Risk Factors

A Comparison of the Risk Characteristics of Ever-Pregnant and Never Pregnant Sexually-Active Adolescents

Source: Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education for Adolescents and Children, Vol. 5, No. ½ (2002)

Description: This article describes the risk behaviors of a sample of sexually active, urban African-American adolescent females, and examines the differences between adolescents who have been pregnant (ever-pregnant) and adolescents who have not been pregnant (never-pregnant).

Key Statistics:

  • Adolescents who had previously been pregnant were 2.2 times more likely to have had sex with more than one sexual partner in the last six months than never-pregnant adolescents.
  • Adolescents who had been pregnant were 2.1 times more likely to have not used a condom during last sexual
  • intercourse, and 2.8 times more likely to report that they did not use condoms every time they had sex.
  • There was no significant difference in the levels of drug use for ever-pregnant and never-pregnant adolescents.

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