Andropenis Review & Results 2022 (Andromedical Extender) : Should you go for this Brand?

Like most men, I wouldn’t mind having a longer penis. But I don’t want to risk undergoing penile enlargement surgery. It’s just too expensive, and too risky as well.

This leads us to the Andropenis device (official website), and to penile extenders in general. It’s been known for many years know that regular traction can elongate certain parts of the body. It’s been known to extend necks and ear lobes. Medieval longbowmen have been found to have one arm longer than the other.

More specifically, penile extenders can be effective, and scientific reports have been published to confirm this. I looked up the report, and then found out that the study used the Andropenis device in particular. That’s why we’re checking this penile extender out. It is the only extender (among popular ones) that is both clinically tested and FDA approved. screenshot for Andro screenshot

What the Study Found Out

In the study, the men wore the Andropenis device an average of about 4 to 6 hours a day. They gradually increased the traction force, from 600g in the first month up to 1200g in the 6th month. Here are the key findings of that report:

  • The average flaccid length of the penises was 2.82 inches. After 12 months, this increased to 3.72 inches. That’s an increase of 32%.

  • The stretched penile length average went from 3.79 inches to 4.45 inches. That’s an increase of 18%.

  • Erectile function scores improved by 36%.

Safety Assurances

Just how safe is this? It can be rather worrisome to attach any sort of device on my penis, and I’m sure a lot of guys will think the same. That’s especially true when you have an overactive imagination, and you begin to see the Andropenis as some sort of miniature torture device.

The good news is that the Andropenis is medically approved. It’s an approved medical device in both Canada and Europe, and registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

It has been used for many different studies, with safe results. It has also been in the market for many years now, so it has a proven track record.

4 Popular Kits

If you opt for Andropenis, you now have to pick which specific kit is best for your needs.

Andropenis Gold Comfort ($249)

Andropenis Gold is the original device of Andromedical and is one of the best selling penis extender of the world.

Andropenis Gold + Androcomfort kit (Free) = 1 Penis Extender 24K-Gold covered + 20 Andro-rod + 12 Andro-tube + 12 Andro-band + 6 Andro-ring + Instructions booklet + Sexual Health e-book + 5 Towelettes + 1 Travel bag

Andropenis Pro Comfort ($199)

It is the cheaper alternative of Andropenis Gold

Andropenis Pro or Androextender is a professional solution to enlarge the penis. This version has a simplest packaging and is made of light medical materials which make it a more economical alternative.

Andropenis Pro + Androcomfort kit = 1 Andro Extender + 20 Andro-rod + 10 Andro-tube + 10 Andro-band + 6 Andro-ring + Instructions booklet

Andropenis Mini ($249)

Andropenis Mini is suitable for penis enlargement and widening, suitable for men with a penis smaller than 3.2 inches (8 cm) in erection.

1 Andropenis Mini + 1 Androcomfort kit = 1 Penis Extender Mini + 1 Androsupport (for micropenis) + 20 Androrod + 6 Androcomfort + 6 Androsilicone + 6 Androtop-comfort + 6 Androtop-silicone + 6 Androring + 4 Androfoam + Instructions booklet.

Andropeyronie Comfort ($249)

Andropeyronie is adevice for penile curvature correction (i.e. Peyronie´s Disease, congenital curvature, acquired curvature).

Andropeyronie + Androcomfort kit (Free) = 1 Penis Extender + 1 Androsupport (for Peyronie´s disease) + 20 Andro-rod + 12 Andro-tube + 12 Andro-band + 6 Andro-ring + Instructions booklet + Sexual Health e-book + 5 Towelettes + 1 Travel bag

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What Are These Components?

All these components have their own special functions:

  • Androcomfort bands. These are the more comfortable bands used to fasten the penis to the device. It’s flat in the middle section, which spreads the pressure over a larger area for a comfier fit.

  • Androsilicone bands. These are the traditional bands, which aren’t as comfortable. It’s still part of the kit, as it can offer quick results if you’re used to the pressure.

  • Androtop. This is the foam piece with a hole through which you insert the Androcomfort and Androsilicone bands. This foam piece adds to your comfort, allowing you to use the device for hours.

  • Androring. It’s another component meant to increase your comfort. You wear this at the base of the glans where the silicone bands are, and it acts as a protective sheath.

  • Extension rods. You have up to 31 rods here of different sizes, ranging from 0.3cm to 4cm. You use the rods in sequence over time, gradually increasing the length and the pressure on your penis.

Obviously, the measurement ruler is there to let you measure your gains as time passes. The travel bag lets you bring this along when you go on trips, and it also serves as a handy storage bag.

Using the Andropenis

It’s best that you read the instruction manual very carefully. You may even want to watch a few online videos, to be on the safe side. The directions aren’t all that complicated, so you should be able to follow along.

When you attach the Andropenis, it just exerts a bit of stretching force on your penis. It’s not a lot of force at all, and you get used to the sensation quickly enough. Then as the weeks pass, you replace the rods with a longer rod to exert a great force.

It’s basically like lifting weights to build muscle. Both weightlifting and using the Andropenis works with the principle of causing tiny microtears to enable tissue rebuilding. And just as you lift heavier weights over time, you use longer rods to exert more force on your penis.

Just be very careful. Don’t use this when you’re drunk, either. Follow the directions to the letter, just to be safe.

Benefits and Pros

There are several advantages to the Andropenis.

It Works

This is perhaps the most important consideration. This isn’t some sort of fake pill or a set of wishful-thinking exercises. The Andropenis really does work, and that claim is backed by a lot of studies over the years. At the very least, you can gain an extra inch. That’s a big deal, when your penis is concerned.

There’s a reason why the Andropenis is so popular, and it’s been sold to about 1 third of a million men already.

It’s Safe

This is the other prime consideration. If you follow proper procedure, then you won’t have any trouble. While you may have to endure some discomfort at first, it’s a bit like the discomfort you feel when you first start working out or exercising. In fact, some people find workouts even more strenuous.

The device is medically approved in areas such as Europe, Canada, and Australia. In fact, it’s the only penile extender approved in Australia. Thousands of urologists also agree that it’s safe to use.

If it wasn’t safe, the news would have spread. The Andropenis has been around for more than a decade now, and there are no dire news reports regarding dangerous side effects. Social media would have spread the viral news if there were any bad reports.

Cons and Potential Issues

You do have to be aware that the penis enlargement process won’t be quick and easy. There are downsides to consider.

Many Hours a Day

You should wear this device several hours a day. You need at least 4 to 6 hours a day, but some even recommend using it for 8 hours a day.

That can be quite uncomfortable, though you should easily get used to the sensation after a few weeks. But it can mess with your daily life. You’ll need to wear rather loose-fitting clothes, if you’re working in an office.

You can’t be overly active while you wear the Andropenis, either, though it’s not painful when you’re standing, walking, or sitting down. It’s not really recommended that you wear this when you’re sleeping, unless you’re sure you don’t trash around at night when you sleep.

This may be best for those who work at home alone, however. At least these days, working at home is a lot more common than it used to be.

At Least 6 Months

You can’t just wear the Andropenis for a few weeks and then quit. The improvements will come, but they will come slowly and gradually. You’ll need maybe 6 months to notice any improvement. The studies even show that for best results, you’ll have to wear this for an entire year.

It’s Not Cheap

It costs at least $275, and I recommend that you get either the Premium or Luxury Package. Those may cost more, but you increase your comfort considerably. You also get a nice bag out of the deal.

While the cost may not be low, it’s not as high as paying for penile enlargement surgery. It’s not as dangerous, either. And since you know that in all likelihood it will work for you, in the end it’s money well spent.


Like building bigger muscles or losing weight, the Andropenis process takes time. You need at least 6 months, just as you need a long time for your workouts to help you achieve your health goals. Nothing comes overnight.

It basically a matter of investing your time and money to enlarge your penis. At least, you’re not really risking your penis, because it’s very safe. If you have the money and the patience for the Andropenis, then you should really go for it, especially if you work at home.

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