11 Safety Tips For Avoiding Penis Pump Injuries

Penis pumps have been used as sex toys & medical devices for years, but they can also be dangerous if misused. Here are 11 safety tips for avoiding penis pump injuries! 1.Use with caution if you are taking blood thinners. Always check with your doctor before using a penis pump if you’re on blood-thinning medication. … Read more

Penis Pump Side Effects You Need to Know About

Penis pumps have been around for decades, but they’re still one of the more controversial devices in the men’s health industry because of their side effects and risks. Here’s what you need to know about penis pump side effects. What is a penis pump? A penis pump is a device that creates suction on the … Read more

Penomet vs. Bathmate : Bathmate Alternatives?

Penomet and Bathmate are two of the most popular penis pumps nowadays that dominate the market. Thus, we will show the significance and differences of these devices on this page. In one look, these two pumps are just the same even though they are from two different companies. However, these pumps offer special features that … Read more