Do Taller Men Have Bigger Penises?

The size of the penis has always been a topic of interest among both teenagers and adults alike. Every man wants to brag about an enormous natural endowment. Even society, in general, stipulates that larger penises are more preferable to smaller or average ones. But a question of interest remains. Is the size of a penis tied to one’s height?

The answer is definite, yes. Surprising as that may be, some shreds of evidence have come to portray that the penis size may be connected to the height of one’s body. A research study involving some 3300 Italian men, came to the conclusion that the anatomical feature correlating closely with the size of the penis was height, and that taller men often tend to have bigger penis sizes. Supporting the notion that the height is an indicator of the penis size, the results in the MSNBC/ survey over the profile of more than 25,000 men, also stated that more men who were shorter than 5’8 (5 feet, 8 inches) reported smaller penis sizes than those of average height and remarkably more men who were taller than 6 feet reported larger penis sizes. I guess the phrase, “taller guy, bigger dick” is in order.

But then, you might ask, at what size is a penis considered big? 


How large is a large penis?

According to research, the average penis size of the general population of the male gender is about 4 to 6 inches in length and about 3 to 5 inches in girth. So in essence, any penis size beyond the above-stated average penis size is considered to be large. It is also noteworthy that large penis size should be only about an inch or two above the average penis size. Anything above 7 inches is considered too big and can cause harm to a woman during penetration, even possibly causing damage to the cervix. If the size of the penis in girth is too wide as well, the risk of tearing apart the woman’s vagina, and inflicting unimaginable pain is also a possibility. For a comfortable and pleasurable penetration, a “too big” penis size just doesn’t make the cut. But then, neither does a “too small” penis. So basically, you can call a tall person, lucky.

But what if you’re not gifted with the lengthy anatomical feature?


What if you are not tall?

Well, it would interest you to know there is no open and direct guarantee that the studies above apply to every tom, dick, and harry on the planet. The studies referred to only show correlation, and so, you should not be bothered if you are short with large penis size or an average one. The size of your penis will not diminish even if you are only 5’8 in height and below.

In addition, research has also revealed that the greater percentage of women only tend to care about larger penis sizes with regards to having one night. But when it comes to having a long-term partner it’s a different scenario entirely. Most women preferred the size of their man’s genitals to be an ideal 6.4 inches in length, which is within the range of average penis size. So, your penis size is just fine, tall or not. There’s nothing to worry about. 


How to make it Appear Bigger?

Nevertheless, if you find yourself overly worried and unsatisfied with the size of your natural endowment, there are some steps to take to get the better of the size of your penis. 

  • Trim and keep your pubic hair clean – Having too thick hairs downtown can cover as much as 2 cm of your penis base, making it look smaller than it is. Hence, neatly trimmed and clean pubic hair makes for more noticeable penis size.
  • Always watch your weight – While you might not be able to do anything about your height depending on your age, you can do something about an extra weight influx. The base of the penis can also be hidden from view by a few centimeters if there happens to be a lump of fat over the pubic bone especially for men with a large stomach. Experts are also of the opinion that excess fat in the body prevents blood from filling up the corpus cavernosum – the erectile tissues in the penis – to its fullest capacity.

So, always watch your weight and keep it as reasonable as possible.


How to make it  Bigger?

  • Do frequent penis exercises – Penis exercises you should consider doing daily, are kegel and jelqing. 

Kegel involves contracting your pelvic muscles for several minutes daily. When done correctly, you feel like your pee is being held halfway. Jelqing on the other hand requires you to apply a milking potion for at least 30 minutes daily on your penis. This exercise stretches the penis in its flaccid state, and spurs the flow of blood to the tip of the penis, resulting in a longer and harder erection.

  • Use penis extenders – Using penis extenders not only increases the size of your penis but also helps in the reduction of premature ejaculation. Wearing a penis extender daily will cause the cells in your penis to duplicate, allowing the erectile muscles to hold more blood for a stronger and longer erection.
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Trying the tips above will help grant your desire to have a larger penis size if that be the case with you, otherwise, there is nothing to be bothered about. You are just fine the way you are, tall or not.