Bathmate Hydro7 Review & Results

It’s understandable if you want to have a bigger and more impressive penis. Plenty of us have that wish. The question is what to do about it. For plenty of us, it means using a penis extender pump, and for that we have lots of choices.

One of these possible choices is the Hydro7, which is made by Bathmate. In this personal review, you can find out if this is the model that best suits your needs. If you need a complete overview of all Bathmate series, check my review here.

General Overview

Let’s first take a look at what the Hydro7 is. It’s a penis extender pump, and it’s actually among the newer models from the Bathmate brand. Other models, like the HydroMax and the HydroXtreme, came out much earlier. Yet it’s also an entry-level model, as the other models were more powerful.

As it turns out, those earlier models were too powerful, at least for some users. Bathmate took note of the feedback, which resulted in the design of the Hydro7. It’s less powerful, and that’s reflected in the name. The “Max” and “Extreme” in the earlier model names indicated their greater pumping power.

This better-suited to beginners. It’s even more affordable. The Hydro7 model name comes from how it’s mainly meant for users who have average-sided penises. These lengths vary from 5 to 7 inches, hence the name of the Hydro7. The more powerful models are meant for bigger penises.

Because the Hydro7 is less powerful than the other models with lower pressure levels, it’s easier for newbies to get used to the penis extender pump. It’s like starting out with lighter weights when you’re starting your muscle-building training. You don’t want to jump right away to the heavier weights, as you might hurt yourself instead. It’s the same principle with the penis extender pump.

Though the Hydro is a “series like the HydroMax and HydroExtreme series, there’s only the Hydro7 model available for this series. You do have 3 colors to choose from.

Is It Safe?

Personally, this is always the first priority for me, far ahead of the price, benefits, and other considerations. As somewhat of a newbie myself, I’m somewhat concerned when using these types of devices. After all, I’m exerting pressure on my penis. What if something goes wrong? The consequences can be terrible, and I have (unfortunately) a rather creative imagination.

The good news is that it’s unlikely that there will be any problems. It starts with the Bathmate brand itself, which enjoys a sterling reputation for both effectiveness and safety. It’s also officially approved by the pertinent government regulating bodies, at least in terms of safety. There have been no substantiated reports regarding any sort of significant dangers.

That’s significant, because Bathmate is arguably the most popular brand in the industry. Bathmate has sold at least a million of these pumps all over the globe.

If there were any potential safety issues, then it would have been news spread online. The news reports would have spread, not just through social media. The mainstream media would have pounced on the news, since it involves the penis along with a respected brand name.

In addition, the Hydro7 is for newbies and it offers lower pressure levels, as already mentioned. That makes it a lot safer. As long as we all use it properly by following the directions to the letter, we’re all safe.

What You Get with Your Money

When I got the package, I was relieved that it came in a discreet box that doesn’t indicate what’s inside. Yes, that could have been embarrassing.

I opened the box, and inside it there’s the penis pump, in the color I selected. I went with the clear, so I can see with my own eyes that everything is going right inside. But you can opt for the red or blue pump, if you want.

There’s really no extensive assembly required. The only other component is the detachable comfort pad. There’s also the detailed instruction manual. I read that completely and carefully, and I suggest you do the same. You don’t want an oops moment when your penis is concerned, do you?

How the Bathmate Hydro7 Works

In one way, it’s like muscle-building when you regularly lift weights to get bigger muscles. Basically, when you lift weights, you cause micro-tears in your muscles. Your muscles then rebuild themselves, using the protein in your system.

It works over time, and that goes the same with a penis extender pump. The pump stretches the penis and the penis then becomes used being longer.

The whole process is safe, because the pump uses a vacuum that surrounds your penis like water. The pump draws more blood into the penis, leading to an erection. This can be a short-term effect, and some people even do this when there’s a romantic date involved.

But if done regularly, the results can be permanent, or at least long-term. In fact, one survey revealed that about ¾ of all users reported noticeable penis growth in just one month’s use. The satisfaction rate is also at around 85%.

Features of the Bathmate Hydro7

Here are the most notable features of the Hydro7:

  • This is the entry-level model, meant mainly for newbies to penis extender pumps in general.

  • The size is designed for average penises that measure 5 to 7 inches in length.

  • This uses water instead of air to create needed vacuum to exert the pressure. That makes it safer and gentler. Since it uses water, it’s obviously waterproof. There’s no part here that can rust.

  • It is made from a special kind of high-quality polycarbonate plastic that’s skin-grade. In other words, you shouldn’t have any unusual skin reactions when you use this.

  • It features a gaiter bellow that exerts pressure reliably, leading to a more impressive erection.

  • The safety valve allows you to adjust the pressure exerted on your penis. It also offers a fast way to quickly release the pressure altogether.

Bathmate Hydro7 Pros

There are plenty of reasons why I (and probably you will, too) like the Hydro7.

It’s Very Safe

It’s simple to use, and the directions are easy enough to understand. Even if you do things wrong at first, it won’t really lead to painful consequences. Bathmate also used materials that won’t lead to rashes or anything similar when in contact with the skin.

Gentle Pressure

It’s also a big deal that it doesn’t exert as much pressure as the other advanced models. That’s a relief, because I’m probably not the only one worried when the words “strong pressure” are used in the same sentence as “my penis”.

I have heard stories about how some people are uncomfortable with the strong pressure when using models like the HydroMax. While they were quick enough to reassure me that I’d get used to it, it was still worrisome.

This gentler pressure is much better for my nerves. I can adjust the pressure easily enough. And when I need to stop, the quick-release valve relieves the pressure instantly.

Clear Plastic

Sure, you can get the blue or the red plastic model. I prefer the clear plastic, because I’m too (morbidly) imaginative. I like to see with my own eyes what’s going on inside the pump. That way, I’m not imagining that my penis is turning into a giant black-and-purple bruise.

Little Time Needed

Sure, it can be annoying for some that for best results, it needs to be done daily. But it only requires an extra 15 to 20 minutes while you take a shower. If that’s too much time in the morning when you’re always trying to get to work on time, then you can do it once you get home from work.

It’s Very Effective

For many, this is the most important benefit. It really does work. It works for me, and you can read plenty of online customer reviews to realize that it works for plenty of people. This is the reason for the high satisfaction rate, and for the popularity of the Bathmate brand.

For me, the results were noticeable in just 2 weeks or so. I realized that my erections were of a higher quality. In other words, I was harder. I also lasted longer in maintaining the erection. I’m happy, and so is my partner. It may take more time to see permanent results, but the initial results are very encouraging.

Bathmate Hydro7 Cons

Is it perfect? Not really, and it’s not for everyone.

It Needs to Match Your Penis Size

This has been mentioned enough in this review—your penis has to be between 5 to 7 inches long (when erect). It won’t work if your penis is bigger. You’ll need a bigger (and more powerful) penis pump if that’s the case.

It’s also not going to work if your penis is considerably smaller than 5 inches long. There are some penis extender pumps specifically designed for these smaller penises. The Hydro7 is decidedly for average penises only.

Lower Pressure

This is a problem if you’re not a newbie and you know you can deal with greater vacuum pressure than what you get with the Hydro7. The lower pressure may be gentler and safer. But the effects are also not as effective as what you get with the more advanced models.

It’s Expensive

Compared to other penis extender pumps, the Bathmate Hydro7 (and the other Bathmate models, for that matter), aren’t exactly cheap. The high quality of the build and materials, along with the effectiveness and safety you get, may make the price worthwhile. But there’s a part of me that suspects that I’m also paying for the brand name.

How to Use the Bathmate Hydro7

It’s best that you read the instruction manual very carefully, as it gives you a detailed set of directions. In fact, you should get over your scruples and watch demonstration videos online. Sometimes it’s better to see what you have to do, instead of just reading about it.

Nonetheless, here’s an overview of the steps involved:

First, attach the comfort pad as directed. Then make sure the whole thing is clean—you don’t want dirt anywhere near your penis.

Then fill up the pump with water. This is why it’s best to use this when you’re in your bathtub or taking a shower. Once you’ve filled up the penis extender pump properly, put in your flaccid penis inside the pump.

Then you pump, slowly and carefully. This is easier with the Hydro7, because the pressure isn’t as great as it can be. The other Bathmate models exert more pressure, and for newbies that can be quite uncomfortable.

Pumping the Hydro7 then causes the water to pour out. When the water stops pouring out, you’ve reached the maximum pressure. Just hold it steady, for about 5 to 6 minutes. You can then press on the quick-release valve to stop.

You do this entire process maybe once or twice at first, but 3 times is optimal. All in all, it should take you no more than 15 to 20 minutes each day. You can also do this right before having sex, to make sure you’re all set with the largest penis size you can achieve for the moment.

You can also check my suggested routine for Bathmate.

Final Words

Is this for you? If you’re new to penis extender pumps, then it may just be the ideal model for you to get. It’s terrific for beginners, because the vacuum pressure you get here isn’t too shocking and uncomfortable. Even as a newbie, you can deal with it. It’s also safe and simple to use, so there’s very little than go seriously wrong.

Yet it also works effectively for most people. You just need to work at it regularly, and then weight for the results over time. It’s just like building bigger muscles. You can’t expect overnight success. But with the Bathmate Hydro7, you can expect a bigger penis in the end.