Turbo, that’s not going to happen. You just won’t be able to stick the soft penis inside the orifice unless it’s hard. And yes, we tried it. It just won’t work without an erection.

But when you do get an erection, things begin to look up (like your dick). The opening is very welcoming. In the regular Fleshlight pussies and assholes, when you stick your penis in, it feels like you’re pushing your dick into something.

In the Turbo, it’s different. There’s not really much of any resistance to overcome. In fact, it feels very welcoming. The Turbo takes in your penis smoothly without any sort of effort needed on your part.

You will feel the resistance (or at least a little bit), once you get an inch or two inside the Turbo. As you get deeper, the textures set gentle pressure in to the sweet spots on your dick. You even get the deepthroat sensation very early, at about 3 inches in.

Don’t forget that there’s a cap that you can tighten at the bottom of the sex toy. Screw in the cap all the way, and you get the most intense suction level. But at this point, you’re making some noise. If you have other people living in your home and you want to be discreet, you better put on some music. Of course, ditch the headphones!

Using the Fleshlight Turbo

It’s not really rocket science, and the starting methods are similar to how you use other Fleshlight sex toys. That means you don’t just take this out of the box and use it.

  1. You start by warming up the Turbo. No, this doesn’t mean you use your microwave, unless you want to destroy the darn thing. Instead, you take the sleeve down into a bowl of hot water. Let it be for about 5 minutes or so, until it’s warm enough. Then take it out and shake off the excess water.

  2. An alternative warmup option is to use the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. That way, you don’t have to deal with the water and it even works more quickly. It even has automatic shutoff, after reaching the perfect temperature. This can get the Fleshlight Turbo up to 105 degrees F (40 degrees C).

  3. Set it back into the case, and then adjust the cap at the bottom to set the suction level. If it’s your first time, go with a loose cap and low suction. You can always go for a more powerful suction level later. For your first time, you’ve got to get used to the sensation first.

  4. Then it’s time for lubing. You need water-based lube, to make sure you don’t damage the Fleshlight Turbo and you enjoy yourself too. Water-based lube also doesn’t stain the sheets (in general) and it’s also easier to clean off. For best results, use the special Fleshlube, which Fleshlight makes specifically for their sex toys.

  5. When it comes to lubing, you should be generous in your application. Use some on your dick as well. Believe us when we say that you don’t want to use this dry. You can always lessen the lube level next time, until you find the “just right” amount of lube for your needs.

  6. Before the insertion, ready your POV blowjob video. Sure, you can relax and just close your eyes, and imagine. But that’s so analog and old-school. You ought to try getting a blowjob (even a simulated one) when you’re watching a video. Talk about realistic. In fact, it’s really great with VR gear.

  7. Next comes the insertion, and here you can play around and experiment. Some guys, for example, like to focus first on the first chamber only. It feels like it’s concentrating on your penis head. You can then get deeper as later.

  8. While you can also just hold this in your hand, another option is to set this on the bed and use a pillow on top so that only the orifice is peeking out. Then you can fuck the hole, just like when you’re on top during a 69 position and you’re thrusting into your partner’s mouth.

  9. And then there’s the Launch. This is a Fleshlight accessory designed for most toys. It automates the up-and-down motion, so you can sit back and relax getting the blowjob without any effort on your part. While it doesn’t work with the Turbo case, you can set the Turbo sleeve into another Fleshlight case and that’ll work with the Launch.

  10. Cleanup is part of the process, unfortunately. You won’t be able to experience having your partner “clean up” after you, if that’s your thing.

The Cleanup Process

It’s best that you clean up after yourself when you’re done. Taking a nap, while it may feel great after such an intense orgasm, will just make the process ickier.

Just take out the sleeve from the case, and use soap and warm water to clean the case. Use some warm water to wash the sleeve too, after using a finger to dislodge the come.

You may even want to use the Fleshwash spray to clean the sleeve afterwards. The folks at Fleshlight sure can anticipate all your needs!

Is This for You?

This may be great for you if:

  • You really, really like blowjobs. Some guys even use this for foreplay, before using the standard Fleshlight pussy and asshole models. Very few sex toys can provide a realistic blowjob experience.

  • You have an average-sized penis. In fact, you can use this even with a smaller than average penis. You can get the deepthroat feeling after just 3 inches into the Fleshlight Turbo.

  • You like discreet sex toys. This doesn’t even look like a sex toy, because of its clear case and the electric blue color of the sleeve. It just feels like some sculpted glassware you like to display.

But this may not be for you if:

  • You hate cleaning up afterwards. This is actually one drawback that many can’t get over with. At least with regular masturbation, you just need to throw the tissue paper into the trash can and you’re done.

  • You have a huge dick. It simply won’t work well for you if you’re too big, as you won’t be able to get it inside.

  • The cost bothers you. True, with free sex videos online, paying for a sex toy can be somewhat off-putting. But if the $100 cost is too much for you, then just stick with your hand.

In the end, it’s for you if you think that a BJ while doing DIY sex is worth the investment. It’s not as if you’re paying $100 each time. Use this twice a week for a year, and that’s about 100 times of use. That means you only pay a dollar each time. That’s a lot more affordable than your Starbucks coffee (and a lot less orgasmic).

Try it, and you just might think it’s worth the money and the cleanup efforts. It truly is a lot better than a regular handjob. Just don’t tell your girlfriend that it’s better than her BJ efforts, if you know what’s good for you.


Let’s set something straight, and silence some of those politically critics of Fleshlight (and sex toys in general). These are the critics who bemoan the reduction of sex partners (particularly women) as nothing more than orifices.

But Fleshlight isn’t about replacing women in bed. Even the most jaded dude will prefer a real lady than a plastic sex toy (especially a toy that doesn’t clean itself). You’re not being given a choice between the Fleshlight Turbo and real sex.

Instead, you’re offered an alternative to using just your hand when you masturbate. And even these critics have to admit that there’s nothing wrong with using a sex toy when the other option is to just manhandle your schlong.

This is simply a superior masturbatory option, when you’re alone. If you’re a blowjob fan, then you’ll appreciate this in the back of your closet. Start up a POV blowjob video starring your favorite porn star as you use this, and you’re set.

All in all, it’s simply a more pleasurable option—there’s just no way your hands and fingers can simulate a blowjob. It’s safer too, especially when compared to other dangerous options such as sticking your penis into a vacuum cleaner or the swimming pool suction fitting. It’s very discreet, and you won’t have to be in the papers either when you stick your dick into dangerous openings!