Bathmate for Girth Results: A Safe and Effective Penis Enhancement Method?

A Bathmate is a hydro-pumps device that increases the girth & length of the penis by using water pressure. The product claims to enhance sexual performance & confidence in a safe & effective manner. Both men & women are affected by penis girth when it comes to sexual satisfaction. A higher level of friction & pressure during intercourse can lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. But, does Bathmate really help in increasing girth?

Bathmate Girth Results

Bathmate is a penis pump designed to help men get better erection and improve blood flow to the penis. Though, Bathamte officially does not claim permanent girth results in their official website, a lot of people use it Bathmate for gain in girth (use penis extenders for gain in length). While individual results can vary, the manufacturer claims that consistent use of Bathmate can lead to significant girth gains. According to the manufacturer’s website, some of the potential benefits of using Bathmate for girth gains include the following:

  • Actual girth gains may vary based on individual factors such as age, current penis size, & lifestyle. On an average, users report girth gain of 0.5-1 inch after 6-12 months of usage.
  • You can expect 0.5 inch gain in first 6 months of usage (for average erect length of 5.5 inches).
  • You can also notice temporary gain of 0.5-1 inches in girth upto 4-5 hours of a bathmate pumping session.

It is essential to have realistic expectations & prioritize safety & well-being when considering any form of penis enlargement or enhancement.

How to Achieve Optimal Bathmate Girth Results?

Which models to use?

Hydro: If you are a beginner it is a safe choice. Probably safe to go max strength

Hyrdromax: If you have previously used any kind of pump or extender,you may go for this model. But,don’t exceed about 3/4 strength.

Suggested Routine

It is recommended to use the Bathmate twice daily. Each session can vary from 30 minutes to over an hour. You can start slowly and gradually increase the pressure throughout the session, using as much water in the tube as possible. While staying in the tube is ideal, breaks to refill water may be necessary. Once the tube is packed, the session is usually complete. To mix up the routine, pumping can be performed after turning off the water and packing the tube. You can also add Kegel exercises after the session. For longer workouts, it is recommended to have something on in the background or to browse your phone to stay occupied.

  • Consistent use of Bathmate.
  • Consistent use of the Bathmate device is crucial for optimal girth results. The recommended usage period for the device is 15-20 minutes per day, five days a week, with a gradual increase in pressure.
  • Proper technique for optimal results
  • Proper technique when using the Bathmate device is essential for optimal girth results. Users should start with a low-pressure setting, gradually increase the pressure, & take breaks to avoid injury.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle
  • Following a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, & reducing stress, can also help to increase girth.

Comparison with Other Girth Enhancement Methods


Surgery is a more invasive & costly option for penis enhancement that can lead to permanent girth gains but comes with a higher risk of complications & side effects.

 Pills & supplements

There is little scientific evidence to back up the claims made by pills & supplements that claim to increase penile size & girth, & many of them may even be harmful or ineffective.


Jelqing & Kegels are two penis exercises that can be useful for increasing girth, but they demand consistency & may take longer to see benefits. Each technique for increasing girth has advantages & disadvantages, and the ideal choice will rely on personal preferences & requirements.

Safety & Side Effects

Risks associated with Bathmate use

While Bathmate is considered safe, there are risks associated with its use, including injury, bruising, and blood vessel damage.

How to avoid injury?

Avoiding injury when using the Bathmate device involves following the manufacturer’s instructions, gradually increasing the pressure over time, taking breaks, & not overusing the device.

Potential side effects

Potential side effects of Bathmate use include temporary discoloration of the penis & mild pain or discomfort.

What is Bathmate and How does it work?

Bathmate is a hydro-pump device that creates a vacuum around the penis using warm water pressure, leading to increased blood flow & tissue growth. It is a non-invasive & affordable option for men seeking to increase their penis girth.

Using warm water pressure, the Bathmate creates a vacuum around the penis, resulting in increased blood flow. This device is easy to use & follows a simple process. The first step is to fill the Bathmate with warm water & place it over the flaccid or semi-erect penis of the user. When the penis is fully inserted into the device, the base of the device should be flush against the pubic bone.

Next, a vacuum is created around the penis by pumping the device. More blood can flow into the penis because the suction the gadget creates induces the blood vessels to enlarge. The penile tissue is stretched due to the increased blood flow, which may eventually cause the tissue to grow more quickly. Excess water is pushed out while the user keeps pumping the device, tightening the seal around the penis. Increased blood flow & tissue growth are the results of the device’s vacuum being maximized by the tighter seal.

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It’s crucial to remember that while the Bathmate is generally intended to increase girth, it may also result in minor length improvements. The longer & thicker penis can develop over time due to the increased blood flow & tissue growth, which can aid in strengthening & enlarge the penile tissue.

Benefits of using Bathmate for girth gains

  • Can increase penis girth by up to 30% with consistent use
  • Non-invasive & does not require surgery or medication.
  • Affordable compared to other girth enhancement methods
  • Simple to use & effective as part of a daily routine
  • It can increase a person’s sexual happiness & self-assurance with their partner.
  • This may lead to longer-lasting & firmer erections.
  • May improve overall penis health & function
  • It can be used discreetly at home without the need for appointments or visits to a medical professional.


Overall, guys looking to enlarge their penis may find the Bathmate device to be a secure & reliable alternative. It is non-invasive, inexpensive, and capable of producing notable outcomes with regular use. To prevent harm and any adverse effects, it is crucial to operate the device correctly & adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, it’s crucial to remember that, despite being a significant component in sexual satisfaction, girth is not the sole one. Intimacy, trust, & open communication with a partner is crucial for a satisfying sexual experience.