Penis Exercises – Benefits and Limitations

If you want bigger muscles or lose weight by burning fat, you will have to work out. That usually means lifting weights, with some running thrown in. You may want to use exercise machines and lift barbells, but you don’t have to. You can always just run on the road, and do pushups, sit-ups, and … Read more

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

It is no news that the desire to have a bigger penis size is prominent among most men in majorly every large city, and every little corner your eyes turn to. Most men secretly have a desire to increase their penis size due to the belief that a larger penis size equals a  satisfying sexual … Read more

Fleshlight Turbo Review [2022]

Like many guys, I like receiving a BJ. I’m heterosexual so the thought of a male partner doesn’t quite appeal me, but then different strokes for different folks. We all like what we like, and it’s nobody’s business but their own. But then again, Fleshlight made BJs their business too. The brand is perhaps the … Read more

Bathmate Routine for Best Results

Whether it is your first time or not to use Bathmate Hydromax, having a proper routine to follow comes in handy. A well-tested routine will not only help you prevent injuries but also achieve good results over time. The first 90 days usually involve crucial conditioning before you can move to the advanced training routines … Read more