Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Review [2022]

With lots of social restrictions and lockdowns these days, it’s not surprising that sex toys have become a lot more popular than ever before. In fact, you sure do have lots of choices to pick from.

That’s where the Fleshlight comes in. This brand has ruled the sex toy industry for many years now, and they’re even more popular than ever. Part of that popularity is due to their partnerships with plenty of top-notch porn stars. The brand faithfully renders an accurate depiction of the porn stars’ vulvas and anuses that their customers can put in their penises.

These porn stars are known as the Fleshlight Girls, and there have been at least 45 of them. One of them is the legendary Stoya. You must know her, if you’ve ever watched porn. It’s hard to miss that pretty face, borne of a Scotsman father and a Serbian mother. Besides, she was one of the adventurous ones, who pretty much did everything a porn star does to fulfill the viewers’ fantasies. Anal, gangbangs—she’s done all that.

So, just how good is it?

A Quick Background Story

Fleshlight began in the late 1990s, with the patenting of its design. The material used to make the sex toys is an absolute secret, even up to now. It’s simply called SuperSkin, and no one outside the company really knows how it’s made. Some experts have theorized that it’s a mix of silicone and PVC.

For the next 20 years, Fleshlight has sold at least a million of these sex toys. They sell at least 20,000 sex toys per month.

Stoya came in 2010 to have her vulva molded for the Stoya Destroya, which is a name that still gives her the giggles. It’s one of the bestsellers, having sold at least 75,000 units. Stoya attests that the molded vulva is actually realistic. She even sent photos of it to her former lovers, who all confirmed that it was accurate.

Today, it’s still selling briskly. The Stoya Destroya isn’t just popular because of its backstory, though. It’s because the sensations you get from it is intense.

Stoya Destroya Design

At first glance, at least from the side, it looks like some sort of oversized flashlight. It’s actually quite long, with a length greater than the distance between the tip of your middle to your wrist.

At one end, you have the accurate depiction of Stoya’s vulva. The whole thing is a bit thick too. the sex toy is actually 2 components. You have the Fleshlight case, and then you have the Stoya Destroya sleeve that you out inside the case. You can set any sort of sleeve in the case, if you’re in the mood for other Fleshlight models.

Inside, you have 4 distinct chambers. Each chamber offers a different texture, and thus another layer of sensation you can feel through your penis. In addition, the texture differs depending on the porn star the Fleshlight model represents.

Some of the Fleshlight models offer milder textures. But the Stoya Destroya gives you a more intense sensation, which is quite apt if you know how uninhibited Stoya can get in her porn videos.

How to Use the Stoya Destroya

Let’s get down to business then, shall we? Now that you have your Stoya Destroya, then you’re probably aching to use it. And this is how it’s done. Check out the steps we laid out, though this process works for just about all the Fleshlight versions.

The Warmup

It’s no fun sticking your penis into a cold sex toy, unless that’s your particular fantasy. For most of us, we’d like something warm, right? So, warm it up, and it’s easy enough. Just fill a bowl with some hot water, and put the sleeve in that bowl. As long as the water isn’t actually boiling, then it’s good.

Your Warmup

While you’re waiting to get the Stoya Destroya warmed up, so should you warm up your own penis. Get your smartphone or tablet beside you, or maybe fire up the large flatscreen.

Play some videos, preferably starring Stoya herself. It’s easy enough to find her videos online without having to pay for the view.


Once the Stoya Destroya is warmed up, set the case and sleeve together then put in the lube. It can get a bit tricky to get the right amount of lube in. You don’t want too little lube there, but you may also put in a bit too much that you can’t get the full sensation. Also, having too much lube can end up with a mess.

Still, if you have to err (and you will especially at first), err on the side of caution. That is, it’s better to put in too much than too little lube. Next time, you can always put in a little less until you get it just right.

But what lube should you use? The consensus opinion here is that you should just get the Fleshlube, which Fleshlight makes expressly for its toys. It’s works perfectly here. It’s safe for you to use, and it feels great. It’s safe for your Fleshlight. It doesn’t stain your sheets, and the cleanup is relatively easy. Sure, it’s a bit expensive compared to other lubes, but then you have the best lube possible in this case.


For some, this is a masturbatory toy. That means you can lie back and hold the Stoya Destroya in your hand, as you set it up and down your shaft.

But another possible option is to set it on your bed, putting a pillow on it. When you’ve secured its position, you get then get on top of it and you can simply fuck it like it’s the real thing.

Thrusting your hips offers a different feeling, and it doesn’t feel like you’re really masturbating, you can vary your thrust speed, and even experiment with the entry angles. That way, you can experience different sensations.

Adjust the Suction

There’s a twist cap at the bottom that lets you adjust the suction, so you can experiment with that. Twisting the cap can be an issue, especially with all that lube, though. But it’s not really a big deal.

Post Coitus

Once you’re done, it’s best if you don’t procrastinate with the cleanup. This is perhaps a bit of a downer after the entire sexual sequence, but you have to clean up right after the deed. It just gets grosser the more you delay.

How Does It Feel?

So, what exactly makes the Stoya Destroya different from your regular hands-only masturbation? How does it compare with other sex toys, and with actual sex?

Well, as we’ve said, this is a lot more intense than perhaps anything you may have felt before. The orifice entrance is tight, and we’re just dealing with the vaginal model here. There’s an anal model, which is even tighter.

First Chamber

When you get to the first chamber inside, you can thank your lucky stars you don’t see what waits you. That’s because it’s filled with sharp nubs, and from just the looks of it they would feel painful rubbing against your penis.

Yet despite the rather frightening appearance (which you can check out on the Fleshlight website), the sensation they offer when rubbed against your skin is actually pleasant. In fact, that’s an understatement—it’s downright incredible, especially if this is your first time trying out a Fleshlight.

According to the specs, this first chamber is actually the roomiest of all the chambers in the sleeve. You won’t think that when your penis is feeling all these sensations.

2nd Chamber

The next chamber also doesn’t look right, if you go by looks alone. It seems like it’s filled with elongated fangs, and that’s not exactly a sexy image when masturbating. But these fangs can really massage your penis as you drive your cock into the Stoya Destroya back and forth.

As you come nearer to orgasm, the sensations can be very super-sensitive for you. It may even go past pleasurable and into uncomfortable territory. Sometimes, there’s a fine line separating these areas, but that’s more of a philosophical debate. What we’re emphasizing here is that for some folks who are super-sensitive, this can be too much.

Final Chamber

If the 2nd chamber is still okay for you, then you can thrust deeper and your penis head can enter the final chamber. Compared to the other chambers, this last one looks downright boring and not special at all. It simply looks like a tunnel with a ribbed surface.

But that ribbed surface works surprisingly well, especially in conjunction with the tightness of the last chamber. It’s that combination that will get you to orgasm quickly each time.

Is This for You?

This may work for you if the following statements apply in your case:

You Like Stoya

There’s something about the idea of having the sex toy actually molded to Stoya’s actual vulva that tickles your fancy. If that’s the case, then this is really going to be worth your while.

If you don’t like her (which is weird, to be honest), then why did you get this model to begin with? If you’re more into other girls like Elsa Jean, then you could have just bought those versions instead.

Of course, you may have received this as a gift. If that’s the case, you can always watch Stoya’s videos. Chances are, you’ll be a fan afterwards. But you don’t have to be a fan to enjoy this, since it offers other features.

Average Penis Size

While the Stoya Destroya is 9 inches long, it doesn’t mean that your penis has to be that long as well. In fact, it’s designed mainly for average-sized penis, meaning dicks that are 5 to 6 inches long with an average girth. If your diameter is about 3/10 of an inch, you’re good.

You Have a Huge Tolerance for Intense Sensations

If you’re looking into sex toys because your hand just isn’t getting the job done, then this is a great alternative. If your hand scores a 5 in the 1 to 10 scale then the Stoya Destroya is a 50. It sure won’t be boring.

You’re a Fleshlight Veteran

That means you already know how to use this, and you’re used to the cleaning process. You should have no complaints.

You Live Alone

Either that, or you’re living with people who don’t mind and won’t give you a hard time about your use of a sex toy.

This May Not Be for You If:

Your Dick is the Wrong Size

Sure, most of us feel that our own penis is at least “above average”. But if you’re really too big, then you have a problem.

The issue isn’t really about your length. It’s more about your girth. But if your penis is more than 5 inches around, then you’ll have some trouble. You may find it more difficult to get in. Once you’re in, then you won’t really feel the teeth and nubs properly.

The problem with your length is if you’re too short. To get full use out of the Stoya Destroya, you have to be at least long enough to get inside the final chamber.

You’re Too Sensitive

The sensations you’ll go through here will be intense, and we’re not exaggerating this. Even compared to other Fleshlights, the Stoya Destroya is right up there among the most intense sex toys. It simply may be too much for you, especially if you’re a newbie to Fleshlight.

You Have Privacy Issues

You’ll need to air dry this to clean it properly, and that means hours of having it outside in the open. If you have housemates, then you better lock your room at all times when you’re letting this dry. This can be annoying, and you risk discovery each day.

Quick Scoring

Okay, let’s see how the Stoya Destroya scores, depending on the category:

How Realistic Is It?

It scores about a 98 out of 100. On the outside, it really looks like Stoya’s vulva, as her former lovers have confirmed. On the inside, the feeling is almost familiar, especially with some warm water and lube. That patented material is just terrific.

The Stimulation Level

It’s about a 90 out of 100. It is really intense, and you should come quickly with this. In fact, you can use this as your training tool if you’re having issues with premature ejaculation. Once you’ve trained with this, then you may not come too quickly when it’s time for real sex.

It’s not perfect, especially if you’re looking for a wide range of different sensations. Sure, it’s a lot more varied with just your hand. But some of the other Fleshlight models offer even more variety.


This is the part where your standard manual handjob wins. With a handjob, you can always clean up with just a towel or some tissue paper. But it’s a hassle cleaning the Stoya Destroya. That’s why it scores just 50 out of 100.

But then again, it’s a hassle dealing with the cleanup of all Fleshlight versions. But it’s the (small) price you have to pay for all that pleasure.

Just keep in mind that you need to air dry this, and that can take hours. That means a greater risk to getting caught, if you live with other people and you don’t want them to know about the Stoya Destroya.


Some people have complained that it doesn’t really compare to actual sex with a real person. But that’s not exactly the point. It’s like you’ve bought a car and you’re complaining about how it doesn’t go on the water or fly.

The Fleshlight isn’t a replacement for actual sex. No one, not even the Fleshlight marketing execs, is saying that this is better or just as good as real sex. For certain, using the Stoya Destroya isn’t as good as having sex with Stoya herself.

However, this is an alternative to traditional masturbation. Instead of just using your hand, use the Stoya Destroya. And now the Stoya Destroya has absolutely proved that it’s better than just using your hand.

Sure, you have to pay for it. then you have to go through the warmup and the lubing. The cleanup afterwards can be annoying.

Yet there’s no way that your hand can even come close to the intensity of the sensations you will feel with the Stoya Destroya. It will blow your mind. Even when you’ve used other sex toys (or even other Fleshlight sleeves, for that matter), the Stoya Destroya offers one of the more intense feelings you can find in the sex toy industry.

So, if you have a regular sex partner, you can always hide this way. But when you’re feeling frisky and no one’s around to fool around with, then haul this out of storage and have some fun. With the Stoya Destroya, the sensual intensity is something you won’t just forget!