Is A 5-Inch Penis Good Enough?

The size of the penis differs in most males. We humans, all have different biological features that make us unique and special. And so, when it comes to the size of the penis, there are different sizes naturally distributed among the global population of men, some small, some large, some just average-sized. Unfortunately, we live in a society now that adores bigger penis sizes.  But the truth is, the size of the penis doesn’t matter as much as how you use it. Yet, the reality is you are still probably a little curious about your dick size. This brings us to the question under consideration in this article. Is a 5-inch penis good enough? Is it small-sized, large, or average? Let’s find out.


Is a 5-inch Penis Small?

The size of the penis is relative. It depends on the country you are from. Asians for example, find the average or normal penis size to be smaller than what an American would call normal. But that notwithstanding, only a handful of men still, can broadly boast of having a 5-inch penis because they think it to be small. Whereas, in an actual sense, 5-inch penis size is perfectly average. According to scientific research carried out and published in BJUI international over the study of the penis size of some 15,500 men, both in its flaccid state and when in full erection, the average penis size measured 5.17 inches in length. As stated by the review, the average penis size measured was about 3.61 inches in length when in its flaccid state with a corresponding 3.66 inches in width. While when in full erection, the average penis size measured was between 4.5 to 5.8 inches in length and about 4.59 inches in girth. 

So, no, a 5-inch penis is not small.

From the research above, you can tell that the greater population of male folks have a penis size within the 5-inch length, which makes it an average penis size. Only a very small percentage of men have a penis size smaller than that and one larger than that. Five inches in penis size is plenty to reach the greater majority of nerve endings in and around a woman’s vagina. But most women don’t orgasm from direct penetration alone. Clitoral stimulation as well as the stimulation of other sensory organs and body parts often contribute to having a pleasurable climax in most women. So how you treat your woman is vital. You also need to learn and know what pleases your partner more in terms of having a satisfying sexual experience. But when it comes to vaginal penetration, average penis size is what’s best. Anything too above the average penis size of 5.17 inches in length and 4.59 inches in width, and it just might be uncomfortable for a woman. You might even risk doing damage to the cervix and tearing apart the woman’s vagina, bringing about some unimaginable amount of pain to the woman. So, yes, you guessed it, the average is just perfect.

If you have a perfectly average penis size, the world is your oyster, and except your woman has a very shallow vagina, you never have to worry about going too deep. Your 5-inch penis is good enough. 

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