Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Review & Results [2022] – My Honest Take

I really do think I’m a good choice to review the Bathmate HydroXtreme7, since I’m like many men out there. I’m not really satisfied with my penis size, to be honest. It’s like being too rich or too skinny—there’s really no such thing as a penis that’s too big. That may be an exaggeration, of course, but there’s enough truth in that statement.

Which leads us to the HydroXtreme7. This is a penis extender pump, which uses vacuum pressure to enlarge the penis and to improve the erection quality. But how good is it, really?

The Bathmate Brand

Before everything else, let’s discuss the Bathmate brand. It’s known for its wide range of penis pumps, but it has secured a great reputation as a maker of reliable, effective, and safe products. Their penis pumps are generally all highly regarded.

More importantly, you can be very sure that your penis will be safe. You do have to exercise some care when using the HydroXtreme7. But if you use your common sense and

Picking the Right HydroXtreme Variant

The HydroXtreme series actually consists of 6 different models. Choosing the right model for me is actually easy, because these different variants are suited for different penis sizes.

First, I measured the length of my erect penis. It was a little less than 6 inches, since I’m just average that way. that means the HydroXtreme7 is the best fit, since this model is for penises that are within 5 to 7 inches long when erect. Some of the models (like the HydroXtreme3 and HydroXtreme5), are for shorter penises. The other models (HydroXtreme9 and HydroXtreme11) are for longer ones.

But I also had to measure the girth of my penis. That’s easy enough using a tape measure to measure the circumference around the penis when it’s erect. It was only a little over 6 inches, so the standard HydroXtreme7 is the right choice. There’s a HydroXtreme7 Wide Body variant if the girth goes past 6.5 inches.

Crucial Features of the HydroXtreme7

Here are some features that you can expect from this particular variant

It’s a Kit

It costs about $300 ($299, to be exact), but you do get a lot for your money. Aside from the penis pump itself, you also get various accessories and tools to make cleaning the pump easier. Here’s a complete list of the kit components:

  • Bathmate Clean

  • Carry case

  • Cleaning Sponge

  • Comfort Insert Pad

  • Handball

  • Hose Attachment

  • Security Lock

  • Shower Strap

  • Wash Towel

Since it comes with a carrying case, you can bring it with you to the office or to vacation trips.

It Offers Extremely Powerful Pressure

The vacuum pressure here is a bit intense. In fact, the HydroXtreme series feature the strongest vacuum pressure compared to other Bathmate penis pumps. The HydroMax series uses about 30% less vacuum pressure, and the Hydro7 model is even gentler since it’s designed for absolute beginners.

The extreme pressure level here should make you more careful in using this penis pump. It can be problematic if you haven’t used a penis pump before, as immediately going full blast can be very uncomfortable.

Clear Plastic

The gentler Hydro7 model is available in either blue or red colors, along with the clear plastic option. But with the HydroXtreme7, you only have the clear plastic option. This makes sense, as having just the clear plastic option streamlines the manufacturing process.

Also, having the clear plastic is good. You’re able to see your penis while using this, which can reassure you that there’s nothing wrong going on inside the pump. If you’re unable to see your penis, you may be worried that your penis may be getting bruised. It’s nice to see for yourself that everything’s alright.

How Does the HydroXtreme7 Work?

Basically, it uses water to surround the penis, and then the pump takes the water out to create a vacuum. That vacuum then creates pressure on the penis.

One effect of the vacuum is that it draws blood to the penis more effectively. With more blood drawn to the penis, you’re basically able to induce an erection more easily. It only takes 5 minutes, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t even have to be right before sex, since the effect can last for about 4 hours. It may even last for 6 hours.

The vacuum pressure also extends the penis. That doesn’t just create more room for the blood to get into, thereby resulting in a higher erection quality. It also enlarges your penis over time, if you use the HydroXtreme7 regularly.

How to Use the HydroXtreme7

The kit comes with a manual, which offers a detailed set of instructions. I read the manual carefully, and you should do the same. If you’re new to penis pumps, you may even watch online videos on how to use the pumps properly.

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. First make sure that the penis pump is absolutely clean. Any dirt on the device can lead to problems with your penis, and if you’re like most men then such problems can be rather worrisome.

  2. Take a bath or shower for about 5 minutes, using warm water. This will relax you, and you can also make sure that your penis is clean as well.

  3. Lock the pin in front of the pump cylinder, and then fill the cylinder with warm water. Just use the clean warm water from your bath or shower.

  4. Unlock the pin when the cylinder is full, then gently place your penis inside the pump cylinder.

  5. Cover the cylinder properly, so you don’t have any leaks that can mess with the vacuum you want to create.

  6. Connect the vacuum pump to the front of the cylinder

  7. Gently press the handball to create the vacuum pressure. This will take out the water from the cylinder, resulting in the vacuum.

  8. Once all the water is out, let your penis stay in the vacuum for about 5 minutes.

  9. Use the pressure valve to relieve the pressure when the 5 minutes are up. Then you can do another 5 minutes after a short rest, or you can do another session later in the day.

  10. For optimal results, do 3 sessions of 5-minutes each. You only need a total of 15 minutes each day.

My Personal Results

I didn’t have any problems assembling the penis pump. It’s easy enough to use, and I think that even beginners won’t find this too complicated.

I do have prior experience with using penis pumps, and so I didn’t have any trouble dealing with the strong pressure level. It wasn’t a problem enduring 5 minutes of this.

After that, the results were great. I used the HydroXtreme7 daily, 3 times a day for 5 minutes each. No, I didn’t use the device right before sex. I just used this during my morning shower, and during my lunch break after eating. Since I work at home, it’s not really a problem. Finally, I used this right after work.

I did notice that the overall quality of my erections improved. It was quite noticeable. Previously, my “hardness level” was a bit so-so. But after using the HydroXtreme7 for just 2 weeks, my erections became more “rock-hard”.

Also, I lasted longer. My erections didn’t disappear as quickly. That’s great for my sex life, as it can be rather frustrating to lose an erection right when the sex is exciting.

Finally, there was a slight increase in the actual size of m penis. After about 2 months or so, my penis is perhaps of an inch longer. It may not be much, but when it comes to penis length every fraction of an inch matters.

But perhaps the greatest improvement is with my personal confidence. It can be surprising how my feelings about my penis and about the quality of my erection can affect my overall demeanor.


Here are some of the benefits of the HydroXtreme7

Great Size Options

It’s terrific that I can get the size that’s best suited for may particular penis length and girth. I don’t have to settle with some “one size fits all” device.

Great Pressure

For me, this means the device worked more effectively and offered optimal results. It’s great for me personally because I can handle the pressure level. Besides, there are ways to customize the routine. The quick-release valve also stops the pressure right away when I’m done.

Because of the strong pressure level, sessions only take 5 minutes. And you only need to use this for 15 minutes total each day.

Discreet Carry Case

It’s great that when I got the package, there’s nothing that indicated that there’s a HydroXtreme7 device inside. The same goes with the carrying case, which make it easier for me to bring this along if I’m ever on vacation. There’s also a lock, so no one can just open the case to see what’s inside.

It’s Very Safe

I didn’t experience any trouble at all. It’s easy to use, and the plastic is skin-grade.


Even if the HydroXtreme7 matches your penis size, there are still some potential drawbacks you should be aware of:

It’s Not Cheap

It costs about $300, and you probably can use that money for other things. It’s true that Bathmate products, on the whole, are a bit pricey. You can probably find other penis pumps for less money.

But you’re paying for peace of mind here. You may be paying more, but you’re receiving a lot more in return. you’re paying for a safe product that works very well indeed, so it’s not as if you’re wasting your money in the end.

There Are Lots of Kit Components

You do have to track all these components so you can make sure you don’t lose anything. At least you have a carry case, so you have a bag that’s designed to hold all these things together.

There may be some minimal assembly required, but it’s not all that complicated. You should also clean the penis pump after each use, to be sure that you won’t have any issues.

The Pressure Can Be Too Much

This may not be ideal for absolute newbies to vacuum pressure. Some say that it’s a bit like lifting extremely heavy weights when you’re new to weight training and muscle-building. It’s always more effective and safer to start with lesser weights.

That’s why Bathmate has the Hydro7, which caps the maximum vacuum pressure at a level that newbies can handle. It’s true that the HydroXtreme7 pressure level can be customized, but the maximum pressure levels can be overwhelming for beginners.


After everything’s been considered, the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is a good choice for me. Granted, it’s not really expensive. But I can handle the powerful vacuum pressure, and it’s simple and safe enough to use. And it really does work, which is crucial as well.

It has done wonders for my sex life, since the sex satisfies me and my partner even more. In addition, it has given a boost to my overall self-confidence. I’m like most men, in that part of my confidence is tied to the size and quality of my penis, and to the state of my sex life. With the improvements I’ve enjoyed, life is good.

True, it’s a bit expensive. But then it’s really hard to put a dollar value to the benefits I’ve enjoyed from the Bathmate HydroXtreme7. All in all, it’s a great investment. I may have spent a lot of money on the HydroXtreme7, but the enhancements I’ve received are virtually priceless.

Will this suit you as well? You’re the best judge of that. Of course, you have to be able to afford it. It’s also better if your penis size is within 5 to 7 inches long when erect. It’s also important that you have some knowledge and experience about using penis extender pumps, particularly Bathmate products. That way, you know for sure that you can handle the involved vacuum pressure.

If you can deal with the strong pressure, then you’re good to go. It takes only a 5-minute session to make your penis ready for whatever sex you have in mind!