The Fleshlight Ice Review [2022]: First-Hand Impressions

In these days of limited social contact and lockdowns, the Fleshlight brand sure is making a lot of money. It’s already the premiere brand in the entire sex toy industry, with its partnerships involving plenty of famous porn stars.

Fleshlight has even taken to molding fake pussies using the actual sex organs of famous porn stars, and that means you can pretend to be having sex with famous names like Riley Reid, Eliza Ibarra, Mia Malkova, Elsa Jean, Eva Lovia, and many more.

But then there’s the Fleshlight Ice. It’s not modeled after a specific porn star at all. Instead, it’s special because it doesn’t look like the real thing, with the flesh-colored skin tones. Instead, it’s an artificial vagina that’s absolutely see-through. There are variations of this available, these days, like the Ice Mouth (for the best DIY BJ) and the Ice Butt (if anal sex is your thing). But we’re focusing on the Fleshlight Ice Lady for the moment, which means it’s for conventional pussy fucking.

Is Fleshlight Ice Right for You?

Let’s make something clear (pardon the pun), the see-through-ness of the Fleshlight Ice isn’t its most enjoyable aspect, at least for quite a few people. If you’re using a Fleshlight for the first time, then you’d probably notice the pleasurable sensations you can enjoy from the device. It won’t matter if it’s see-through.

But if you’re not into using a clear device, then you should just pick any other Fleshlight artificial vagina device instead. That way, you won’t end up complaining about how you don’t like the see-through-ness of the Fleshlight Ice.

So, let’s list the possible scenarios that may make this Fleshlight Ice the best version for you:

  • You want something that definitely looks artificial, since the more realistic Fleshlight models creeps you out a little bit.

  • You want to see what’s going on inside, probably because you want to be sure that everything’s going right inside.

  • Maybe you’re afraid that some insects may have made its home in the crevice, and you want to see for yourself that that’s not the case.

  • Perhaps you’re curious about having sex with a female White Walker, or some other crystallized life form you saw on Star Trek.

  • Maybe you have a girlfriend who likes to see you thrusting into the Fleshlight Ice, and seeing what’s happening inside. This is sometimes the case when your girlfriend always tries to look down when you’re penetrating her, or uses the mirror to see what’s going on.

  • At first glance, it doesn’t look like a sex toy. So, if you have a kid innocently stumbling on this when exploring your room, you can always say that it’s some sort of weird glassware—then hide it where it’s more secure. So, buy this if you want something “deniable”.

What I want to emphasize is that if you’re buying a Fleshlight for yourself, then you can’t complain about its see-through nature. If you didn’t want that, then you should have opted for a different model to begin with.


Of course, it’s rather off-putting to buy this off the shelf in some store, regardless of how everyone is wearing a mask these days. It’s always better to buy this online, so no one knows.

And the packaging reinforces that notion about no one knowing your business. It arrived to my doorstep in a box so unassuming that even I didn’t have a clue on what it was at first.

Now if you bought this, you’ll know when it comes to your doorstep by checking the sender’s name on the box. No, it doesn’t say Fleshlight. It says “ILF, LLC”, and it’s even in a tiny font. Plenty of delivery guys may know Fleshlight, but not all that many know about ILF. You can even prepare some sort of alibi as to what ILF means, if your delivery guy (or someone at home), asks about it.

You can always Google “ILF” so you can have some plausible explanation, such as that it came from the Institute of Law and Finance.

What’s Inside

You have 2 components inside the box. First there’s the case, which looks big enough for Mandingo (you’ll know that name if you’re a porn watcher).

It actually seems too big at first, but it’s actually only about 10 inches long. We measured it at 9.75 inches in length. It’s too big to fit inside your briefcase (not that I tried to bring it into the office). It also won’t fit into my shower mount, so it was a bit complicated trying to use this in the bathroom. I had to put in a larger shelf just for it.

However, the insertable length is just 8.5 inches. That’s actually big enough for most guys. If you’re bigger than that, then you may as well accept the fact that in real life, most pussies can’t take your entire length either.

Then there’s the sleeve. This is actually where you insert your penis. It features a texture that approximates the sensation of putting your cock inside a vagina. It actually feels a bit sticky on the inside. But you warm this up and then apply the lube, and you set this inside the case.

The “secret weapon” of the sleeve, such as it is, is what’s on the smaller end. This is the small suction cup, so it feels like the artificial pussy is literally sucking your penis in. That’s if you tighten the end cap, though the noise can be worrisome if you don’t live alone.

However, you can tone the noise down by loosening the end cap instead. It’s not just quieter, but you slide in more smoothly when you fuck this.

As for me, I went the “medium” route, meaning it’s not too tight and not too loose either. You get the nice fucking sensation with a bit of suction too, while the noise isn’t all that bad. Play some music to cover up the noise, and you’re all good.

See-Through Effect

It’s funny, but somehow my penis looks more impressive when it’s inside the Fleshlight Ice. Maybe the clear sleeve and case works like a magnifying glass or an eyeglass lens, as my penis looks bigger all around. It seems longer, and thicker too. Yeah, that makes me feel good and proud, sue me.

Using the Fleshlight Ice

There are no batteries needed here, so you can take your time. It’s best if you do whatever you need to get aroused and achieve a hard-on. For most guys these days, that involves watching porn. That’s easy enough to find, and most of the time watching the videos is free. Nothing deflates an incipient hardon than the thought of paying for watching porn.

Preparing the Fleshlight Ice

When you get to your hardon stage, it’s time to prepare the Fleshlight Ice. You don’t want it cold (we’re assuming), so it’s best to get it warm by immersing the Fleshlight Ice sleeve in a bowl of hot water.

At this point, you may want to mentally call this by the “her” pronoun and not “it”. this reinforces the feeling that the whole sex session is for real.

Insert her into the case. That’s simple enough to do.

The Lubing Process

Then get some lube and pour it inside the sleeve. Use some on your penis as well. Get everything slick and slide-y.

How much lube should you use? It’s best to err on the side of using too much lube, rather than too little. Too little lube can lead to some discomfort (to say the least).

With too much lube, the only potential drawback is that you can end up with a bit of a mess. It may leak from the bottom of the case. Or, it can leak from the top as you keep thrusting into her. You can always set a towel underneath the Fleshlight Ice to catch most of the leaking mess.

But it feels great even when you have too much lube, so much so that some even say that there’s no such thing as “too much lube”.

In most cases, your purchase should come with a free sample of the specially designed Fleshlube. Unsurprisingly, it works extremely well with the Fleshlight Ice. Most Fleshlight Ice customers comment that the Fleshlube feels better than just about any other lube you can use. If you do run out of Fleshlube, then go with a water-based lube until you replenish your Fleshlube supply.

Don’t use baby powder, by the way. It’s not all that effective, plus it counteracts the transparency.

Positioning the Fleshlight Ice

Now, you can use this the simple way simply by holding on to it and using it as a masturbatory sex toy. The sensation is undoubtedly better than what you get from your hand alone. This is basically the unanimous opinion of everyone who has used the Fleshlight Ice.

But there’s some fun to be had if you set this up so you can fuck her, making your thrusts as if you’re actually fucking. One way to do this is to set this at the end of your bed, with a pillow on top of her. You should only see the opening looking out from under the pillow.

Then close your eyes and start the penetration. It’s a bit like a gloryhole adventure, to be sure. You can thrust your hips into it to make it feel a lot more realistic.

If you’re new to the Fleshlight Ice, then you can even experiment with the thrusting angles to find the angle that gives you the most pleasure. You can also rotate the Fleshlight Ice for a different feel. It’s like fucking in different positions. As you may have noticed in real sex, it feels different when you’re fucking in the missionary position than when you’re doing it doggy-style.

Enhancing the Pleasure

When you’re doing your thrusts, you can always set your smartphone right in front of your eyes, if your imagination needs a bit of help.

You can also reach down and adjust the suction cap at the end. It takes a bit of getting used to when you’re new to the Fleshlight Ice, but it’s like playing with your lady’s clitoris when you reach for her front, even while you’re fucking her from behind.

Just keep in mind that tightening the suction cap may enhance the stimulation, but it also makes things louder. It doesn’t help when you scream in pleasure.

Yes, the feeling is really that good. The Fleshlight Ice massages your whole penis in new, delightful ways using different textures than your hand. It can get quite intense.

After the Orgasm

This is when some users comment on a potential drawback. That is, after achieving orgasm it’s not unusual for the penis head to be a bit more sensitive. The extremely strong sensations you get from the Fleshlight Ice means that you may want to withdraw right away after coming.

That’s different from some guys’ usual MO of thrusting a few times into their lady’s pussy after coming. It feels nice doing this, but not with the Fleshlight Ice. I guess for some guys it’s okay, or maybe they can loosen the suction cap after coming. But that’s not for everyone.

Cleaning Up

As with real sex, you can always put off the cleanup and take a nap after coming. Still, it has to be done.

The good news is that cleaning the Fleshlight Ice isn’t all that complicated. Let some water run through the sleeve, making sure it covers everything from top to bottom. Rinse the cap end, where you find your cum. Rinse the case, and you’re through.

Final Words

Is this for you? As long as you don’t object to its transparent nature, then the Fleshlight Ice is great. There’s no denying the absolutely terrific sensations you’ll feel when using this. It’s definitely better than your hand, and some say it’s even comparable to real sex with an actual partner.

It’s easy to use and clean, and it’s not too expensive. The build quality is terrific as well, so this should last a very long time. Once you clean this, it’s always ready at any moment.

True, it can get noisy when you use this, and its size must be factored in for storage. This is best when you’re living alone, so no one has to know your business. It’s just between you and your Fleshlight Ice.